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jeshaght skiootagh (f.) jet engine

jeshaght (=Ir. deasacht) (f.) contraption, engine, instrument, locomotive, machine, utensil: Hug eh towse corrym dy airh, son dy chooilley nhee dy ve jeant lesh airh, son dagh jeshaght cour dy chooilley hirveish Bible

Inexact matches:

bwaane jeshaght engine shed

gobbraghey jeshaght working a machine

gunneyder jeshaght machine gunner

gunn jeshaght machine gun

gyn jeshaght coasting

immanagh jeshaght engine-driver

jeshaght Charnot (f.) Carnot engine

jeshaght chianglee (f.) packing machine

jeshaght chlouag (f.) stamp machine

jeshaght chlouderagh (f.) printing machine

jeshaght choearrooee (f.) numbering machine

jeshaght earroo (f.) calculating machine

jeshaght etlan (f.) aero-engine

jeshaght heaumee (f.) pumping engine

jeshaght hiass (f.) heat engine

jeshaght hoshee (f.) pilot engine, starting engine

jeshaght hroggalagh (f.) hoisting engine

jeshaght nittal (f.) knitting machine

jeshaght ooill (f.) oil engine

jeshaght phingey (f.) penny-in-the-slot machine

jeshaght reihys (f.) voting machine

jeshaght reuyree (f.) cultivating machine

jeshaght reuyrey (f.) rotavator

jeshaght sthampal (f.) punching machine

jeshaght tayrn (f.) traction engine

jeshaght vess (f.) fruit machine

jeshaght voteilagh (f.) bottling machine

jeshaght vroillee (f.) riveter

jeshaght vuinn (f.) mower, reaping machine

jeshaght walkee (f.) milling machine

jeshaght wyllaragh (f.) milling machine

obbree jeshaght machine operator, machinist

obbreyder jeshaght machinist

ooil jeshaght (f.) engine oil

shamyr jeshaght (f.) engine room

thie jeshaght engine house

jeshaght ayns cummey V (f.) V-type engine

jeshaght lostee yn-veanagh (f.) internal combustion engine

lhiggey gunn jeshaght machine gun

obbraghey jeshaght er reaping machine

machine gun (n.) gunn jeshaght; (v.) lhiggey gunn jeshaght

machinist (n.) jeshaghteyr; obbree jeshaght; obbreyder jeshaght

milling machine (n.) jeshaght walkee, jeshaght wyllaragh

reaping machine (n.) jeshaght vuinn, obbraghey jeshaght er

aero-engine (n.) greie-etlan, jeshaght etlan

bottling machine (n.) jeshaght voteilagh

Carnot engine (n.) jeshaght Charnot

contraption (n.) jeshaght

cultivating machine (n.) jeshaght reuyree

engine-driver (n.) immanagh jeshaght

engine house (n.) thie jeshaght

engine oil (n.) ooil jeshaght

engine room (n.) shamyr jeshaght

engine shed (n.) bwaane jeshaght

fruit machine (n.) jeshaght vess

heat engine (n.) jeshaght hiass

hoisting engine (n.) jeshaght hroggalagh

jet engine (n.) jeshaght skiootagh

knitting machine (n.) jeshaght nittal

locomotive gleashagh; jeshaght; traen

machine (n.) jeshaght

machine operator (n.) obbree jeshaght

numbering machine (n.) jeshaght choearrooee

oil engine (n.) jeshaght ooill

packing machine (n.) jeshaght chianglee

penny-in-the-slot machine (n.) jeshaght phingey

pilot engine (n.) jeshaght hoshee

printing machine (n.) jeshaght chlouderagh

pumping engine (n.) jeshaght heaumee

riveter (n.) broilleyder, jeshaght vroillee

rotavator (n.) jeshaght reuyrey

stamp machine (n.) jeshaght chlouag

starting engine (n.) jeshaght hoshee

traction engine (n.) jeshaght tayrn

utensil (n.) greie, jeshaght, saagh

voting machine (n.) jeshaght reihys

engine problems (npl.) doilleeidyn-jeshaght

machine gunner (n.) greie-ghunneyder, gunneyder jeshaght

machine-made (adj.) jeshaght-jeant

machine-turned jeshaght-deillit

punching machine (n.) jeshaght sthampal, towlleyder

working a machine (v.) gobbraghey jeshaght

doilleeidyn-jeshaght engine problems

jeshaght-deillit (f.) machine-turned

jeshaght-jeant machine-made

calculating machine (n.) greie earrooagh, jeshaght earroo

coasting (v.) cooseyraght; gyn jeshaght; gyn seiy

instrument (n.) greie, greïe; jeshaght; wappin; ynstriument

internal combustion engine (n.) jeshaght lostee yn-veanagh

V-type engine (n.) jeshaght ayns cummey V

internal (adj.) sthie; ynveanagh: Internal combustion engine - Jeshaght lossey ynveanagh. DF idiom

mower (n.) beaynee; buinneyder; foldyr, foldeyr, folleyder; greie buinn; jeshaght vuinn

dy rea evenly, soft, steadily: Ta'n jeshaght lostey dy rea. DF

engine (n.) greie: Engine in perfect tune - Greie ayns combaase cruinn. DF idiom; jeshaght

evenly (adv.) dy corrym: Evenly distributed - Rheynnit dy corrym DF idiom; dy rea: The engine fires evenly - Ta'n jeshaght lostey dy rea DF idiom

lane argid argentiferous, plenty of money: Ta feme ayn son lane argid ec yn Jeshaght dy reayll ooilley nyn lioaryn clouit as ta cooid smoo jeh berchys yn cheshaght kianglt ayns stoyr lioaryn. Carn


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