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Keylley (Yn); (The) Kella

keylley1 (as view) woodland, arboreal: hug ad ooashley da jallooyn ny keylley Bible; narrow, slender, small: tra v'eh er n'yannoo kip dy choyrdyn keylley Bible; of the forest

keylley2 (ny) arboreal: T'eh giarey sheese cedaryn, as goaill y cypress as y darragh, t'eh er ghoaill myr reih da hene fud biljyn ny keylley

Inexact matches:

aamaid keylley standing timber

billey keylley forest tree, timber tree

bossan keylley wood sanicle

buitçhoor keylley woodchat shrike

cabbyl keylley capercailie

caggey keylley bush fighting, guerilla war

calmane keylley ring dove, wood pigeon

cooat keylley lumber jacket

corkan keylley chaffinch

drine keylley woodland hawthorn

faasagh keylley virgin forest

fer keylley woodlander, woodsman

gard keylley forest ranger

giarreyder keylley tree-feller

glassyr keylley bugle

jallyn keylley hedge sparrow

kellagh keylley pheasant

kern keylley bushranger, outlaw

kiaulleyder keylley wood warbler

leayrane keylley wood sandpiper

Lhing Keylley Rosslyn

meoir keylley forester, verderer, wood keeper

scaanjoon keylley lemur

shelgeyr keylley woodcraftsman, woodsman

shelgeyrys keylley woodcraft

sidoor keylley bush-fighter, guerilla

Thalloo Keylley Woodlands

thalloo keylley woodland

tweet keylley tree pipit

Astyl Thalloo ny Keylley Woodlands Avenue

Balley ny Keylley Woodville

ben-jee ny keylley (f.) wood nymph

Breck ny Keylley Speckled Wood

Close ny Keylley Veg Spinney Close

Close Thalloo ny Keylley Woodlands Close

corkan keylley glass greenfinch

Croit ny Keylley Wood Croft

cro keylley mooar cob nut

Cronk ny Keylley Veg Copse Hill

fynnag ny keylley (f.) whitethroat, white throat

kayt ny keylley wild cat

kellagh keylley airhey golden pheasant

kellagh keylley Amherst Lady Amhersts pheasant

Kerrin Strooan ny Keylley Woodburn Square

Lhoan Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne Lane

lhon ny keylley missel thrush

lossey ny keylley goldfinch

lus ny keylley (f.) peony

mooinjer ny keylley (f.) Wood folk

oirr ny keylley edge of the wood

pishyr ny keylley (f.) wood vetch

Raad Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne Road

Reayrt ny Keylley Wood View

ree ny keylley oak

Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne, Wood Stream

thammagyn ny keylley thickets of the forest: nee eh stroie ny dressyn as ny drineyn as nee eh foaddey ayns thammagyn ny keylley Bible

treshlen ny keylley (f.) wood thrush

woodsman (n.) fer keylley, shelgeyr keylley

of the wood (gen.) keyllagh; (ny) keylley: To go by way of the wood - Dy gholl raad ny keylley. DF idiom

arboreal (adj.) biljagh; (ny) keylley

bush-fighter (n.) sidoor keylley

bush fighting (v.) caggey keylley

bushranger (n.) kern keylley

capercailie (n.) cabbyl keylley

forest ranger (n.) gard keylley

forest tree (n.) billey keylley

guerilla (n.) sidoor keylley

Kella (n.) (The); (Yn) Keylley

lemur (n.) scaanjoon keylley

lumber jacket (n.) cooat keylley

ring dove (n.) calmane keylley

Rosslyn (n.) Lhing Keylley

standing timber (n.) aamaid keylley

timber tree (n.) billey keylley

verderer (n.) meoir keylley

Woodbourne (n.) Strooan ny Keylley

woodchat shrike (n.) buitçhoor keylley

woodcraft (n.) keyll-oaylleeaght, shelgeyrys keylley

woodcraftsman (n.) shelgeyr keylley

wood keeper (n.) meoir keylley

woodland1 (n.) thalloo keylley

woodland2 (n.) (as view) keylley

woodlander (n.) fer keylley

woodland hawthorn (n.) drine keylley

Woodlands (n.) Thalloo Keylley

wood pigeon (n.) calmane keylley

wood sandpiper (n.) leayrane keylley

Woodville (n.) Balley ny Keylley

wood warbler (n.) kiaulleyder keylley

cob nut (n.) cro keylley mooar

forestry warden (n.) wardoon-keylley

golden pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley airhey

of the forest keilley: For all the beasts of the forest are mine - Son lhiams ta ooilley maase ny keilley: Bible; keylley: He built also the house of the forest - Hrog eh neesht thie keylley Lebanon Bible; (y) cheyll: wherein all the beasts of the forest do move - ayn ta ooilley beïyn y cheyll rouail mygeayrt Bible

pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley, kiark cheylley

Speckled Wood (n.) Breck ny Keylley

thickets of the forest (npl.) biljyn y cheyll: he shall cut down the thickets of the forest - giaree eh sheese biljyn y cheyll Bible; thammagyn ny keylley: and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest - as nee eh foaddey ayns thammagyn ny keylley Bible

tree-feller (n.) giarreyder keylley, lhieggeyder biljyn

white throat (n.) fynnag ny keylley

Wood Croft (n.) Croit ny Keylley

Wood folk (npl.) mooinjer ny keylley

wood sanicle (n.) bossan keylley, caardys

Wood Stream (n.) Strooan ny Keylley

wood thrush (n.) treshlen ny keylley

wood vetch (n.) pishyr ny keylley

Wood View (n.) Reayrt ny Keylley

wardoon-keylley forestry warden

bugle (n.) cayrn, cayrneen, shellym; glassyr keylley; (v.) sheidey cayrn

chaffinch (n.) corkan keylley, ushag y chloau

Copse Hill (n.) Cronk ny Keylley Veg

edge of the wood (n.) oirr ny keylley

forester (n.) forrester, forster; keylljeyder; meoir keylley

goldfinch (n.) kiark my ven seyr, lossey ny keylley

greenfinch (n.) corkan keylley glass; glassag gharagh

guerilla war (n.) caggey cheerey, caggey keylley

hedge sparrow (n.) boght keeir, buntee gorrym, jallyn keylley

Lady Amhersts pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley Amherst

missel thrush (n.) lhon ny keylley, treshlen vooar

oak darrag; darragh; darree; ree ny keylley

outlaw (v.) jannoo mooidjeen jeh; (n.) jeebyrtagh, kern keylley, mooidjeen

peony (n.) lus ny gruinnag, lus ny keylley

Spinney Close (n.) Close ny Keylley Veg

tree pipit (n.) tweet ny miljyn; tweet keylley

whitethroat (n.) fynnag ny keylley, scoarnagh vane

wild cat (n.) kayt ny keylley, kayt oaldey

Woodbourne Lane (n.) Lhoan Strooan ny Keylley

Woodbourne Road (n.) Raad Strooan ny Keylley

Woodburn Square (n.) Kerrin Strooan ny Keylley

Woodlands Avenue (n.) Astyl Thalloo ny Keylley

Woodlands Close (n.) Close Thalloo ny Keylley

wood nymph (n.) ben-jee ny keylley, keyllagh

virgin forest (n.) faasagh keylley, keyll nagh hurr foyr, keyll neuventit

by way of raad: To go by way of the wood - Dy gholl raad ny keylley. DF idiom

narrow (adj.) beg, chion, neurheamyssagh; keyl: Narrow stick - Maidjey keyl. DF idiom; coon: The narrow glen - Yn ghlion choon. DF idiom; cooney: Narrow tables - Buird cooney. DF idiom; (gen.) keylley; (v.) coonaghey, keyllaghey

slender (adj.) feiosagh, goan, shang, thanney, keylley; keyl: Slender voice - Coraa keyl. DF idiom

small (adj.) beg: We must have a small garden - Shegin ve garey beg ain. JJK idiom; beggey; keyl; myn; dy myn; keylley

aaghiennaghtyn regenerate: Va mee booiagh dy akin dy row paart jeh keylley laurys aaghiennaghtyn raad va ny biljyn er lhieggey son eirinys bleeantyn er dy henney. Dhoor; regeneration

Atlantagh1 Atlantic: Ta faasaghyn keylley er-mayrn ayns ny ellanree Atlantagh jeh'n Spaainey as y Phortiugal. Dhoor

biljyn trees: t'eh er ghoaill myr reih da hene fud biljyn ny keylley Bible

ghoaill myr reih (y); (to) settle upon: teh er ghoaill myr reih da hene fud biljyn ny keylley Bible

lhuishag (f.) blanket: As magh ass y roortys shoh, haink kuse dy ghaanyn beggey 'sy Ghaelg, myr shen, slane feeu va'n roortys Sheeyney ass shilley: Lhuishag chayeeagh gorrym er laare ny keylley. Dhoor

reeast moor, upland, wasteland: Chur ad shiaght sheghyn glassey As shiaght kiapan keylley (kiapan fuyghagh) As shiaght trieyn jeh thalloo-reeast Er mooin shleayst Finn. Coraa

thammagyn 1 shrubs a: hug ee yn lhiannoo ny lhie fo unnane jeh ny thammagyn Bible; 2 thickets a: nee eh stroie ny dressyn as ny drineyn as nee eh foaddey ayns thammagyn ny keylley Bible


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