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keesh (=Ir. cíos) (f.) 1 pl. keeshyn custom, duty, scot, tax, toll; 2 tribute a: haink eh dy ve ny harvaant fo keesh Bible; 3 contribution

Inexact matches:

chagleyder keesh rate collector, tax collector

droghad keesh toll bridge

eeckeyder keesh taxpayer

fer keesh taxman

freaylleyder keesh toll-keeper

gyn keesh free of tax, tax free

jysk keesh tax disc

keesh 'aagail (f.) quit-rent

keesh assphurtagh (f.) export duty

Keesh Charbyd (f.) vehicle duty

keesh cheet-stiagh income tax

keesh chillagh (f.) church rate

keesh ching (f.) poll tax

keesh chionnee (f.) purchase tax

keesh chlouag (f.) stamp duty

keesh chustym customs duty

keesh droghad (f.) pontage

keesh hallooin (f.) ground rent

keesh hellaragh (f.) cellarage

keesh hollan (f.) salt tax

keesh leggad (f.) legacy duty

keesh phersoonagh personal taxation

keesh phrowaltys (f.) probate duty

keesh skeerey (f.) parish rate

keesh stiuree (f.) pilotage

keesh ushtey (f.) water rate

keesh valjagh (f.) town toll

keesh valjey (f.) rate

Keesh Veg Little Rent

mynjeig aachummey-keesh tax reform package

oardaghyn-keesh tammyltagh temporary taxation orders

coarys-keesh cochorpagh Neu-nhee-jeih Zero-ten corporate tax regime

cur fo keesh impose

cur keesh er assess, tax

cur rour keesh er overtax

keesh er chooid kionnit (f.) import duty

keesh er thalloo (f.) land tax

keesh er tooilliu feeuid (f.) value added tax

keesh ny moght (f.) poor rate

keesh shirveishyn ynnydagh (f.) local services tax

keesh tooilley feeuid (f.) value added tax

Moggyl Cairys Keesh Tax Justice Network

Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh Tax Reform Newtwork: Ta'n Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh gobbraghey dy lhiettal shaghney keesh feiy ny cruinney. Carn

Oardagh Keesh cour Sproagyn Savings Tax Directive

seyr veih keesh duty free

Slattys Keesh Çheet-stiagh (Lhiasaghey); (Amendment) Income Tax Act

troggal keesh er tax, taxation

Slattys Biallys Keesh son Coontyssyn Joarree Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

tax1 (v.) cur keesh er, troggal keesh er; (n.) keesh: It is liable to tax - Ta keesh ny lhie roish. DF idiom; tack

tribute mayl, tack; moylley, onnor; keeshyn; fo keesh: and became a servant unto tribute - as haink eh dy ve ny harvaant fo keesh Bible; keesh: And levy a tribute unto the Lord of the men of war - As trog keesh dan Chiarn jeh ny deiney, hie magh gys y chaggey Bible

value added tax (n.) keesh er tooilliu feeuid; keesh tooilley feeuid

duty2 (n.) (tax) keesh: Subject to stamp duty - As keesh chlouag ry-eeck. DF idiom

cellarage (n.) keesh hellaragh, sellaraght

church rate (n.) keesh chillagh

export duty (n.) keesh assphurtagh

ground rent (n.) keesh hallooin

income tax (n.) keesh cheet-stiagh

legacy duty (n.) keesh leggad

Little Rent (n.) Keesh Veg

parish rate (n.) keesh skeerey

personal taxation (n.) keesh phersoonagh

poll tax (n.) keesh ching

pontage (n.) keesh droghad

probate duty (n.) keesh phrowaltys

purchase tax (n.) keesh chionnee

quit-rent (n.) keesh 'aagail

rate collector (n.) chagleyder keesh

salt tax (n.) keesh hollan

scot (n.) keesh

taxation2 (v.) (on) troggal keesh er

tax collector (n.) chagleyder keesh

tax free gyn keesh

taxman (n.) fer keesh, tackeyder

taxpayer (n.) tackeydagh, eeckeyder keesh

toll bridge (n.) droghad keesh

toll-keeper (n.) freaylleyder keesh

town toll (n.) keesh valjagh

tributary1 fo cheesh; fo keesh: how is she become tributary - kys tee er jeet dy ve fo keesh! Bible; keeshagh

vehicle duty (n.) Keesh Charbyd

water rate (n.) keesh ushtey

company taxation (n.) keesh-cholught

customs duty (n.) custym, keesh chustym

dutiable (adj.) fo-keesh

duty free seyr veih keesh

free of tax gyn keesh

fuel duty (n.) keesh-chonney

land tax (n.) keesh er thalloo

poor rate (n.) keesh ny moght

protectionist (n.) keesh-choadee, keesh-choadeyder

retail tax (n.) keesh-vynchreck

stamp duty (n.) keesh chlouag, keesh-stamp

tax bands (npl.) boandaghyn-keesh

tax haven (n.) pargys-keesh

tax reform (n.) aachummey-keesh

tax regime (n.) coarys-keesh

tax system (n.) coarys-keesh

toilet tax (n.) keesh-phremmee

toll1 bwoalley; clingeraght; keesh, mayle

aachummey-keesh tax reform

boandaghyn-keesh tax bands

coarys-keesh tax system; tax regime

fo-keesh dutiable

keesh-choadee protectionist

keesh-choadeyder protectionist

keesh-cholught company taxation

keesh-chonney fuel duty

keesh-phremmee toilet tax

keesh-stamp stamp duty

keesh-thie (f.) rating

keesh-vynchreck retail tax

pargys-keesh tax haven: Coardail rishyn, cha row ny Goaldee arryltagh dy chur urryssaght da etlanyn Skianyn Vannin er y fa dy row ad corree mychione Mannin as ee ny pargys-keesh. BS

