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juys (=Ir. guibhas) conifer, fir, pine, pine tree, pinewood: giare-ym sheese e viljyn thollee cedar, as e reih biljyn-juys Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Juys Pine Villa

bearkan juys pine cone

billey juys conifer, fir

Corkan juys Pine Siskin

Cronk Juys Pine Hill

Glion Juys Pinehurst Glen

gobbagh-mooar juys pine grosbeak

juys Albinagh larch, Scots pine

juys Austeragh Austrian pine

juys doo Austrian pine

juys emlogeagh hemlock fir

juys Frangagh silver pine

juys Ghoolish Douglas fir

juys lhean Monterey pine

juys Loghlinagh Norway pine, spruce

juys millish stone pine

juys Nollick Christmas tree

juys rosinagh pitch pine

juys ruy akamatsu

juys Sostynagh Weymouth pine

Kellagh juys Spruce Grouse

Laggan Juys Firtree Hollow

ooill juys (f.) turpentine, turps

pick juys (f.) turpentine

Reayrt y Juys Pine View

soo ny juys resin

Thie Beg y Juys Pine Cottage

ushag y juys (f.) goldcrest

Austrian pine juys Austeragh; juys doo

conifer (n.) bearkanagh, billey juys, juys

fir (n.) billey juys, juys

turpentine (n.) ooill juys, pick juys, pick vane

akamatsu (n.) juys ruy

Douglas fir (n.) juys Ghoolish

Firtree Hollow (n.) Laggan Juys

hemlock fir (n.) juys emlogeagh

larch (n.) juys Albinagh, larsh

Monterey pine (n.) juys lhean

Norway pine (n.) juys Loghlinagh

pine (n.) juys, pine; (v.) shymley

pine grosbeak (n.) gobbagh-mooar juys

Pine Hill (n.) Cronk Juys

Pinehurst Glen (n.) Glion Juys

Pine Siskin (n.) Corkan juys

pine tree (n.) juys

Pine Villa (n.) Balley Juys

pinewood juys; juyskaig

pitch pine (n.) juys rosinagh

Scots pine (n.) juys Albinagh

silver pine (n.) juys Frangagh

Spruce Grouse (n.) Kellagh juys

stone pine (n.) juys millish

turps (n.) ooill juys

Weymouth pine (n.) juys Sostynagh

biljyn-juys fir trees: Myr shen hug Hiram da Solomon biljyn-cedar as biljyn-juys, cordail rish ooilley e yeearree. Bible

fir trees (npl.) biljyn-juys

pine cone (n.) bearkan juys; cughlin

pine needles (npl.) jilg-juys

Pine View (n.) Reayrt y Juys

jilg-juys pine needles

Christmas tree (n.) billey Nollick, juys Nollick

goldcrest (n.) drean buigh, ushag y juys

Pine Cottage (n.) Thie Beg y Juys

resin (n.) pick vane, rosin, soo ny juys

spruce (v.) jannoo skeoigh, skeoighey; (adj.) skeoigh; (n.) juys Loghlinagh

jeaystyn beams: Beamyn yn thie ain jeh cedar, as ny jeaystyn juys. Bible

buird lhuingey ship boards: T'ad er n'yannoo ooilley ny buird lhuingey ayd jeh biljyn-juys Senir Bible

ciellal ceiled: y thie-mooar hene ren eh eh y ciellal lesh fuygh-juys Bible

pine pine: nee'm soiaghey 'syn eaynagh yn billey-juys, as y pine Bible

stork stork: ta ny biljyn-juys ynnyd-cummal son y stork Bible

Thie Ain (Yn) Our Home: Beamyn yn thie ain jeh cedar, as ny jeaystyn juys. Bible

ynnyd-cummal dwelling: ta ny biljyn-juys ynnyd-cummal son y stork. Bible

ayns ynnyd in lieu of, in place of, instead of, vice-: Ayns ynnyd y drine nee gaase seose yn billey-juys Bible

billey-myrtle myrtle tree: Ayns ynnyd y drine nee gaase seose yn billey-juys, as ayns ynnyd y dress hig seose yn billey-myrtle Bible

drine (=Ir. draighean, Sc. draighionn) pl. drineyn hawthorn, may, thorn bush, thorn tree, thorns: Ayns ynnyd y drine nee gaase seose yn billey-juys Bible; thorn


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