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kiartaghey accommodate, adjust, adjusting, amend, appoint, dispose, even out, fix, make, mend, modify, prepare, qualify, ready, redress, setting, settle, settling; correct, true; correction, modification, preparation, rectification; set in order: nee oo kiartaghey ny reddyn ta dy ve soit er ayns nyn order oural-millish y lostey er Bible; dress: As nee Aaron lostey er oural-millish dy chooilley voghrey: tra t'eh kiartaghey ny lampyn, nee eh oural-millish y lostey er. Bible

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gyn kiartaghey uncorrected

Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan Petition of Redress of Grievance; Petition for Redress of Grievance

adjust (v.) cochiartaghey; cochiartee; kiartaghey

adjusting (v.) cochiartaghey; kiartaghey

amend1 (v.) aalhiasaghey; kiartaghey; lhiassaghey

correct2 (as mistake) kiartaghey; (to); (dy) chiartaghey

even out (v.) kiartaghey

modification (n.) kiartaghey

modify (v.) ceaghley, kiartaghey

preparation (n.) aarlagh, aarlooid, kiartaghey

rectification (n.) jeeraghey, kiartaghey

redress couyr; kiartaghey; lhiasagh

set in order (v.) kiartaghey

settling kiartaghey; lhie

uncorrected (adj.) gyn kiartaghey, neusmaghtit

qualify (v.) aarlaghey, cur coontey jeh, jannoo cooie, kiartaghey

correction (n.) kerraghey, kiartaghey, lhiasaghey, lhiasaghey bea, smaght, smaghtagh; kerragh

dispose (v.) ceau ersooyl, cleayney, creck, ee, feddyn rey rish, geddyn rey rish; kiartaghey

Petition for Redress of Grievance (n.) Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan

Petition of Redress of Grievance (n.) Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan

accommodate1 (v.) (arrange) kiartaghey; reaghey: I can accommodate myself to it - Foddym reaghey mee hene da. DF idiom

appoint (v.) curmaghey; curmal; enmys: Appoint a day - Enmys yn laa. DF idiom; poinsheil; pointeil; soiaghey harrish; goardrail; kiartaghey; oardaghey; (to); (dy) phointeil

fix beaynaghey; chennar; cront: I am in a right fix - Ta mee ayns cront agglagh. DF idiom; cur seose; festal; karraghey; kiartaghey; soiaghey

make1 jannoo: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; jantys; keint; kiartaghey; slanaghey; (y) yannoo: He can do that without me - Foddee eh shen y yannoo m'egooish. JJK idiom

mend (v.) bishaghey, fuailley, kiartaghey, lheihys, slanaghey, whalley; lhiassaghey; couyral: He is on the mend - T'eh couyral. DF idiom; (to); (dy) charraghey: She got a man in to mend the window - Hooar ee dooinney dy charraghey yn uinnag. DF idiom

prepare (v.) aarlaghey, gaarlagh, gaarlaghey, geddyn aarloo, jannoo aarloo, kiarail, kiartaghey, shiaullaghey; kiare: Prepare for yourself - Kiare-jee diu hene. DF idiom; kiartee: Prepare ye the way of the Lord - Kiartee-jee raad y Chiarn. DF idiom; kiare-jee

ready aarloo: Let the dinner be ready by six - Lhig da'n jinnair ve aarloo ec shey. JJK idiom; aarlooid; arryltagh; jesh; kiartaghey; mie; shiaullaghey; ullee: Are you ready? - Vel oo aarloo? DF idiom

setting kiartaghey; lhejagh; lhejey; lhie: The sun is setting - Ta'n ghrian goll dy lhie. DF idiom; soiaghey

shape caslys; craishtey; croo; crooaghey; cummey: Lick him into shape - Cur cummey as kiartaghey da. DF idiom; kiaddey; tuarystal

true1 dy feer, dy firrinagh, dy jeeragh; feer; firrinagh: I am glad that the news is true - Ta mee boggoil dy vel y naight firrinagh. JJK idiom; jeeragh; kiartaghey; rieugh; spheer; s'feer shen

ayns cummey like, likeness: t'eh markal magh eh lesh line, t'eh kiartaghey eh lesh planeyn, as goaill towshan lesh y chombaase, as jannoo eh ayns cummey dooinney, cordail rish stoamid dooinney Bible

plane (pl -yn) plane: t'eh kiartaghey eh lesh planeyn, as goaill towshan lesh y chombaase Bible

planeyn planes: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule, t'eh markal magh eh lesh line, t'eh kiartaghey eh lesh planeyn, as goaill towshan lesh y chombaase Bible

dress (n.) eaddagh: Native dress - Eaddagh ny cheerey. DF idiom; gooyn: A dress in white silk - Gooyn jeh sheeidey bane. DF idiom; (v.) baarey; coamrey; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Dress the children as quickly as possible - Cur mysh ny paitchyn cha tappee as oddys shiu. JJK idiom; jannoo coamrey da; jeshaghey; jesheenaghey; lhiasaghey; pollal; screebey; skeoghey; stolkey; kiartaghey

settle cur fea er; kiartaghey; lhie; soiaghey: But I will settle him in mine house - Agh neems eshyn y hoiaghey ayns my hie Bible; soie sheese; gow toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl, goaill toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl; jean ynnyd-vaghee, jannoo ynnyd-vaghee; cur er bun ynnyd-vaghee, cur er bun ynnyd-vaghee; (impv) kiare-jee: Settle it therefore in your hearts - Kiare-jee eh er-y-fa shen ayns nyn gree Bible


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