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keep cummal: Mine doesn't keep good time - Cha nel yn fer ayms cummal traa mie. JJK idiom; freayll; freaylley; freill; jannoo; tashtey; tastey; cruinnee; reaillys; (to); (dy) reayll: Wit is folly unless a wise man has it to keep - Ta keeall ommijys ny slooid ny t'ee ec dooinney creeney dy reayll. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) vreill: I hope you will keep your promise - Ta mee jerkal dy vreill shiu nyn ghialdyn. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) vochillaght; (to); (dy) hashtey; (n.) shamyr lajer

keep bent

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keep aloof (v.) freill magh

keep away (v.) freayll ersooyl; tannaghtyn magh jeh; tannaghtyn magh voish

keep back (v.) freayll er ash, tannaghtyn er ash

keep down (v.) freayll sheese, tannaghtyn heese

keep going (v.) freayll goll

keep in (v.) cummal sthie, freayll sthie, tannaghtyn sthie

keep off (v.) faagail jeh

keep on (v.) faagail er

keep out (v.) freayll magh, tannaghtyn magh

Keep quiet (intj) Hysht; (impv) Bee dty host

Keep steady (impv) Ny gleash

keep step (v.) co-cheimnaghey, shooyl er y chocheim

keep together (v.) cur ry-cheilley; freayll ry cheilley; tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

keep under freayll fo; freayll fo smaght; tannaghtyn fo

keep vigil (v.) (to); (dy) farrarey

Keep watch (impv) Freill arrey

shall keep freillee: they shall keep the way of the Lord - freillee ad raaidyn y Chiarn Bible; reayllys: if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God - my reayllys oo annaghyn y Chiarn dty Yee Bible

will keep freillee: I hope you will keep your promise - Ta mee jerkal dy vreill shiu nyn ghialdyn. JJK idiom

I shall keep freill-ym

I will keep freill-ym: I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples - freill-ym y chaisht ec dty hies marish my ostyllyn Bible; freill-yms

Keep at it (impv) Cum rish

keep fit classes (npl.) brastyllyn lheiltyssagh

keep on the road (v.) tannaghtyn er yn raad

freillee will keep: freillee ad ny goan euish myrgeddin Bible; shall keep

left over (n.) corillagh: Keep what is left over - Freill yn corrillagh. DF idiom; fooillagh: Keep what is left over - Freill yn fooillagh. DF idiom

co-cheimnaghey keep step

cummal sthie keep in

freayll ersooyl keep away

freayll sthie keep in

freill magh keep aloof

Hysht (intj) Keep quiet

Ny gleash (impv) Keep steady

tannaghtyn heese keep down

brastyllyn lheiltyssagh keep fit classes

Cum rish (impv) Keep at it

freayll er ash keep back

freayll fo smaght keep under

freayll goll continue, keep going

freayll ry cheilley keep together

shamyr lajer (f.) keep, strong room

tannaghtyn magh jeh keep away

shooyl er y chocheim keep step

tannaghtyn magh keep out, stand off

tannaghtyn magh voish stand away; keep away

tannaghtyn ry-cheilley hang together, keep together

tannaghtyn sthie keep in, stay in

cruinnee keep, siege: cruinnee ad oo stiagh er dy chooilley heu Bible; gather

faagail er keep on; leave on: Faagail er y traie follym. DF

farrarey (dy); (to) keep vigil; mourn: jean farrarey trimshagh myr son ynrycan mac Bible; waking

freaylley keep, preserve, reserve price, retention: Nee shiu freaylley my lattyssyn Bible

freayll fo control, keep under, restrain: ta ny Egyptianee freayll fo bondiaght Bible

Freill arrey (impv) Keep watch: Freill arrey er dty chree lesh ard-chiarail Bible

reayllys shall keep: my reayllys oo annaghyn y Chiarn dty Yee Bible

tannaghtyn er ash hang back, hold back, keep back

tannaghtyn er yn raad lie off; keep on the road

tannaghtyn fo keep under: nee eh tannaghtyn fo scaa yn Ooilley-niartal. Bible

American (n., adj.) Americaanagh, Americanagh: American and Russian rocketry keep the peace - Ta roggadys Americaanagh as Rooshagh freayll yn chee. DF idiom

bent aigney; cam; cleayn, cleoyn; croym: He is bent double - T'eh feer chroymm. DF idiom; lhoobit; (n.) keep, shaslagh

brine (n.) sailley: We must keep it two or three days longer in the brine - Shegin dooin cummal ee ghaa ny tree laghyn ny sodjey ayns y taailley. JJK idiom

count1 co-earroo: He took the count - Ren ad yn co-earroo er. DF idiom; coontey: To keep count of it - Dy reayll coontey jeh. DF idiom; coontys; earroo snaie; poynt; coontee

diligence (n.) ard-chiarail: Keep thy heart with all diligence - Freill arrey er dty chree lesh ard-chiarail Bible; imnea: he that ruleth, with diligence - eshyn ta reill, lesh imnea Bible; jeadid, jeadys

