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keyrrey (=Ir. caora) (f.) pl. kirree sheep: Ta mee er n'gholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible

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keyrrey Austraalagh (f.) merino

keyrrey chailjey (f.) lost sheep: As bee eh myr feeaïh ta shelgit, as myr keyrrey chailjey Bible

keyrrey cham (f.) still worm

keyrrey cheeir (f.) black sheep

keyrrey eayin (f.) breeding ewe, breeding sheep

keyrrey ghoo (f.) black sheep

keyrrey hiast (f.) yeld sheep

keyrrey Hostynagh (f.) English sheep

keyrrey loaghtan (f.) Manx sheep

keyrrey loaghtyn (f.) Manx sheep

keyrrey Nollick (f.) fat sheep for Christmas

keyrrey roauyr (f.) fat sheep

keyrrey screbbagh (f.) scabbed sheep

keyrrey vane (f.) white sheep: ayns shoh v'eh moddey, ayns shen keyrrey vane, nish v'eh ny lion, chelleeragh v'eh ny eayn PC

keyrrey Varbaragh (f.) aoudad

keyrrey veayl (f.) Cheviot sheep

keyrrey veayll (f.) Cheviot sheep

keyrrey vluight (f.) milk ewe

keyrrey vollagh (f.) heavy fleeced sheep

black sheep (n.) keyrrey cheeir, keyrrey ghoo

Cheviot sheep (n.) keyrrey veayl; keyrrey veayll

Manx sheep (n.) keyrrey loaghtan, keyrrey loaghtyn

aoudad (n.) keyrrey Varbaragh

breeding ewe (n.) keyrrey eayin

breeding sheep (n.) keyrrey eayin

English sheep (n.) keyrrey Hostynagh

fat sheep (n.) keyrrey roauyr

merino (n.) keyrrey Austraalagh

milk ewe (n.) keyrrey vluight

scabbed sheep (n.) keyrrey screbbagh

still worm (n.) keyrrey cham

yeld sheep (n.) keyrrey hiast

heavy fleeced sheep (n.) keyrrey vollagh

lost sheep (n.) keyrrey chailjey: I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost - Ta mee er ngholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible; (npl.) kirree cailjey: My people hath been lost sheep - Ta my phobble er ve kirree cailjey Bible

fat sheep for Christmas (n.) keyrrey Nollick

white sheep (n.) keyrrey vane; (npl.) kirree vaney

chailjey astray, lost, scattered: Ta mee er n'gholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible

sheep (n.) keyrrey: One scabby sheep spoils the whole flock - Ta un cheyrrey screbbagh milley yn slane shioltane. JJK idiom; (npl.) kirree: He was grazing his sheep on the hill - V'eh fassaghey ny kirree echey er y chronk. DF idiom

bert (=Ir. bar) laid, layed; born: Ta ooilley yn chied-ruggit lhiam's, as dy chooilley chied-bert mastey dty vaase edyr eh ve dow, ny keyrrey, ta fyrryn. Bible

booa (f.) pl. booaghyn cow: shen ta hoshiaght-ruggit jeh booa, ny jeh keyrrey Bible [L. bos, bous]

eeh (f.) fat, hives, nettle rash, urticaria: Eeh dow, ny keyrrey, ny goayr, cha jean shiu gee Bible

goair woirryn she goats: Daa cheead goair woirryn, as feed goair fyrryn, daa cheead keyrrey, as feed rea. Bible

nuy jeig nineteen: Quoi yn dooinney ny mast' euish ta keead keyrrey echey, as coayl unnane jeu nagh vel eh faagail yn chiare-feed as yn nuy jeig ayns yn aasagh, as goll dy hirrey yn cheyrrey chailjey Bible


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