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killagh (gen.) 1 belonging to the church, of a church a: Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF; 2 celled

Inexact matches:

cassan killagh ambulatory

currym killagh benefice

kishtey killagh collecting box

lowanse killagh prebend

obbree killagh church worker

roosteyr killagh church-robber

scarran killagh aisle

thalloo killagh church land

wardoon killagh churchwarden: Eish nii Warduni ny killiy na fielagh elle liorish an ordyghy acksyn yerig y phobyl y haglym: as kurri ayd shenn ayns kiishchy yn duyne voyght, as er ny laghyn erna PB1610

clagh ny killagh (f.) church stone

clag ny killagh church bell

cleragh ny killagh sexton

Corneil ny Killagh Church Corner

corp ny killagh nave

Croit ny Killagh Church Croft

fer jeh kiare ny killagh churchwarden

garey ny killagh churchyard

Kiaull Killagh Vannin Manx Church Music

killagh broo ard hyperbaric chamber

Killagh ny Goayr Church of the Goats

Magher Killagh y Chiarn Lord's Church Field

shirveish ny killagh liturgy

churchwarden (n.) fer jeh kiare ny killagh, wardoon killagh; piob liauyr kelk

church bell (n.) clag ny killagh: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF idiom

church mouse (n.) lugh killagh: As poor as a church mouse - Cha boght as lugh killagh. JJK idiom

aisle (n.) ahlley; scarran killagh

celled killagagh; killagh; killeenagh

church-robber (n.) roosteyr killagh

church worker (n.) obbree killagh

prebend (n.) lowanse killagh

benefice (n.) beaghey agglish; currym killagh

Church Corner (n.) Corneil ny Killagh

church stone (n.) clagh ny killagh

litany (n.) litane; letani; padjeryn-ny-killagh

of a church (gen.) killagh, killey

ringing claggintys; clinckal; gling; glingal; bingys: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF idiom; clinkeragh: There's someone ringing - Ta pagh ennagh clinkeragh. JJK idiom; bwoalley: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bwoalley. DF idiom

sexton (n.) cleragh ny killagh, ruillickeyr

padjeryn-ny-killagh litany

ambulatory (adj.) raghidagh, shooyl; (n.) cassan killagh, ynnyd lheeys

belonging to the church (gen.) keeilley; killagh

Church Croft (n.) Croit ny Killey, Croit ny Killagh

church land (n.) thalloo killagh, thalloo lhannee

Church of the Goats Killagh ny Goayr

collecting box (n.) kishtey argid, kishtey chymsee, kishtey killagh

hyperbaric chamber (n.) killag-hraastee; killagh broo ard

Lord's Church Field (n.) Magher Killagh y Chiarn

Manx Church Music (n.) Kiaull Killagh Vannin

nave (n.) corp ny killagh, rhollan; moll

liturgy (n.) liturgey, shirveish ny hagglish; shirveish ny killagh; padjeryn ny hagglish

churchyard (n.) garey ny killagh, keeillagh, ruillick; rullick: Betake yourself to the old churchyard - Gow royd dys y chenn rullick. DF idiom

mouse (n.) lonnag; lugh: As poor as a church mouse - Cha boght as lugh killagh. JJK idiom; lugheraght

astyl avenue: Y ¬ćhaglym, vees goaill toshiaght ec lieh-oor lurg shiaght, hed eh er cummal ayns Halley Killagh Noo Peddyr ayns Astyl Reeoil. BS

poor boght: As poor as a church mouse - Cha boght as lugh killagh. JJK idiom; boghtey: The poor little things! - Ny cretooryn boghtey! DF idiom; moal, ymmyrchagh; moalley; (npl.) (the) boghtyn: He's very charitable towards the poor - T'eh feer feoilt gys ny boghtyn. JJK idiom; boghtynid


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