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keirdey industrial, occupational, professional, trade: Va Harry ny ghooinney keirdey-seyr-thie as v'eh fer-toshiaght yn "Fire Brigade" myrgeddin. Coraa; (gen.) of trade; of craft

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cowrey keirdey trademark: Cowrey keirdey recortyssit. DF

fer keirdey artificer, craftsman, tradesman

lught keirdey professionals

sheshaght-keirdey mooiragh (f.) maritime union

ynseyder keirdey craft teacher

Baarle ny keirdey (f.) professional jargon

dooinney ny keirdey craftsman: KUSSIT ta yn duyne ta jeanu e jallu erbi graynt na lieit, ta ayns duoi dyn chiarn, obeyr lauyn duyne na kerdjy as ta dy ghur ayns ynyd falliit dy hoyrt yasly gaa. PB1610

ellyn ny keirdey (f.) tricks of the trade

lught yn keirdey (the) profession

craftsman (n.) fer keirdey, keirdagh, dooinney ny keirdey

of craft (gen.) keirdey: Craft teacher - Ynseyder keirdey. DF idiom

professionals (npl.) gerrymee; lught keirdey: They are professionals - T'ad nyn lught keirdey. DF idiom

craft teacher (n.) ynseyder keirdey

occupational (adj.) keirdey

profession2 (n.) (the) lught yn keirdey

trademark (n.) cowrey keirdey

industrial injuries (npl.) gortyn-keirdey

maritime union (n.) sheshaght-keirdey mooiragh

professional jargon (n.) Baarle ny keirdey

trade cochionnaghey; cochionnaght; cochionneeaght: Trade is on the mend - Ta cochionneeaght bishaghey. DF idiom; dellal: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom; keird: Carry on a trade - Keird y chliaghtey. DF idiom; keirdey: The tricks of the trade - Ellyn ny keirdey. DF idiom; lught yn traght; margeeaght; mergeeys; traght; traghtal; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom; traghtey; truckal; aght-beaghee

gortyn-keirdey industrial injuries

artificer (n.) fer keirdey; mainshtyr obbree seiyr

industrial (adj.) chynskylagh; jeadyssagh; jeidjyssagh; keirdey; tarrooghyssagh

professional (n.) ellyner; (adj.) gerrymoil, keirdey, leaghagh, oayllee

tradesman (n.) delleyder, fer keirdey, keirdagh, traghtalagh

tricks of the trade (npl.) ellyn ny keirdey

of trade keirdey; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom

curragh (=Ir. corrach) (f.) pl. curreeyn bog, fen, marsh, quagmire, swamp: Yn nah laa haink jees jeh ny kirree oc dy ve çhionn ayns curragh as v'ad sluggit sheese marish nyn laadyn CnyO; canoe, coracle: Ren Severin as fer keirdey ny jees troggal curragh ayns Nerin. Dhoor; wickerwork pannier


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