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jerree backmost, closing, concluding, hind, hindmost, posterior, stern, terminal: va ooilley'n lieh jerree oc sthie fo e vean. Bible

Inexact matches:

boayrd jerree after deck, poop deck

cabbane jerree after-cabin, stern cabin

cashtal jerree poop

claare jerree tailboard

croan jerree after mast, mizzen mast

croanscoidey jerree mizzen boom

fockle jerree peroration, last word

fogrey jerree ultimatum

gunn jerree stern-chaser

kerroo jerree afterquarter, hindquarter, after quarter

kione jerree finishing line, quarterdeck

lieh jerree breech, croup, stern

londeyr jerree rear light

maidjey jerree stern oar

plaaney jerree tailplane

shiaull jerree mizzen

soilshaghey jerree stern-light

soilshey jerree rear light, tail lamp

sollys jerree rear light

stad jerree terminus

sthock jerree tail-stock

tead jerree stern-fast

thie jerree stern cabin

irree er ny cassyn jerree (as horse) rear

skelf y chashtal jerree poop-rail

slat hiaull jerree (f.) mizzen-yard

rear light (n.) londeyr jerree, soilshey cooyl, soilshey jerree, sollys jerree, uinnag chooyl

stern arbyl, lieh jerree; groamagh; loghtal; jerrey: She sank by the stern - Hie ee fo lurg e jerrey. DF idiom; jerree: Stern oar - Maidjey jerree. DF idiom

stern cabin (n.) cabbane jerree, thie jerree

poop (n.) cashtal jerree: To poop a ship - Dy heet harrish y chashtal jerree. DF idiom

after-cabin (n.) cabbane jerree

after deck (n.) boayrd jerree

after mast (n.) croan jerree

afterquarter (n.) kerroo jerree

after quarter (n.) kerroo jerree

backmost (adj.) jerree; sodjey er-ash

concluding jerree; jerrinagh

croup (n.) lieh jerree, toghtane

finishing line (n.) kione jerree

hindmost (adj.) jerree, jerrinagh

hindquarter (n.) kerroo jerree

last word (n.) fockle jerree

mizzen (n.) shiaull jerree

mizzen boom (n.) croanscoidey jerree

mizzen mast (n.) croan jerree

mizzen-yard (n.) slat hiaull jerree

poop deck (n.) boayrd jerree

stern-chaser (n.) gunn jerree

stern-fast (n.) tead jerree

stern-light (n.) soilshaghey jerree

tailboard (n.) claare jerree

tail lamp (n.) soilshey jerree

tailplane (n.) plaaney jerree

tail-stock (n.) sthock jerree

terminus (n.) kione-stashoon, stad jerree

peroration (n.) fockle jerree, oraid vlaaoil

poop-rail (n.) skelf y chashtal jerree

posterior (n.) curpyn, thoyn; (adj.) erreish, jerree

quarterdeck (npl.) (ny) fir oik; (n.) kione jerree

ultimatum (n.) fockle jerrinagh; fogrey jerree

breech (v.) cur breechyn er; (n.) lieh jerree; toinn

hind cooylloo, jerree; feeaih bwoirrin, feeaih bwoirryn

rear2 (v.) (as horse) irree er ny cassyn jerree

stern oar (n.) maidjey jerree, maidjey keasee

terminal fail y vaaish; gyn lheihys; jerree; terminal; toshee

closing doonee: Closing time! - Traa doonee! DF idiom; jeigh; jerree; jerrey; jerrinagh; kione; dooney: It's a pity that the old family businesses are closing - S'bastagh dy vel ny shenn happyn lught thie dooney sheese. DF idiom

stood hass: He stood on his hind legs - Hass eh er e chassyn jerree. DF idiom; (ny) hassoo: A man stood in the doorway - Va dooinney ny hassoo 'sy dorrys. DF idiom

bun ry skyn disordered, inverted, topsy-turvy, upside-down, upturned, vice versa, wrong side up: Colin y Jerree - Seihll Bun-ry-Skyn? Carn


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