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kialg (=Ir. cealg) (f.) pl. kialgyn calculation, craftiness, craft, deceit, duplicity, fiddle, fizz, guile, insidiousness, perfidiousness, sedition, slyness, subtlety, swindle, swizzle, treachery, trickery, wiliness: ayns e chree nagh vel kialg erbee. Bible

Inexact matches:

ansoor gyn kialg plain answer

cur kialg er wile

fizz kesh; keshal; kialg

guile (n.) kialg, molteyraght; croutys

insidiousness (n.) kialg, molteyrys, shliawinid

subtlety (n.) cluigid; croutys; kialg

swizzle (n.) kialg

trickery (n.) cleaysaght, cluigys, kialg

wile (v.) cur kialg er

duplicity (n.) croutys, far-ghellal, kialg, molteyrys

plain answer (n.) ansoor gyn kialg

sedition (n.) kialg; irree magh; irree-magh

swindle (v.) jannoo kialgys er; (n.) kialg

calculation (n.) claghoolys, co-earroo, coontys, crout, earrooaght, kialg

perfidiousness (n.) foalsaght, foalsid, kialg, neufirrinid, neuhreisteilys

slyness (n.) cluge, cooishaght, foall, kialg, shliawinid, steetaght

wiliness (n.) cluigaght, cooishaght, kialg, kialgys, kiootid

craft2 (n.) (slyness) cluge; kialg; crout: he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand - ver eh er croutyn bishaghey ny laue Bible

deceit (n.) cluigid, croutys, foall, grooish-volley, kialg, kialgeyrys, molley, molteyraght, molteyrys; foalsaght: It is my opinion that it was greatly by deceit - Er lhiam pene dy by vooar lesh foalsaght eh. DF idiom

fiddle biol: You have been playing the fiddle very badly for some days - T'ou er ve cloie yn viol feer olk rish laa ny ghaa. JJK idiom; biol-chloieder; fiddyl; fidleyr; kialg; (v.) cloie er viol

treachery (n.) brahderaght, kialg, kialgeyrys, molteyrys; traitoorys: There is treachery, O Ahaziah - Ta traitoorys ayn, O Ahaziah! Bible

conastey connect, connection, federate, federation: Loayrtagh son conastey ny failleyderyn, t'eh gra dy vel fys oc dy vel screeuyn ayn ta gra dy vel kialg as drogh reirey goll er ec ynnyd y thie-lheihys noa. BS; unity

geidit pinched, stolen: Va'n cheayn as e jeeghyn arreydagh er ve mollit as nyn dashtey geidit lesh crout as kialg. Coraa

craftiness (n.) cluigid, clugeid, cluigys, crout, croutid; croutys: He taketh the wise in their own craftiness - Teh goaill yn vooinjer chreeney ayns y chroutys oc hene Bible; kialg; kialgys; (npl.) croutyn: by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness - liorish kialgyn deiney, as ny croutyn cluicagh Bible


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