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jeigh (=Ir. iadh, iadhadh) close, close up, closing, shut, shutting, stop: nee ad jeigh nyn sooillyn Bible

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jeigh magh shut out

jeigh seose confine: as cha jean eh jeigh seose eh (son trial sodjey:) Bible

jeigh stiagh blockade, close in, shut in

Jeigh dty ghob (intj) Shut up

shut dooney; jeigh: How can you shut the door in your friend's face? - Kys vod oo jeigh yn dorrys ayns eddin dty charrey? JJK idiom; doont, dooint, jeight; dooin, doon; ghooin, ghooïn; yeigh

shut in (v.) jeigh stiagh

close up chionney ry-cheilley; jeigh

blockade chemmaltey; chemmaltys; glassagh; jeigh stiagh; kiapey

close in (v.) dooney stiagh, jeigh stiagh

confine (v.) cagliagh, dooney stiagh, jeigh seose, pryssoonaghey

shut out (v.) jeigh magh; jeight mooie

Shut up (intj) Bee dty host; Jeigh dty ghob

closing doonee: Closing time! - Traa doonee! DF idiom; jeigh; jerree; jerrey; jerrinagh; kione; dooney: It's a pity that the old family businesses are closing - S'bastagh dy vel ny shenn happyn lught thie dooney sheese. DF idiom

face (v.) cur eddin rish, cur oaie rish; (n.) gruaie, oaie; eddin: How can you shut the door in your friend's face? - Kys vod oo jeigh yn dorrys ayns eddin dty charrey? JJK idiom; cheu-astan

shutting (v.) jeigh; dooney: The shop is shutting down tomorrow - Ta'n shapp dooney mairagh. DF idiom

chimlee smoke stack, stack: Myr shen ren eh jeigh yn dorrys as dooney yn chimlee. Coraa

er aggle (conj.) lest: nee ad jeigh nyn sooillyn; er aggle dy vaik ad lesh nyn sooillyn Bible

close1 breen: It's very close - T'eh feer vreen. JJK idiom; chion: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dooint, dooney; close; dooin; doont; faggys da; gloo; jeigh; jerrey; kione; plooghit; tayrn cooidjagh; faggys

gather together (v.) cooidjaghey; chaglym cooidjagh: and gather together the out-casts of Israel - as chaglym cooidjagh kynneeyn skeaylt Israel Bible; chaggil cooidjagh: Go, gather together all the Jews - Immee as chaggil cooidjagh ooilley ny Hewnyn Bible; tayrn dy cheilley: If he cut off, and shut up, or gather together - My teh giarey jeh, as jeigh seose deiney, ny tayrn dy cheilley Bible

stop cur stap er; scuir, scuirr: He came to a full stop - Scuirr eh ayns e vraagyn. DF idiom; shassoo; stap, sthap; stappal; tannaghtyn: To stop at home - Dy hannaghtyn 'sy valley. DF idiom; scuirrys; jeigh; tannee: Stop there! - Tannee myr t'ou! DF idiom; doon: Stop that hole - Doon y towl shen. DF idiom; (n.) stad; stoppal


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