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Kerree (f.) Kerry

kerree shall avenge, shall beat: Kerree oo eh lesh y clatt Bible; chastening, corrective

Inexact matches:

fer kerree corrector

leigh kerree punitive law

pryssoonys kerree penal servitude

kerree dy meechairyssagh victimize

shall beat kerree: Thou shalt beat him with the rod - Kerree oo eh lesh y clatt Bible

corrective (adj.) kerree, kiartee, smaghtee

I will avenge kerree-yms: I will avenge the blood of Jezreel - kerree-yms fuill Yezreel Bible

Kerry (n.) Kerree [Ir. CiarraĆ­]

punitive law (n.) leigh kerree

shall avenge kerree

penal system (n.) coarys-kerree

penalty notice (n.) fogrey-kerree

coarys-kerree penal system: Edgar Quine, yn Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Ayre, t'eh gra dy lhisagh coarys-kerree Vannin goll er aa-ronsaghey veih bun gys baare. BS

fogrey-kerree penalty notice

kerree-yms I will avenge

chastening kerraghey; kerree; smaghtaghey; smaghtee; smaghtey; kerragh

corrector (n.) lhiaseyder, fer kerree, kerreyder, kiarteyder, smaghteyder

penal servitude (n.) pryssoonys kerree, shirveish cherree

victimize (v.) cur ansmaght er, kerraghey, kerree dy meechairyssagh

fer karree See fer kerree mender

shenn tholtanyn old wastes: As troggee ad ny shenn tholtanyn, kerree ad traartys ny shenn earishyn Bible


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