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kere (=Ir. ceir) (f.) cobbler's wax, comb, wax: Ren ny croink lheïe goll-rish kere ec fenish y Chiarn Bible

Inexact matches:

kere chabbyl (f.) curry-comb

kere hallooin (f.) valerian

kere healal (f.) sealing wax

kere hellanagh (f.) beeswax

kere lheannagh (f.) valerian

kere veein (f.) fine-toothed comb, small-toothed comb

kere volley (f.) honeycomb: ee uss mill, son dy vel eh mie; as y kere-volley, ta millish gys dty vlass Bible

cur kere er tooth, wax

gloas lesh kere wax

wax1 aase, bishaghey, lhieeney, sholl; cur kere er; gloas lesh kere; kere: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; kerey

valerian (n.) kere hallooin, kere lheannagh

comb1 (v.) caartey, kerey; (n.) kere: He would have no comb - Cha beagh kere erbee echey. JJK idiom; kereen; keyjeen

cobbler's wax (n.) kere

curry-comb (n.) kere chabbyl, screebane

fine-toothed comb (n.) kere veein

sealing wax (n.) kere healal

small-toothed comb (n.) kere veein

beeswax (n.) geirr vill; kere hellanagh

comb-brush (n.) kere-skeaban

kere-skeaban (f.) comb-brush

honeycomb (n.) jannoo creear jeh; kere volley, khere-volley

tooth (n.) feeackle, feeackyl: I had a tooth out - Va feeackle tayrnit assym. DF idiom; (v.) cur kere er, greimmey

warmed chiowit, chiowt; (v.) hiow; (er ny) chiow: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom

soft (adj.) bog: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; boggyr; glass; meen, meein, meeinagh; meeley: Will you have it hard or soft ? - Bee eh eu creoi ny meeley? JJK idiom; meddey, mettey; nesh; tash; meiygh; dy kiune, dy rea

baare y lorg end of the rod: shen-y-fa heeyn eh magh baare y lorg v'echey ayns e laue, as hum eh eh ayns kere-volley, as hug eh e laue gys e veeal Bible

jiooldey deny, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, exclude, negate, negative, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, traverse; loathe: Ta'n annym lane jiooldey rish yn eer kere-volley Bible; thrust out: Myr shoh ren Solomon jiooldey rish Abiathar nagh beagh eh saggyrt y Chiarn Bible; cast off: Neems Judah myrgeddin y scughey ass my hilley myr ta mee er scughey Israel, as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem Bible; abhor: Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; dismissal, negation, renouncement, rejection, repudiation

shilley (=Ir. sealladh, sioladh) pl. shillaghyn eyesight, look, look in, scene, show, sight, spectacle, view, vision, revelation: ren eh olk ayns shilley yn Chiarn Bible; distillation; (v.) drop, gush, shed, shedding, trickle: O my ven veen, shilley myr kere-volley: ta bainney as mill fo dty hengey Bible


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