contribution (n.) chaglym, cohortys, cooney, jeeillym, olt, toyrtys, keesh

import duty (n.) keesh er chooid kionnit

impost (n.) baare-choorsey; errey; keesh; mayl; tailley

Income Tax Act (n.) (Amendment); (Lhiasaghey) Slattys Keesh Çheet-stiagh

local services tax (n.) keesh shirveishyn ynnydagh

Savings Tax Directive (n.) Oardagh Keesh cour Sproagyn

tax disc (n.) jysk keesh, teisht cheesh

Tax Justice Network (n.) Moggyl Cairys Keesh

Tax Reform Newtwork (n.) Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh

tax reform package (gen.) mynjeig aachummey-keesh

temporary taxation orders (npl.) oardaghyn-keesh tammyltagh

assess (v.) cur keesh er; cur leagh er; sess; sessal; (to); (dy) hessal

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (n.) Slattys Biallys Keesh son Coontyssyn Joarree

impose (v.) cur er, cur fo jaghee, cur fo keesh, curmaghey, curmal, molley

overtax (v.) cur rour keesh er, cur rour obbyr er

pilotage (n.) faill yn stiureyder, keesh stiuree; tushtey yn stiureyder, schlei yn stiureyder; stiureydys

rating keesh-thie; graadaghey; jannoo keeshyn balley; towse; raatys

Zero-ten corporate tax regime (n.) coarys-keesh cochorpagh Neu-nhee-jeih

custom custom: va mayle, keesh, as custom, eeckit daue Bible

eeckit paid, rewarded: va mayle, keesh, as custom, eeckit daue Bible

custom1 cliaghtey: If custom beget not custom, custom will weep - Mannagh vow cliaghtey cliaghtey, nee cliaghtey coe. JJK idiom; custymeraght, traght; custom, custym; keesh; oash; oayllaght

impose a toll (v.) troggal mayle: it shall not be lawful to impose toll, tribute, or custom, upon them - cha bee eh lowal dy hroggal jeu mayle, keesh, ny custom Bible

rate1 cormid: Bank rate - Cormid y vanc. DF idiom; feeuid; keesh valjey; leahys; reat: Market rate - Reat margee. DF idiom; (v.) soiaghey reeuid er, troiddey

taxed1 (financially) fo cheesh: he taxed the land to give the money according to the commandment of Pharaoh - hug eh yn cheer fo keesh dy yannoo magh yn argid cordail rish oardagh Pharaoh Bible

Canaaniteyn Canaanites: Ny-yeih haink eh gy-kione, tra va cloan Israel er n'ghoaill niart, dy dug ad ny Canaaniteyn fo keesh; agh cha deiyr ad magh ad dy bollagh. Bible

eeck (=Ir. íoc) clear off debt, payment, pay off, pay out, remittance, reward: dob eh dy eeck keesh da Bible

er eeasagh borrowed: Ta shin er eeasagh argid son keesh y ree, as shen er nyn magheryn, as nyn garaghyn-feeyney. Bible; lent: Shen-y-fa ta mish myrgeddin er eeasagh eh dan Chiarn Bible

feed skillin sovereign: Shen y chied aspick ren faastey feed skillin ass kialteenyn Vannin myr keesh enmyssit procuratio. Chron

mayle toll: cha bee eh lowal dy hroggal jeu mayle, keesh, ny custom Bible; rent

meearryltagh disobliging: Un laa, ta Preeu-hirveishagh Hostyn cur raaue agglagh da fasteeyn- keesh, as y laa er giyn t'eh meearryltagh dy choobbraghey marish cheeraghyn Oarpagh elley dy lhiettal shaghney keeshyn. Carn

duty1 (n.) cair, curmal, jiootee, keesh, obbyr, tailley, feeaghyn; currym: She'll be happy, as long as she does her duty - Bee ee maynrey, choud's t'ee jannoo e currym. JJK idiom; curryms: It's my duty to show that to your father - She my churryms eh jeeaghyn shen da dt'ayr. JJK idiom

kiare feed as jeih ninety: scrutaghey yn aght va slattyssyn-keesh dellal rish leodaghey keesh-turrysid er ny lhiasaghey ec y toshiaght jeh ny bleeantyn kiare feed as jeih BS

preeu- prime: dooyrt John Christensen dy vel Lunnin yn preeu-ynnyd sy teihll son niee argid quaagh Carn Agh, ec chaglym ayns Mannin er y gherrid, dooyrt John Christensen dy vel Lunnin yn preeu-ynnyd sy teihll son niee argid quaagh ta Mnr Christensen ny ghooinney mooar sy Voggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh (Tax Reform Newtwork). Carn2


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