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kindle (v.) foaddey; lossey; (to); (dy) oaddey; sheidey seose

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will kindle foaddee

I will kindle foad-yms: And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus - foad-yms aile er voalley Ghamascus Bible

foaddee will kindle: As foaddee eh aile ayns chiambleyn yeeghyn Egypt Bible

foad-yms I will kindle: foad-yms aile ayns ny ard-valjyn echey Bible

foaddey arson, burn, burning, burn up, ignition, incendiarism; ignite, kindle, light, set on fire: nee ad foaddey ny lampyn Bible; switch on

lossey1 See lossyr pl. lossaghyn pl. lossyryn ablaze, afire, aflame, blaze, blush, burn, burning, flame, flame up, flare, ignition, kindle, light: cre'n lossey mooar ta drillin dy aile foaddey Bible; (in fever) flush; blushing

oaddey (dy); (to) kindle: Myr ta geayl gys smarageyn loshtee, as fuygh er aile: myr shen ta peccagh anveagh dy oaddey streeu Bible

thickets of the forest (npl.) biljyn y cheyll: he shall cut down the thickets of the forest - giaree eh sheese biljyn y cheyll Bible; thammagyn ny keylley: and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest - as nee eh foaddey ayns thammagyn ny keylley Bible

greesaghey (=Ir. gríosú) abet, accelerate, agitate, drive, egg on, excite, foment, foster, incentive, incite, instigate, press, prod, provoke, stir, urging; stir up: Ta smooinaghtyn er olk ayns nyn greeaghyn: as dy kinjagh greesaghey seose anvea. Bible; (enthusiasm) fire; kindle: ooilley shiuish ta greesaghey aile Bible; excitation, excitement, fomentation, provocation; abetting

sheidey seose balloon, inflate, puff; kindle: T'eh sheidey seose aile lesh e ennal, as ta bree aileagh goll magh er e veeal.; blow up: va ny meoiryn-shee geearree soilshaghey magh y vreag dy row Mnr Thomas goaill ayrn, ayns faghtys neu-speeideilagh ry-hoi sheidey seose reddyn lesh bleaystanyn ayns Bretin as Sostyn. Carn


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