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kiarailagh (adj.) careful, frugal, pinch-penny, provident, saving: As ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible; (in money) careful; (n.) careful person, saver

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dy kiarailagh diligently, gingerly: ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible

careful person (n.) kiarailagh

gingerly (adj., adv.) dy kiarailagh

pinch-penny kiarailagh; peajeog

saver (n.) kiarailagh, sauallagh, saueyder

diligently (adv.) dy aggindagh: diligently to seek thy face - dy aggindagh dy yeeaghyn er dty hon Bible; dy beasagh: if ye diligently hearken unto me - my nee shiu dy beasagh geaishtagh rhyms Bible; dy jeadagh; dy jeidagh: Go and search diligently for the young child - Immee-jee, as shir-jee magh dy jeidjagh son y lhiannoo Bible; dy imneagh: and keep thy soul diligently - as freill dty annym dy imneagh, Bible; dy kiaralagh: And Moses diligently sought the goat of the sin offering - As ren Moses briaght dy kiaralagh mychione goayr yn oural-peccah Bible; dy kiarailagh: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children - As ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible; dy tastagh: If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God - My nee oo geaishtagh dy tastagh rish coraa yn Chiarn dty Yee Bible

provident (adj.) creeney, foddey-reayrtagh, gressagh, kiarailagh

frugal (adj.) cummyragh, gortagh, kiarailagh, spaarailagh; frioosagh; tarroogh

jeh goo mie approved: Dy ve kiarailagh jeh goo mie deiney CS

careful2 (adj.) (in money) kiarailagh; kiaralagh: be careful to maintain good works. - ve kiaralagh dy hoilshaghey magh obbraghyn mie Bible

carefully (adv.) dy kiaralagh: We should choose carefully - Reihagh shin dy-kiarailagh. JJK idiom

saving chymsagh, sauaillagh; kiarailagh; pickagh; spaarail; tashtey: Saving money for a rainy day - Tashtey argid cour laa fliaghee. DF idiom

ceab pl. ceabyn clod, clump, lump: As goaill unnane jeh ny peeshyn gyn-ymmyd (dy jarroo ceab cam- crontagh) as er ghrainney eh dy kiarailagh ec e chaa, er chummey shen dy aghtal, as er chiaddey eh ayns cocaslys dooinney. Apoc; flake; ingot

currymyn 1 matters a: cha vel shiu er chooilleeney currymyn symmyrchee yn leigh Bible; 2 commandments a: Son my nee shiu dy kiarailagh ooilley ny currymyn shoh, ta mish dy harey diu Bible; 3 duties; 4 demands

deiney mooinjer kinsmen: My ta deiney mooinjer ain, she bannaght ad veih Jee; as my ta noidjyn ain, tad slattyn ayns e laue dy smaghtagh shin, er-nonney dy chur orrin ve kiarailagh jeh nyn raai CS; cousins; friends

surral allow, endure, permit, suffer, tolerate: Dy ve kiarailagh jeh cooid nyn maishter myr dy beagh ad lhieu hene, gyn jummal y chur er, ny surral feallagh elley shen y yannoo. CS

commandments (npl.) annaghyn: he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, - scrieu eh er ny buird focklyn y chonaant, ny jeih annaghyn DF idiom; currymyn: For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments - Son my nee shiu dy kiarailagh ooilley ny currymyn shoh Bible; saraghyn: and remember all the commandments of the Lord - as cooinaghtyn er ooilley saraghyn y Chiarn Bible


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