Fare ye well (intj) slane lhieu: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well - voue shoh my reaillys shiu shiu-hene, nee shiu dy mie. Slane lhieu. Bible

longer lhiurey; liurey; odjey; (ny) sodjey: We must keep it two or three days longer in the brine - Shegin dooin cummal ee ghaa ny tree laghyn ny sodjey ayns y taailley. JJK idiom; sodjey

out of sight ass my hilley; ass shilley: Out of sight out of mind - Ass shilley, ass smooinaghtyn. DF idiom; ass reayrt: Keep out of sight - Freill ass reayrt. DF idiom

retain (v.) cummal, freayll, kiangley, chiangley, goaill stiagh; freill: retain my words: keep my commandments, and live - freill my annaghyn, as bee oo bio Bible

rules (npl.) reillaghyn; reillyn: Keep to the rules - Lhiant rish ny reillyn. DF idiom

Russian (adj., n.) Rooshagh: American and Russian rocketry keep the peace - Ta roggadys Americaanagh as Rooshagh freayll yn chee. DF idiom; (n.) Rooshish

unless (conj.) ny slooid: Wit is folly unless a wise man has it to keep - Ta keeall ommijys ny slooid ny t'ee ec dooinney creeney dy reayll. JJK idiom; (ny) s'looid; naslu; mannagh; er-be

ward1 coadan; doltey: Ward of court - Doltey ny quaiyl. DF idiom; wardys: To keep watch and ward - Dy reayll arrey as wardys. DF idiom; gard

way1 coorse; fannane; immeeaght; raad: to keep the way of the tree of life - dy lhiettal y raad gys billey yn vea Bible; reamys; ash, aght

Bee dty host 1 (intj) Hush; 2 (impv) Keep quiet, Shut up, Hold your peace a: As dooyrt ad rish, Bee dty host, cur dty laue er dty veeal Bible; 3 dry up

cur ry-cheilley assemblage, assemble, associate, clump, combine, compile, connect, connotation, consolidate, consolidation, construct, evolve, incorporate, keep together, reconcile, relate, sum, teamwork

faagail jeh abstain, abstention, abstinence, keep off: Shegin dooin faagail jeh dy chooilley obbyr CS

freayll 1 conservation, conserve, keep, preserve, reserve price, retain a: Dy voddagh ad freayll e lattyssyn Bible; 2 cache; 3 continue

freayll magh keep out: Va'n 'sleih dooie' geearree freayll magh lettyraght joarree as lhiantyn rish skeealyn ny cheerey as skeealyn yn theay. Carn

freayll sheese keep down: agh ta fys ain er un red, bee curnaght voish ny cheernyn mooie lieeney stiagh orrin, as freayll sheese price yn arroo myr boallagh eh. Dhoor

freill keep, preserve: Freill mee veih'n ribbey t'ad er hoiaghey er my hon Bible; cache; retain

freill-ym I shall keep: Freill-ym my vyghin er e hon son dy bragh: as shassee my chonaant shickyr mârishyn. Bible

freill-yms I will keep, I will preserve: Ta ny mooaralee er droggal breg orrym: agh freill-yms dt'annaghyn lesh ooilley my chree. Bible

hashtey keep: My ver dooinney argid ny cooid da e naboo dy hashtey Bible

reaillys abide, keep: Agh t'ee ny s'maynrey ayns y smooinaght aym's, my reaillys ee myr t'ee: as er-lhiam pene myrgeddin dy vel Spyrryd Yee aym. Bible

reayll (dy); (to) keep: Agh shin dy scrieu huc, ad dy reayll ad-hene veih eajeeys jallooyn, as veih maarderys, as veih [ gee ] reddyn toghtit, as veih fuill. Bible

tastey attention, awareness, cognition, consideration, heed, keep, notice, observance, observation, observe, storage, vigilance: hug eh tastey da dty ghoo Bible

vochillaght See bochillaght (dy); (to) keep: son dynsee dooinney mee veih my aegid dy vochillaght ollagh Bible

vreill (dy); (to) keep: nagh der shiu lhieu laad erbee stiagh er giattyn yn ard-valley shoh er y doonaght, agh dy vreill shiu yn doonaght dy casherick Bible

