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kiark ushtey (f.) coot, marshhen, moorhen, water hen

kiark (=SG., Ir. cearc) (f.) pl. kiarkyn (of birds) female; fowl, hen, hen bird: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible

Inexact matches:

breck kiark chickenpox

kiark aail (f.) brooder

kiark calmane (f.) hen pigeon

kiark cheylley (f.) pheasant

kiark cholgagh (f.) shuttlecock

kiark freoaie (f.) red grouse; grouse

kiark ghuirragh (f.) brooder, broody hen, sitter

kiark injinagh (f.) guinea fowl

kiark lheeah (f.) grey hen; (female) black grouse

kiark phishyragh (f.) peahen

kiark rangagh (f.) (female) turkey; turkey-hen

kiark 'reoaie (f.) moorhen, red grouse

kiark Spaainagh (f.) Andalusian fowl

kiark spulgagh (f.) pecky hen

kiark varrey (f.) lumpsucker

ooh kiark (f.) hen egg: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible

shelg kiark-rheinnee partridge hunting: son ta ree Israel er jeet magh dy hirrey jargan, myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn. Bible

thie kiark fowl house, hen house

kiark gheinnee Pallas (f.) Pallass sandgrouse

Kiark gheinnee vreck Spotted Sandgrouse

kiark my ven seyr (f.) goldfinch

kiark ushtey Allen (f.) Allens gallinule

kiark ushtey Americaanagh (f.) American coot

kiark ushtey ghorrym Americaanagh (f.) American purple gallinule

kiark ushtey vane (f.) coot

brooder (n.) kiark aail, kiark ghuirragh

coot (n.) kellagh ushtey; kiark ushtey; kiark ushtey vane

moorhen (n.) eean ny loghan; kiark 'reoaie; kiark ushtey

red grouse (n.) kellagh freoaie, kellagh ruy, kiark freoaie, kiark 'reoaie, tarmaghan

kiark-rheinnee partridge: myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn Bible

Andalusian fowl (n.) kiark Spaainagh

black grouse1 (n.) (female) kiark lheeah

broody hen (n.) kiark ghuirragh

female2 (n.) (of birds) kiark

fowl house (n.) thie kiark

grey hen (n.) kiark lheeah

grouse (v.) gaccan; (n.) kiark freoaie

hen bird (n.) kiark; (yn) woirrinagh

hen pigeon (n.) kiark calmane

marshhen (n.) kiark ushtey

peahen (n.) kiark phishyragh

pecky hen (n.) kiark spulgagh

shuttlecock (n.) kiark cholgagh, ushag

turkey2 (female) kiark rangagh

turkey-hen (n.) kiark rangagh

water hen (n.) kiark ushtey

kiark-rhennee (f.) partridge: Myr ta'n kiark-rhennee soie er oohyn as nagh vel ee guirr aalagh Bible

Allens gallinule (n.) kiark ushtey Allen

American coot (n.) kiark ushtey Americaanagh

chickenpox (n.) breck kiark, breck kirkey

Pallass sandgrouse (n.) kiark gheinnee Pallas

partridge (n.) kiark-rheinnee, kiark-rhennee, patrag

partridge hunting (v.) shelg kiark-rheinnee

pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley, kiark cheylley

sitter (n.) guirreyder, kiark ghuirragh, soieder

Spotted Sandgrouse (n.) Kiark gheinnee vreck

American purple gallinule (n.) kiark ushtey ghorrym Americaanagh

goldfinch (n.) kiark my ven seyr, lossey ny keylley

guinea fowl (n.) eeanlee injinagh; ginnee; kiark injinagh

hen egg (n.) ooh chiark, ooh chirkey, ooh kiark

hen house (n.) thie kiark, thie ny giark; thie-kirkey

lumpsucker (n.) kiark varrey, muc ny greg

fowl (n.) eean, kiark; eeanlee: Wild fowl - Eeanlee feie. DF idiom; skianagh

clussaghey nestle, hatch: myr ta kiark clussaghey e aalagh Bible; flutter, tremble, nestling

fynnican albumen, white of egg, white: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible

scoylgernee (f.) chirp, cluck: Ren y kiark scoylgernee. DF; clucking, chirping

female1 (pref.) ben-, kiark; (adj.) bwoirrin, bwoirryn: Female child - Lhiannoo bwoirrin. DF idiom; bwoirrinagh: One female - Un' woirrinagh. DF idiom; woirrin: The female side - Yn rheynn woirryn. DF idiom

hen (n.) kiark: The hen was cooked to death - Va'n chiark spongit. DF idiom

aal (f.) nest, sitting of eggs: Aal y chur fo kiark. DF; litter; (of animals) young: Yn shynnagh as e aal. DF; pl. aalyn See aall fork

berrish (f.) pl. berrishyn berry, currant: Va fys aym dy row berrish ayn roish thammag, As va fys aym dy row ooh ayn roish kiark GB

Kirree (f.) Kitty: Ghow Kirree arrane, agh va'n coraa eck bing agglagh, gollrish kellagh-kiark gerrym ayns yn oie Dhoor

mayrnagh living; survivor: Va'n chaaig chiark cailt 'sy vlein 1995, agh ny yei shoh, hooar yn mayrnagh kiark elley 'sy vlein er giyn. Dhoor

ooh (=Ir. ubh, Sc.G. ugh. O.Ir. og) (f.) egg, nest egg, ovum: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible; dug, udder [L. ovum]

cleighyn hedges: chaglym oohyn-kiark ny mast' ny lossreeyn, as ayns towlyn 'sy choonlagh, eisht chymsaghey blaaghyn 'sy vagheryn as ayns ny cleighyn. JG

goaill stiagh 1 annex, comprise, contain, include, including; 2 annexation, inclusion, ingathering, intake; 3 comprehend; 4 take in, taking in a: rish shey-bleeaney nee oo cuirr dty halloo, as goaill stiagh ny messyn echey: Bible; 5 retain a: Lhig da dty chree goaill stiagh my ghoan Bible; 6 receive a: lhig dan chleaysh eu goaill stiagh goo e veeal Bible; b: cre vees yn goaill stiagh oc reesht, agh bioys veih ny merriu? Bible; 7 gather a: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible

shelg 1 (v.) hunting: myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn Bible; 2 (f.) chase, hunt, milt, prey, prowl, pursuit, quarry, run, shoot, spleen, venery a: Cha vel yn er-liastey gaarlagh shen, ghow eh ayns shelg: agh ta cooid dooinney frioosagh bannaght da Bible; 3 (the) field [Ir. sealg]


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