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keird scoill (f.) technical school

keird (=Ir. ceard) (f.) pl. keirdyn avocation, business, calling, craft, discipline, employment, finish, line, occupation, profession, professional skill, pursuit, trade, vocation: cha bee fir-cheirdey jeh keird erbee, arragh ry-gheddyn aynyd's Bible; art [O.Ir. cerd]

Inexact matches:

keird chaggee (f.) art of war

keird chubeyr (f.) cooperage

keird marrey sea craft

bentyn da keird vocational

keird yn vaareyder tonsorial

keird y screeudeyrys art of writing

margey keird as bee ass y çheer vooar continental craft and food fair

art ayrt, creenaght, schlei; ellyn: Art for art's sake - Ellyn er son ellyn. DF idiom; jallooaght; keird: The art of writing - Keird y screeudeyrys. DF idiom

avocation (n.) gerrym, keird

calling2 (n.) (trade) keird

cooperage (n.) cubeyraght, keird chubeyr

craft1 (n.) keird: no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be - cha bee fir-cheirdey jeh keird erbee, arragh ry-gheddyn shall be found any more in thee Bible

professional skill (n.) keird

tonsorial (adj.) keird yn vaareyder

vocational (adj.) bentyn da keird

livery company (n.) keird-cholught

skilled labour (n.) keird-obbreeyn

trade cochionnaghey; cochionnaght; cochionneeaght: Trade is on the mend - Ta cochionneeaght bishaghey. DF idiom; dellal: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom; keird: Carry on a trade - Keird y chliaghtey. DF idiom; keirdey: The tricks of the trade - Ellyn ny keirdey. DF idiom; lught yn traght; margeeaght; mergeeys; traght; traghtal; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom; traghtey; truckal; aght-beaghee

trade-unionism (n.) keird-chummynys; keird-heshaghtys

trade-unionist (n.) keird-heshaghtagh

unionist (n.) keird-heshaghtagh, unnaneyseyr

keird-cholught (f.) livery company

keird-chummyn (f.) trade union

keird-chummynys trade-unionism

keird-heshaght (f.) trade union

keird-heshaghtagh (f.) trade-unionist, unionist

keird-heshaghtys trade-unionism

keird-obbreeyn skilled labour

art of war (n.) ellyn chaggee; keird chaggee

art of writing (n.) keird y screeudeyrys

employment1 (n.) faill, failley, keird, obbraghey, obbyr, ymmyd

sea craft (n.) baatyn beggey marrey; keird marrey

technical school (n.) keird scoill, scoill cheirdee

continental craft and food fair (n.) margey keird as bee ass y çheer vooar

discipline (n.) biallys; keird; smaght; (v.) cur fo smaght, smaghtaghey, smaghtey

trade union (n.) sheshaght-cheirdey, keird-chummyn, keird-heshaght, sheshaght keirdee

vocation (n.) gerrym: Religious vocation - Gerrym crauee. DF idiom; keird; stayd; yllagh

business (n.) byssness, cooish, currym, dell, keird, chyrrys; boirys; eilkin; dellal: He is doing good business there - T'eh jannoo dellal mie ayns shen. DF idiom

finish (v.) cur jerrey er; cur kione er: Finish the exercise - Cur jerrey er dty roortys. JJK idiom; (n.) jerrey, keird, kione

occupation (n.) aght baghee, aght-beaghee, keird; cummaltys: Army of occupation - Armee cummaltys. DF idiom; staartey: Blind alley occupation - Staartey nagh vel bishagh ayn. DF idiom

profession1 (n.) breearrey: She made her profession - Ren ee e breearrey. DF idiom; gerrym: It is a crowded profession - She gerrym eh gyn reamys da tooilley ayn. DF idiom; keird

asslayntagh bad health, diseased, infirm, invalid, sick, sick person: nagh bee yn jaagh ta cheet voish dy foandagh losht ny stroit, ny my nee eh cur rish keird ny obbyr erbee nee jannoo soar brein ny asslayntagh Coraa

feer happee (of pace) cracking: Agh ren ny keird heshaghtyn caggey dy 'endeil ny stiurtyn oc va goit, as lhig ny meoiryn-shee daue goll seyr feer happee. Carn; double quick, meteoric

grease (f.) pl. greasyn design, embroidery; industry: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

thie grease factory: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

factory (n.) mwyllin, stashoon dellal; thie grease: The unions blacked the factory - Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF idiom; thie obbree

line coyrd, skeog; craplag; keird; lineal; linney: Line that links up two towns - Linney ta ny kiangley eddyr daa valley. DF idiom; rann; rimmeigey; scheimmeig; scheimmeigey; sheeynag: Horizontal line - Sheeynag chochruinnagh. DF idiom; sliught; snaie; strane: Walk in line - Shooyl rere strane. DF idiom; strap; streng; tead; thow; line

pursuit (n.) cloh, keird, shalee, shelg; eiyrt: We are in pursuit of them - Ta shin er nyn eiyrt. DF idiom; eiyrtys: They are in pursuit of my soul - T'ad jannoo eiyrtys er my annym. DF idiom; lorgey: In pursuit of happiness - Lorgey maynrys. DF idiom


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