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kibbin eeastee (bamboo) fishing rod

kibbin dibble, gad, linchpin, peg, spike, stake, wooden pin: woaill ee yn kibbin trooid e chione Bible

Inexact matches:

kibbin baaree shaving stick

kibbin beg skewer: y cowrey-bannee enmyssit 'Callenig' - ooyl ny oranje, ny hassoo er tree cassyn, as croin, corkey ny arroo, as foddee luss y teim mygeayrt-y-mysh as kibbin beg ayn. Dhoor

kibbin castagh styptic pencil

kibbin eayil stalactite

kibbin ingney orange stick

kibbin jeushan hinge-pin

kibbin lhionney ale stake

kibbin millish ice lolly

kibbin rioee icicle

kibbin skelf marline spike

kibbin thooishey joss stick

as kibbin rish staked

cur kibbin rish stake

kibbin daah smarree stick of grease paint

stake cur kibbin rish; gialdyn; gioal; kibbin; staik; staikey; stob; paayl

dibble (n.) kibbin

fishing rod2 (n.) (bamboo) kibbin eeastee

gad (n.) kibbin

hinge-pin (n.) kibbin jeushan

ice lolly (n.) kibbin millish

joss stick (n.) kibbin thooishey

orange stick (n.) kibbin ingney

shaving stick (n.) kibbin baaree

stalactite (n.) kibbin eayil

styptic pencil (n.) kibbin castagh

linchpin (n.) caag, kibbin, yiarn essyl

wooden pin (n.) dowal, kibbin, sheaym

ale stake (n.) kibbin lhionney, thammag lhionney

icicle (n.) bwoid rioee; kibbin rioee; rioghar

marline spike (n.) fidd, fidd yiarn, kibbin skelf

spike (n.) birrag, kibbin; (v.) greimmey lesh birrag

staked as kibbin rish; er gioal; staikit

stick of grease paint (n.) kibbin daah smarree

smarree greasing, greasy, unctuous: Kibbin daah smarree. DF

skewer (n.) birrag, kibbin beg; (v.) cur birrag ny hrooid, scuyrey

peg cass; dhull; kibbin; ogher; pinn; pinney; sheaym; keim: He took him down a peg or two - Hug eh keim sheese ny ghaa eh. DF idiom

cuishlin (=Ir. cuisle) (f.) pl. cuishlinyn lode; vein: As tra haink eh stiagh ayns y chabbane eek, cur-my-ner, va Sisera ny lhie marroo, as y kibbin trooid cuishlin e ching. Bible; reef

skeogyn locks: My nee oo rheynn folt my ching ayns shiaght skeogyn, as fee ad dy cheilley, as jannoo ad shickyr lesh kibbin 'sy gharmin [hed my niart voym]. Bible


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