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jump1 lheim: Hop, skip and jump - Corlheim, skibbag as lheim. DF idiom; lhiemmey; moostaghyn

jump2 (out of sleep) moostaghyn

Inexact matches:

buck jump bock-lheim; jonse

high jump (n.) lheim ard

jump about (v.) lheim mygeayrt

jump across (v.) lheim harrish

jump in (v.) lheim stiagh

jump out (v.) lheim ny hassoo, lheim seose

jump up (v.) lheimmey seose

long jump (n.) lheim foddey, lheim liauyr, lheimmey, lheimyragh

pole jump (n.) lheim maidjey

running jump (n.) lheim roie

scissor jump (n.) lheim shuddyragh

standing jump (n.) lheim-surley

water jump (n.) lheim ushtey

hop skip and jump corlheim skibbag as lheim

bock-lheim buck jump

lheim ard high jump

lheim foddey long jump

lheim harrish jump across

lheim liauyr long jump

lheim maidjey pole jump

lheim roie running jump

lheim seose jump out

lheim shuddyragh scissor jump

lheim-surley standing jump

moostaghyn (out of sleep) jump

buck-jump jannoo bock-lheim

high-jump ard-lheim

ard-lheim high-jump

jannoo bock-lheim buck-jump

lheim ushtey cascade, water jump

corlheim skibbag as lheim hop skip and jump

jonse buck jump, jolt, wince; (of horse) shy

lheim ny hassoo jump out, spring up

lheimmey1 hop, leap, spring: Cleigh y lheimmey. DF; long jump; embrace; serve, mate

skip corlheim; corlheimyraght; corlheimeraght; (n.) kishan, skibbag; skibbagh: Hop, skip and jump - Corlheim, skibbag as lheim. DF idiom; skibbylt; (v.) bruiskinaght; lheim, lheïm: Skip over a page - Duillag y lheim. DF idiom

lheim magh bail out; jump out: Agh ec yn un cheayrt haink screeaghyn veih cheu elley ny brooie as doaltattym lheim magh ben waagh as scollag aeg lieh-rooisht, as ersooyl lhieu gyn scuirr lesh dy chooilley hiyr. GB

lheimmey seose shoot up; jump up: Eisht ren y kayt lheimmey seose er e glioon as ren eh mooar jee, as va fys oc dy nee Peddyr v'ayn dy jarroo. CL

lheim mygeayrt jump about: T'eh cur magh yn ennal ass e veeal myr strooanyn aile, as myr smarageyn aile lheim mygeayrt. Bible

lheim stiagh jump in: Shoh olk dy liooar, agh c'red ta goll er haghyr tra ta my heshey lheim stiagh ayns y lhiabbee? Dhoor

lheimyragh 1 bounce, frisk, hop, jumping, leap, long jump, pounce, spring, vault a: As ren ad lheimyragh mygeayrt yn altar v'ad er droggal. Bible; 2 (f.) vaulting

lhiemmey bounce, frisk, jump: v'eh orrin lhiemmey magh er yn "Clett" Carn; (of animals) copulation; copulate

lheim 1 bounce, bound, buck, embrace, hop, jump, limp, lope, pant, pounce, spring, start, tup, vault; 2 leap a: Myr feiyr fainee er mullagh sleityn nee ad lheim Bible; 3 leaping, jumping, starting a: lheïm ry-lhiattee myr bow brisht Bible; 4 skippedst a: Son neayrs loayr oo jeh, tou lheim son boggey Bible; 5 leaped; 6 skip


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