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jerrinagh 1 absolute, belated, closing, concluding, conclusive, end, eventual, final, finalist, foregoing, hindmost, last, latter, rearmost, ultimate, up-to-the-minute, utmost a: ayns traa jerrinagh yn reeriaght oc Bible; 2 (of fruit) late

Inexact matches:

conaantyn jerrinagh final provisions

fer jerrinagh latter: Yn fer roish yn fer jerrinagh. DF

fockle jerrinagh clincher, ultimatum: Ta shen yn fockle jerrinagh yiow oo voyms. DF

heashyn jerrinagh (ny); (the) latter days

loayrtys jerrinagh epilogue

oardaghey jerrinagh decree absolute

Shibber Jerrinagh (Yn); (The) Last Supper

milljag ambee jerrinagh (f.) dessert

Agglish Yeesey Creest dy Nooghyn ny Laghyn Jerrinagh (The) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

latter fer jerrinagh; jerrinagh: The latter days - Ny heashyn jerrinagh. DF idiom; stierree: I prefer the former to the latter - Share lhiam y fer toshee harrish y fer s'jerree. DF idiom

absolute1 (adj.) jarroo, jerrinagh, ynrican

belated (adj.) anmagh; jerrinagh; moal

clincher (n.) cashyl, fockle jerrinagh

concluding jerree; jerrinagh

conclusive (adj.) jerrinagh

decree absolute (n.) oardaghey jerrinagh

dessert (n.) milljag ambee jerrinagh

eventual (adj.) jerrinagh

finalist (n.) cloieder kionechloie, jerrinagh

final provisions (npl.) conaantyn jerrinagh

hindmost (adj.) jerree, jerrinagh

Last Supper (n.) (The); (Yn) Shibber Jerrinagh

late2 (adj.) (of fruit) jerrinagh, moal

latter days (npl.) (the); (ny) heashyn jerrinagh

rearmost (adj.) jerrinagh

ultimate (n., adj.) jerrinagh

up-to-the-minute (adj.) jerrinagh; s'jerree

epilogue (n.) fockle s'jerree, loayrtys jerrinagh

ultimatum (n.) fockle jerrinagh; fogrey jerree

final jerrinagh; jerrinaght; kione-chloie; scrutagh yerree

foregoing (adj.) goll-roie, jerrinagh, roie-raait, roish shoh

last1 (v.) ceau, cummal rish; (adj.) jeianagh, jerrinagh; (comp./sup.) s'jerree; (n.) fer s'jerree; (n.) kiap greasee

fer roish predecessor: Yn fer roish yn fer jerrinagh. DF

loayreyder mouthpiece, speaker, talker: Yn loayreyder dooghyssagh jerrinagh jeh'n Ghaelg. DF

loayreyder dooghyssagh native speaker: Yn loayreyder dooghyssagh jerrinagh jeh'n Ghaelg. DF

toiggys consider: ayns ny laghyn jerrinagh toiggys shiu shoh

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (n.) (The) Agglish Yeesey Creest dy Nooghyn ny Laghyn Jerrinagh

closing doonee: Closing time! - Traa doonee! DF idiom; jeigh; jerree; jerrey; jerrinagh; kione; dooney: It's a pity that the old family businesses are closing - S'bastagh dy vel ny shenn happyn lught thie dooney sheese. DF idiom

end1 (n.) arbyl, baare, bun, err, erree, jerrey, oirr; (v.) castey, cheet gy kione, cur gy kione, jannoo jerrey; kione: We shall soon be at our journey's end - Beemayd dy-gerrid ec kione nyn yurnaa. JJK idiom; (adj.) jerrinagh, s'jerree

native speaker (n.) loayreyder dooghyssagh: The last native speaker of Manx - Yn loayreyder dooghyssagh jerrinagh jeh'n Ghaelg. DF idiom; loayreyder dooie

utmost jerrinagh; (pref.) s'; smoo: It is of the utmost importance - Jeh'n scansh smoo t'eh. DF idiom; sodjey; s'odjey: I am doing my utmost - Ta mee jannoo my chooid s'odjey. DF idiom

