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kerraghey 1 amerce, castigate, chasten, chastening, correct, penalize, penalty, plague, punish, punishing, victimize a: Neem's kerraghey er kerraghey y lhieeney orroo Bible; 2 correction, punishment, visitation, vengeance; 3 mending

Inexact matches:

gyn kerraghey unpunished: as jed shiuish gyn kerraghey erbee? Bible

kerraghey callinagh corporal punishment

kerraghey dowil vengeance: surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

seyrsnys veih kerraghey (f.) impunity

vengeance (n.) buill, drogh-chooilleen; cooilleen: I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee - goyms seose dty chooish, as trog-yms cooilleen er dty hon Bible; kerragh; kerraghey: vengeance shall be taken on him - bee kerraghey shiaght filley er ny ghoaill er sevenfold Bible; kerraghey dowil: suffering the vengeance of eternal fire - surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; cooilleeney: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man - goyms cooilleeney, as cha jig-ym dty whail myr dooinney Bible; lhiasaghey: for it is the vengeance of the Lord - son shoh lhiasaghey yn Chiarn Bible

mending (v.) fuailley, slanaghey, whalley; kerraghey: My shoes want mending - Ta my vraagyn laccal kerraghey. JJK idiom

punish (v.) jannoo kerragh; kerraghey: Why do you punish him? - Cre'n fa t'ou kerraghey eh? JJK idiom

amerce (v.) kerraghey, oolaghey

castigate (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey

corporal punishment (n.) kerraghey callinagh

correct4 (v.) (as child) kerraghey, smaghtaghey; smaghtee

impunity (n.) seyrsnys veih kerraghey

penalize (v.) kerraghey

punishing (v.) kerraghey

shiaght jeig seventeen: My vees kerraghey shiaght filley er ny ghoaill ersyn varrys Cain, dy firrinagh bee kerraghey shiaght jeig as three feed er ny ghoaill son Lamech. Bible

death penalty (n.) kerraghey-baaish

penalty2 (n.) (death) kerraghey-baaish

unpunished (adj.) gyn kerraghey, neucherrit, neuchooileenit

kerraghey-baaish death penalty

chastening kerraghey; kerree; smaghtaghey; smaghtee; smaghtey; kerragh

victimize (v.) cur ansmaght er, kerraghey, kerree dy meechairyssagh

visitation (n.) ard-chairailys, frasdyl erskyn najoor, keayrt; kerragh, kerraghey

correction (n.) kerraghey, kiartaghey, lhiasaghey, lhiasaghey bea, smaght, smaghtagh; kerragh

plague (n.) cramp, murran, paitt, plaih, plague, phloyg; (v.) plaihghey; kerraghey

cooilleenit finished, fulfilled, performed, repaid, satisfied: Ta kerraghey dty vee-chairys cooilleenit Bible

do-akin indiscernible, indistinguishable, invisible: Kerraghey do-akin y yannoo DF

jed2 (interrog.) shall go: jed shiuish gyn kerraghey erbee? Bible

leviathan leviathan: kerraghey leviathan, yn ard-nieu guintagh shen Bible

penalty1 (n.) kerraghey; kerraghys: On penalty of death - Fo kerraghys baaish. DF idiom; uail

punishment (n.) cooilleeney, kerragh, pennys, reealley; kerraghey: On the great men will come exemplary punishment - Er ny ard gheiney hig ard cherraghey. DF idiom

chymmyltee 1 (ny); (the) uncircumcised: nish voym baase lesh paays, as tuittym ayns laueyn ny chymmyltee shoh? Bible a: dy jean yms kerragheyghoaill er ooilley ny gyn-chymmyltee marish ny chymmyltee Bible

cluicyn tricks: Ayns shid hoal, t'ad prowal cur lesh stiagh slattyssyn as kerraghey son ocsyn ta jannoo cluicyn BS

cooilleen avenge, accomplish, fulfil, implement, recompense; revenge, vengeance: dy ockleymagh ayns Zion kerraghey voish y Chiarn y Jee ain, yn cooilleen t'eh er ghoaill son e hiamble Bible; (pl -aghyn) fulfilment, accomplishment, achievement; payment

creoi-wannalagh impenitent person, stiff-necked person: As my vees fer creoi-wannalagh mastey yn pobble, te yindys my scapys eh gyn kerraghey: son mârishyn ta myghin as jymmoose; t'eh niartal dy leih, as dy gheayrtey magh e yymmoose. Apoc; stiff-necked, stubborn

feill neu-ghooghyssagh strange flesh: ren er yn aght cheddin ad-hene y choyrt seose gys maarderys, as geiyrt er feill neu-ghooghyssagh, er nyn soiaghey magh son sampleyr, surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

ga dy (=Ir. go) (conj.) although: Ta dy chooilley ghooinney ard-chreeagh dwoaiagh da'n Chiarn: ga dy jean laue niartaghey laue, cha bee ad gyn kerraghey. Bible

oghsan (f.) pl. oghsanyn censure, rebuke, reprimand, reproof: cooilleen-yms kerraghey trome orroosyn lesh oghsan dewil Bible

scutchal flagellate, stripes: Ta kerraghey kiarit son ny craidoilee as scutchal son dreeym ny mee cheeayllee Bible

shiaght filley septuple, sevenfold: Quoi-erbee, er-y-fa shen, varrys Cain bee kerraghey shiaght filley er ny ghoaill er Bible

toshiaght (f.) (of ship) bow; beginning, commencement, curtain raiser, dawn, fore, forefront, forepart, forestalling, genesis, getaway, inception, initiation, lead, opening, outset, preliminary, start: veih toshiaght gys jerrey kerraghey er y noid Bible; (of pain) threshold; onset

tuittym fo (as disease) contract; fall into, fall under: Ny lhiggey daue tuittym fo kerraghey loght, tra t'ad gee ny reddyn casherick Bible

veih toshiaght gys jerrey fore and aft; from beginning to end: Nee'm my hideyn er-meshtey lesh fuill, (as nee my chliwe feill my noidyn y stroie) as shen, lesh fuill ny merriu, as ny cappeeyn, veih toshiaght gys jerrey kerraghey er y noid. Bible

chasten (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey, custey; smaghtee: neither chasten me in thy displeasure - chamoo smaghtee mee ayns dty yymmoose Bible; smaghtagh: I will chasten him with the rod of men - neems smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney Bible; smaghtaghey: neither chasten me in thy heavy displeasure - chamoo jean my smaghtaghey ayns dty yymmoose hrome

fools (npl.) ommidanyn; ommydanyn: thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel - bee oo myr fer jeh ny ommydanyn scammyltagh ayns Israel Bible; mee-cheeayllee: Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools - Ta kerraghey kiarit son ny craidoilee as scutchal son dreeym ny mee cheeayllee Bible

hiss (v.) jannoo thassane, thassaney; gannidys: and hiss because of all the plagues thereof - as nee ad gannidys, kyndagh rish ooilleyn kerraghey trome hig urree Bible; thassane, tassane: they hiss and wag their head at the daughter of Jerusalem - t'ad tassane as craa nyn ghing er inneen Yerusalem Bible


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