accursed cursit: for they have even taken of the accursed thing - son tad er ghoaill jehn eer red cursit Bible; custey: keep yourselves from the accursed thing - freill-jee shiu hene veihn red custey Bible; mollaghtagh; fo mollaght: for he that is hanged is accursed of God - son teshyn ter ny chroghey fo mollaght veih Jee Bible

by all means (adv.) er dy chooilley chor: I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem - Shegin dooys er dy chooilley chor yn feailley shoh ta er-gerrey y reayll ec Jerusalem Bible; er dy chooilley aght: the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means - dy jean y Chiarn hene dy Jee, sheechoyrt diu dy kinjagh, er dy chooilley aght Bible

commandments (npl.) annaghyn: he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, - scrieu eh er ny buird focklyn y chonaant, ny jeih annaghyn DF idiom; currymyn: For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments - Son my nee shiu dy kiarailagh ooilley ny currymyn shoh Bible; saraghyn: and remember all the commandments of the Lord - as cooinaghtyn er ooilley saraghyn y Chiarn Bible

diligently (adv.) dy aggindagh: diligently to seek thy face - dy aggindagh dy yeeaghyn er dty hon Bible; dy beasagh: if ye diligently hearken unto me - my nee shiu dy beasagh geaishtagh rhyms Bible; dy jeadagh; dy jeidagh: Go and search diligently for the young child - Immee-jee, as shir-jee magh dy jeidjagh son y lhiannoo Bible; dy imneagh: and keep thy soul diligently - as freill dty annym dy imneagh, Bible; dy kiaralagh: And Moses diligently sought the goat of the sin offering - As ren Moses briaght dy kiaralagh mychione goayr yn oural-peccah Bible; dy kiarailagh: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children - As ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible; dy tastagh: If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God - My nee oo geaishtagh dy tastagh rish coraa yn Chiarn dty Yee Bible

full1 blubbagh, lhean; er croo; lane: Full of pep - Lane dy vree. DF idiom; lhieent: Keep the sail full - Freill ny shiauill lhieent. DF idiom; ec y vullagh: The moon is at the full - Ta'n eayst lane. DF idiom

mine lhiams, lhiam's: It's mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs - T'ee lhiams, lhiats, leshyn, lheeish, lhienyn, lhiuish, lhieusyn. JJK idiom; (n.) meain; meainagh; slogh; (v.) toghailt; ayms: Mine doesn't keep good time - Cha nel yn fer ayms cummal traa mie. JJK idiom; my

perform (v.) cloie: To perform on a flute - Dy chloie er feddan-kiaullee. DF idiom; jannoo; cooilleeney: That which is gone out of thy lips thou shalt keep and perform - Shen ny ter ngholl magh ass dty veillyn nee oo freayll as cooilleeney Bible

stuff (v.) pronney; (n.) stoo: what hast thou found of all thy household stuff? cre tou er gheddyn jeh ooilley dty stoo thie Bible; cooid: If a man shall deliver unto his neighbour money or stuff to keep - My ver dooinney argid ny cooid da e naboo dy hashtey Bible

wit1 keeayl; ta shen dy ghra; tappey; keeal: Bought wit is the best, if it be not bought too dear - Keeal chionnit yn keeal share, mannagh vel ee kionnit ro gheyr. JJK idiom; keeall: Wit is folly unless a wise man has it to keep - Ta keeall ommijys ny slooid ny t'ee ec dooinney creeney dy reayll. JJK idiom

cummal abode, dwelling, dwelling place, residence: Ta berchys ayn dy ve er ny yeearree, as ooil ayns cummal y dooinney creeney: agh ta'n ommydan dy yummal eh. Bible; abstain, arrest, contain, hold, grip, retain, keep, containment, contents, possession; celebrate, celebration; inhabit, live: ren eh cummal ayns y clieau Bible; habitation; bide

jannoo1 (=Ir. déanamh) See yannoo1 accomplish, act, build, cast, coalesce, commit, compose, construct, deal, deed, do, doing, effect, execute, create, fabricate, fashion, fill, follow out, keep, keeping, making, manufacture, perform, perpetrate, practise, produce, render, structure, style, transact; make: jannoo ooilley ny ta'n Chiarn er harey Bible; accomplishment, committal, conferment, conformation, construction, formation, goings on, performance, perpetration, production, pursuance, transaction, transactions

tashtey cache, deposit, dump, dumping, hoard, keep, lay up, put by, save, saving, stockpile, stock up, store, stow: Ga dy vel eh tashtey seose argid myr joan Bible; (n.) pl. tashtaghyn treasure, fund, stowage, lodgement: Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK; reserve price; gather up: As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh, s tashtey seose eh cheumooie Bible; damp, dew


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