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Joan (n.) Joan, Jonee

Joan (f.) Joan

joan (=Ir. deannach) dust, very fine ash: T'eh troggal seose y boght ass y joan Bible [O.Ir. dend]

Inexact matches:

bayrn joan dust cap

brelleein joan dustsheet

clabbeen joan dust cap

joan airhey gold dust

joan breekey brick dust

joan geayil coal dust

joan mwyljey mill dust

joan yiarn iron filings

sterrym joan dust storm

cha myn as joan as small as dust: Eisht cha myn as joan y thallooin ren mee ad y woalley; myr laagh ny straidyn ren mee ad y stampey, as skeayley ad dy lhean. Bible

gamylt 'sy joan dust

jeen noi joan dustproof

joan y tuinney cosmic dust

meein as joan as small as dust: vroo eh eh cha meein as joan, as spreih eh yn joan er oaiaghyn cloan y phobble. Bible

as small as dust cha myn as joan; meein as joan: even until it was as small as dust - derrey ve eer cha meein as joan Bible

dust (v.) gamylt 'sy joan, glenney, joaney, poodyral; (n.) ooir, stoor, brinneen; joan: The rain has laid the dust - Ta'n fliaghey er chur sheese yn joan. JJK idiom

dust cap (n.) bayrn joan, clabbeen joan

dustproof (adj.) jeen noi joan

dustsheet (n.) brelleein joan

dust storm (n.) sterrym joan

gold dust (n.) joan airhey

mill dust (n.) joan mwyljey

very fine ash (n.) joan

Jonee (f.) Joan, Judith

cosmic dust (n.) joan y tuinney

dustpan (n.) sleayst leoirey; sleayst-joan

iron filings (npl.) joan yiarn, myn-yiarn

pollen (n.) pollin; joan-luss

joan-luss pollen

sleayst-joan (f.) dustpan

brick dust (n.) geinniagh vreekey, joan breekey

coal dust (n.) joan geayil, mynnan geayil

crie shake: Crie oo hene veih'n joan Bible

cheau cast: cheau eh yn joan oc ayns strooan Kidron Bible; flung

chrie beckoned, quaked, shook, shaked: chrie adsyn yn joan jeh nyn gassyn Bible

crie jeh shake off: Crie jeh yn joan. JJK

follee hide: Follee ad ayns y joan dy cheilley Bible

goaill arrys repent: ta mee goaill arrys ayns joan as leoie. Bible

hasht heaped, laid up: hasht ee seose argid myr y joan Bible

pooder (=Ir. puder) powder: Nee'n Chiarn jannoo fliaghey dty halloo pooder as joan Bible

syrjey greatest, highest: yn ayrn syrjey jeh joan y theihll. Bible

tar neose come below: Tar neose, as soie ayns y joan Bible

tassane hiss, mutter: bee e ghlare tassane myr ass y joan Bible; creak

ymmylt roll over, tumble, wallow: jean oo hene y ymmylt 'sy joan Bible

debase (v.) injillaghey; ginjillaghey: and didst debase thyself even unto hell as ren oo ginjillaghey oo hene dy jarroo gys joan ny hooirey Bible; mooidjeenagh

fat with fatness mea lesh riurid: it is made fat with fatness - te mea lesh riurid Bible; mea lesh meeaylys: and their dust made fat with fatness - as yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys Bible

shake off (v.) cur jeh; crie jeh: Shake off the dust - Crie jeh yn joan. JJK idiom; cheu jeh: Shake off the yoke - Yn whing y cheau jeh. DF idiom

ardnieu (pl -ghyn) pl. ard-nieughyn serpent, snake: Nee ad sliee yn joan myr yn ard-nieu Bible

Cashtal Lajer Strong Castle: As hrog Tyrus jee hene cashtal lajer, as hasht ee seose argid myr y joan, as airh ghlen myr laagh ny straïdyn. Bible

choodaghey (y) cover: nee eh dy shickyr deayrtey magh yn uill echey, as shen y choodaghey lesh joan Bible

der (interrog.) shall give: der oo lhiat mee reesht gys y joan? Bible; will give; shall put

gamylt crawl: Cour y ghib er, Barney'n speyr ghorrym As barney'n ghrian airh Tayrn er y traa shen Tra nee bleaystey ny gib As sperriu streeuagh Gamylt 'sy joan neesht As bee ollee baney Ry-akin reesht. Dhoor; swim

hooirrey (ny) of the earth: Vad cloan volvaneagh, cloan chercheenee, vad ny smelley na joan ny hooirrey Bible

jeirkagh 1 almsman, beggar, cadger, mendicant, pauper a: T'eh troggal seose y boght ass y joan, as goaill yn jeirkagh veih'n thorran Bible; 2 benevolent; 3 (as match) benefit; 4 impecunious

