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kiangle join, bind: Kiangle dty chliwe gys dty lheayst Bible; liaison; slur

Inexact matches:

gyn kiangle open

kiangle coorse take in a reef

kiangle uillinagh elbow joint

fer oik kiangle liaison officer

kiangle er e lhiurid stretcher bond

kiangle lesh stapyl staple

kiangle ry cheilley join

join cochiangley, chiangley; coventyn; coyrt ry cheilley; cur cooidjagh; coyrt cooidjagh; joynal; juntaghey; juntee; kiangle; kiangle ry cheilley; sniemmey ry-cheilley

bind1 kiangley; naisht; queeyllaghey; soailley; warpal; geulee; yok; yokal; chiangley; (impv) kiangle: As an enemy bind and a friend you'll find - Kiangle myr noid as yiow myr carrey. JJK idiom

liaison (n.) kiangle

tie1 cheet corrym, cloie corrym; cur eiystyr er; kiangley; maidjey kianglee; sniemmey; kiangle: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

liaison officer (n.) fer oik kiangle

elbow joint (n.) kiangle uillinagh, olt ny huillin, uillin

stretcher bond (n.) kiangle er e lhiurid

take in a reef (v.) kiangle coorse

staple cur stapyl er, kiangle lesh stapyl, staplley; (n.) lhoob yiarn; stapyl; steebyl; (adj.) undinagh

friend (n.) carrey: As an enemy bind and a friend you'll find - Kiangle myr noid as yiow myr carrey. JJK idiom

hitch (v.) castey, tayrn; kiangley da: Hitch the horse to the tree - Kiangle y cabbyl da'n villey. DF idiom; (n.) lhiettalys: Without a hitch - Gyn lhiettalys. DF idiom

slur comys; kiangle; moandid; oltooan; skyrrey harrish: To slur one's words - Dy skyrrey harrish ny focklyn ayd. DF idiom

tightly (adv.) dy chionn: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

faastit wrung: Mest ad dy-cheilley gys t'ad ooilley fud-y-cheilley, as gyn crammanyn; eisht kiangle eh seose ayns aanrit, faastit ass ushtey cheh, as spreiht lesh flooyr. Dhoor

lhoobyn links: dy vrishey ny lhoobyn ta kiangle Mannin as Sostyn, shen yn chied chesmad er y raad. Carn

sniem (f.) bow knot, snare; (n., v.) knot: Vod ushag ve goit ayns ribbey er y vagher, raad nagh vel sniem soit er y hon ? Bible Kiangle ad kinjagh er dty chree, as sniem ad mysh dty wannal. Bible

Sostyn (=Ir. Sagsun, Sacsun) (f.) England: as dy vel dy liooar sleih sy reiltys ain nish smooinaghtyn dy lhaggaghey ny dy vrishey ny lhoobyn ta kiangle Mannin as Sostyn Carn

open1 foshil: Open the window - Foshil yn uinnag. JJK idiom; foshley; reurit; foshlit: He had his mouth and eyes open - Va e veeal as e hooillyn foshlit echey. JJK idiom; fosley: Will you open the door? - Jean shiu fosley yn dorrys? JJK idiom; soilshaghey; gyn eirkey, gyn kiangle


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