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jymmoosagh angry, chagrined, displeased, furious, grievous, indignant, irate, raging, vengeful: t'ou uss jymmoosagh; son ta shin er n'yannoo peccah Bible

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loayrt dy jymmoosagh speak angrily: As ren slane chaglym-cooidjagh chloan Israel loayrt dy jymmoosagh noi Moses as Aaron ayns yn aasagh Bible

ve jymmoosagh rish resent: As cha row e ayr er ve jymmoosagh rish ec traa erbee Bible

chagrined (adj.) jymmoosagh

irate (adj.) fergagh, jymmoosagh, corree

vengeful (adj.) buillagh, drogh-chooilleenagh, jymmoosagh

displeased jymmoosagh: But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord - Agh van Chiarn jymmoosagh son shen ny va David er nyannoo Bible; meehaitnyssagh; neu-wooiagh; jymmoogh; cur jymoose er: it displeased the Lord - hug shoh jymmoose er y Chiarn Bible

speak angrily (v.) loayrt dy jymmoosagh

angry1 (adj.) corree, fargagh, fargyssagh, fergagh, jymmoogh, jymmoosagh

furious (adj.) fargagh, fergagh, jiarg-chorree, jymmoosagh, keoie, sonaasagh

grievous1 (adj.) feiyjagh; seaghnagh; trimshagh; doccaragh; jymmoosagh

indignant (adj.) eulyssagh, fargagh, fergagh, jymmoosagh; er-rouyl; corree, jiarg-chorree

resent (v.) bee goanlyssagh rish; ve jymmoosagh rish; ve myskidagh rish

feer chorree infuriated: Agh va Jonah erskyn-towse jymmoosagh, as veh feer chorree Bible

hroidd chode: va Jacob feer jymmoosagh; as hroidd eh rish Laban Bible

raging burrioogh; dorrinys; er keagh; er ouyl; fargagh; fergagh; freaynagh; freayney; goll cheagh; goll er ouyl; jiarg-chorree; jiarg-eulyssagh; jymmoosagh

agh ny veggan but a little: 2 Cur-jee ooashley da'n Mac, nagh bee eh jymmoosagh, as myr shen shiu dy herraghtyn veih'n raad cair: my vees e chorree er ny vrasnaghey, (agh ny veggan ;) Bible

ardjyn ny marrey sea coast: Lesh shen v'eh feer jymmoosagh, as deie eh er ooilley princeyn Voab, as captanyn Ammon, as ooilley kiannoortyn ardjyn ny marrey Apoc

groam frown, plankton, sad look, sorry look, sullen look, surly look: as va Cain feer jymmoosagh, as va groam er e eddin. Bible


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