lane-durn fistfuls, handfuls: my nee joan Samaria shirveish son lane-durn da ooilley'n pobble ta ec my voynyn. Bible

lhie sheese lay down, lie down: Nee ad lhie sheese co-laik 'sy joan Bible

mea fat, luxuriant, rich, thick: bee yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys. Bible; juicy; plump; productive

mea lesh meeaylys fat with fatness: bee yn thalloo oc er ny lhieeney harrish lesh fuill, as yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys. Bible

meein 1 (pain) assuage; 2 bland, clement, fine, gentle, Halcyon days, meek, mild, pet, silky, smooth, soft a: vroo eh eh cha meein as joan Bible; 3 small ground; 4 (not wild) tame; 5 sedate [O.Ir. mín]

meeylyn lice: Sheeyn magh dty lorg, as bwoaill joan y thallooin, dy vod eh cheet dy ve meeylyn, trooid magh ooilley cheer Egypt. Bible

melley meagre; vile, desolate: V'ad cloan volvaneagh, cloan chercheenee, v'ad ny s'melley na joan ny hooirrey. Bible; slack, slower

myn pl. mynney 1 minuscule, small, mini, micro a: Son t'eh jannoo myn ny bineyn ushtey Bible; 2 small ground a: As hig eh dy ve joan myn ayns ooilley cheer Egypt Bible; 3 detailed

oltaghey bea hospitality: As quoi-erbee nagh der oltaghey bea diu, as nash der geill da ny goan eu: tra aagys shiu yn thie ny'n ard-valley shen, crie-jee veue joan nyn goshey. Bible

ooirey (gen.) of dust, of earth: er dty volg nee oo snaue, as joan ny h-ooirey 'ee Bible

s' (pref.) utmost: Ny reddyn shoh ren ny three streanee shoh Bible; See She it is: streih lhieu dy akin eesy joan Bible

sheeb-ym I will disperse, I will scrape: sheeb-yms ersooyl yn verchys eck myr joan Bible

sliee 1 lap, lapping: Nee ad sliee yn joan myr yn ard-nieu Bible; 2 more a: kys va ny Phariseeyn er chlashtyn dy row Yeesey jannoo as bashtey ny sliee dy eiyrtyssee na va Ean. Bible

s'melley poorest: Vad cloan volvaneagh, cloan chercheenee, vad ny smelley na joan ny hooirrey Bible

spreie gush, spray: As myr v'ad gyllaghey, as ceau jeu nyn eaddagh, as spreie joan 'syn aer Bible

strooan (=Ir. sruthán) (f.) pl. strooanyn brook, burn, creek, river, rivulet, stream, waterway: cheau eh yn joan oc ayns strooan Kidron Bible

thorran (f.) cesspool, dunghill, midden, muck heap: T'eh troggal seose y boght ass y joan, as goaill yn jeirkagh veih'n thorran

blossom blaa: and their blossom shall go up as dust - as hed y blaa oc seose myr y joan Bible; cheet my vlaa, cur magh blaaghyn; (to); (dy) vlaaghey; blaaghey: And it shall come to pass, that the man's rod, whom I shall choose, shall blossom - As hig eh gy-kione, dy jean slattag y dooinney, neems y reih, blaaghey Bible

shake craa: Make it shake - Cur er craa eh. DF idiom; crie: Shake off the dust - Crie jeh yn joan. JJK idiom; feddal; follick; follyd; reealley; rucksal; chrieys: If you shake the tree a little harder the nuts will fall to the ground - My chrieys oo yn billey red beg ny s'creoiey, tuittee ny croyn er y thalloo. JJK idiom

goaill seose arrest; take up: Cha nee shen ny ta shin goaill seose, agh shen ny ta shin cur seose ta jannoo shin berçhagh. EF Teh goaill seose yn fer imlee ass y joan as troggal yn ymmyrchagh veihn thorran Bible

tashtey cache, deposit, dump, dumping, hoard, keep, lay up, put by, save, saving, stockpile, stock up, store, stow: Ga dy vel eh tashtey seose argid myr joan Bible; (n.) pl. tashtaghyn treasure, fund, stowage, lodgement: Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK; reserve price; gather up: As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh, s tashtey seose eh cheumooie Bible; damp, dew

vroo See broo (dy); (to) crush: teh er humney shiartanse vooar m, dy vroo my gheiney aegey Bible; bruised: son ayns e aegid lhie ad maree, as vroo ad keeaghyn e moidynys, as ren ad maarderys cadjin r'ee. Bible; stamped: as vroo eh eh cha meein as joan Bible; wounded: as vroo ad eshyn myrgeddin Bible


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