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kellagh aeg cockerel

kellagh chanticleer, cock, cock bird, rooster: as chelleeragh gherr y kellagh. Bible; (of anchor) cock

Inexact matches:

kellagh aalin peacock

kellagh caggee fighting cock, gamecock

kellagh chiass mirage

Kellagh coull Hazel Grouse

kellagh doo black cock; (male) black grouse

kellagh eairkagh peacock

kellagh emshir weathercock

kellagh frangagh bubbly-jock, gobbler, turkey, turkey cock

kellagh freoaie moorcock, red grouse

kellagh geayee weathercock, weather vane

kellagh guiy gander

kellagh Injinagh guinea cock

Kellagh juys Spruce Grouse

kellagh keylley pheasant

kellagh olla (swan) cob

kellagh ollay (swan) cob

kellagh poht spatchcock

kellagh ruy red grouse

kellagh thunnag drake

kellagh ushtey coot

kesmad kellagh-guiy goose step

Kellagh doo Coagaashagh Caucasian Black Grouse

kellagh keylley airhey golden pheasant

kellagh keylley Amherst Lady Amhersts pheasant

kellagh ny giark barn cock, barnyard cock, rooster

Kellagh sniaghtee Caspagh Caspian Snowcock

Kellagh sniaghtee Coagaashagh Caucasian Snowcock

cob3 (n.) (swan) kellagh olla, kellagh ollay

peacock (n.) kellagh aalin, kellagh eairkagh; peacock

rooster (n.) kellagh; kellagh ny giark

weathercock (n.) kellagh emshir; kellagh geayee

red grouse (n.) kellagh freoaie, kellagh ruy, kiark freoaie, kiark 'reoaie, tarmaghan

cock1 (n.) cockeyder; kellagh: The cock crowed - Gherr y kellagh. DF idiom; sheeig; (vulgar) bwoid

black cock (n.) kellagh doo

black grouse2 (n.) (male) kellagh doo

bubbly-jock kellagh frangagh

chanticleer (n.) kellagh

cock2 (n.) (of anchor) kellagh

cock bird (n.) kellagh

fighting cock (n.) kellagh caggee

gamecock (n.) kellagh caggee

gander (n.) kellagh guiy

gobbler (n.) kellagh frangagh; sluggeyder

guinea cock (n.) kellagh Injinagh

Hazel Grouse (n.) Kellagh coull

mirage (n.) kellagh chiass, markym-jeelym

moorcock (n.) kellagh freoaie, tarmaghan

spatchcock (n.) kellagh poht

Spruce Grouse (n.) Kellagh juys

turkey1 (n.) kellagh frangagh

turkey cock (n.) kellagh frangagh

weather vane (n.) kellagh geayee

barn cock (n.) kellagh ny giark

barnyard cock (n.) kellagh ny giark

Caspian Snowcock (n.) Kellagh sniaghtee Caspagh

Caucasian Snowcock (n.) Kellagh sniaghtee Coagaashagh

cockerel (n.) eean kellee, kellagh aeg

drake (n.) kellagh thunnag, thunnag irryn

golden pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley airhey

goose step kesmad kellagh-guiy

pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley, kiark cheylley

kellagh-rennee grasshopper, locust: Ta mi doll as sho mar skaa ta doll er shiul : as ta mi ymmanit er shiul, mar yn kellagh-renni. Psalm1610

Caucasian Black Grouse (n.) Kellagh doo Coagaashagh

coot (n.) kellagh ushtey; kiark ushtey; kiark ushtey vane

Lady Amhersts pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley Amherst

locust (n.) locust; poanrey locust; kellagh-rennee; folleyder

crowed gherr: The cock crowed - Gherr y kellagh. DF idiom

grasshopper (n.) folleyder; lhiemmeyder faiyr, lheimyder-faiyr, lheimydyr-faiyr; lhiemmeyder glass; kellagh-rennee

gherr crew, crowed: choud as v'eh foast loayrt, gherr y kellagh. Bible

gerr (=Ir. gair) crow, shout: As chooinee Peddyr er ny goan va Yeesey er loayrt rish, Roish my gerr y kellagh daa cheayrt, nee uss mish y obbal three keayrtyn. Bible

gerrym (f.) 1 crowing, outcry, shouting, whoop, whooping a: nee'n dooinney girree ec gerrym y chellee Bible; 2 (of bird) call; 3 (v.) (of cock) crow: ren y kellagh gerrym yn nah cheayrt Bible; 4 avocation, mission, profession, vocation: She lheeys yn gerrym echey DF

glion (=Ir. gleann) (m., f.) pl. glionteenyn creek, glen, vale, valley: eisht cluinnee oo'n lhon kiaulleeaght bingys ayns dagh broogh as glion; yn kellagh ooasle gynsagh dooin kys ta yn oie goll shaghey PC

Kirree (f.) Kitty: Ghow Kirree arrane, agh va'n coraa eck bing agglagh, gollrish kellagh-kiark gerrym ayns yn oie Dhoor

oie noght (f.) tonight: As dooyrt Yeesey rish, Dy firrinagh ta mee gra rhyt, Yn laa jiu, eer yn oie noght roish my gerr y kellagh daa cheayrt, dy nob uss mish three keayrtyn. Bible


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