ard-linney (f.) headline: Art ayns y chur-magh jerrinagh jeh Earishlioar Arraghey Vannin, lesh yn ard-linney 'Y Traa ry Heet: Madran Noa ny Jerkallys Foalsey? BS; main, trunk, trunk line

chionney stiagh (=Ir. teannadh-steach) perforate; press in: As hig eh gy-kione ayns ny laghyn jerrinagh, dy bee slieau thie yn Chiarn er ny hoiaghey er mullagh ny sleityn ; as nee dy chooilley ashoon chionney stiagh huggey. Bible; besiege, siege

coipyn copies: Hug Ian Rankin yn ennym echey er coipyn jeh'n oorskeeal jerrinagh echey ec shapp-lioaragh Ottakar. BS

cur lesh thie bring home: va cliaghtey mastey ny Manninee dy reayll yn bart jerrinagh jeh'n arroo, shen yn Vheillea, as cur lesh thie e myr oural da Jee yn Arroo Dhoor

Gothagh Goth; Gothic: Ren mee lhaih dy row y Moir-agglish shen y Moir-agglish Gothagh jerrinagh dy row troggit sy Spaainey as syn Europey hene. Dhoor

leeideyr guide: Llywelyn yn Leeideyr Jerrinagh ta er nyn imraa ayns laue screeunyn Peniarth 129 as 131, as ayns buill elley neeshtagh she ben er-ennym Rhanullt inneen elley da Rennell GB

lettyraght (f.) belles-lettres, letters, literacy, literature: Ta'n yeearree jerrinagh jeh'n saase Kodaly cur lettyraght kiaulleeaght as ennaghtyn co-vingysagh da ny paitchyn. Carn

lioaragh bookish, book-learned, lettered, studious, booklearned; (person) well-read; of a book: Hug Ian Rankin yn ennym echey er coipyn jeh'n oorskeeal jerrinagh echey ec shapp-lioaragh Ottakar. BS

moir-agglish (=Ir. mathair-eaglis) (f.) cathedral, mother church: Ren mee lhaih dy row y Moir-agglish shen y Moir-agglish Gothagh jerrinagh dy row troggit sy Spaainey as syn Europey hene. Dhoor

trog-yms seose I will raise up: trog-yms seose eh ec y laa jerrinagh. Bible

at night 'syn oie: Last thing at night - Yn red jerrinagh 'syn oie. DF idiom; er oie: He who walks at night - Eshyn hoolys er oie. DF idiom; ec yn oie: and at night he shall divide the spoil - as ec yn oie, rheynnee eh yn spooilley Bible

for (prep.) chum: Spit for roasting meat - Bher chum rostey feill. DF idiom; gour, kyndagh; cour: To lay something by for a rainy day - Cur red ennagh ersooyl cour laa fliaghee. JJK idiom; da: I fetch and carry for him - Ta mee jannoo chyrryssyn da. DF idiom; dys; er: He was called for - V'eh eieit er. DF idiom; er son: For keeps - Er son dy bragh. DF idiom; lesh: He made a bee-line for the table - Hie eh dy jeeragh lesh y voayrd. DF idiom; rish: For the past few days - Rish ny laghyn jerrinagh shoh. DF idiom; ry-hoi; son: For ever and ever - Son dy bragh as dy bragh. DF idiom

I should raise droggin: that which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day - ny hug eh dou nagh gaillin veg, agh dy droggin eh seose reesht ec y laa jerrinagh Bible

Resurrection (n.) Irree Seose Reesht: And came out of the graves after his resurrection - As cheet ass ny oaiaghyn oc lurg yn irree-seose-reesht echey Bible; irree reesht: For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage - Son ec yn irree-reesht, cha vel ad poosey, ny er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible; irree seose: I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day - Ta fys aym dy nirree eh reesht ec yn irree-seosesy laa jerrinagh Bible


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