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jei1 after, afterwards, behind, after her: lesh jeeaghyn jei ny reddyn ta ry heet er y thalloo Bible

jei2 (ny) after her: As hie e sheshey mâree keayney ny jeï chouds Bahurim Bible

Inexact matches:

jei shoh (ny) henceforth: son t'ou er heet gys sauchys; bee dy yien mie, bee oc bio noght, as ny-jei shoh Apoc

nyn jei behind you

after her (ny) jei; (ny) lurg

behind you er dty chooylloo; nyn jei: Your companions are behind you - Ta ny cumraagyn eu nyn jei. JJK idiom

behind1 cheu chooylloo, cheu-chooyl, cheu-heear, ergooyl, sheear, er y chooyl; (ny) chooyl; jei: Your companions are behind you - Ta ny cumraagyn eu nyn jei. JJK idiom; cooyl: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom

retarded jei-cheeayllagh; lag-hastagh; streeanit

jei-cheeayllagh backward, retarded

jei-hushtagh imbecile

jei-hushtaght (f.) imbecility

backward (adj.) gour nyn drommey, jei-cheeayllagh, moal

boult bolt: boult yn dorrys ny jei. Bible

after1 (adj., adv.) jei, erreish, yei; er-eiyrts, er-eiyrt; nyre, nyrg; kione

imbecility (n.) anlheil, anlheiltys, annooinid aigney, jei-hushtaght, meecheeayl, meecheeayll, meecheeayllid

cumraagyn companions: Ta ny cumraagyn eu nyn jei JJK

afterwards (adv.) jei; (ny) lurg; (ny) s'anmee: I fear we shall have to pay for it afterwards - Ta aggle orrym dy nhegin dooin eeck er e son ny s'anmee. JJK idiom

companions (npl.) sheshee; co-heshaghyn; cumraagyn: Your companions are behind you - Ta ny cumraagyn eu nyn jei. JJK idiom; sheshaghyn: Call your companions - Eam er nyn sheshaghyn. JJK idiom

henceforth (adv.) maghey shoh; (ny) sodjey maghey shoh; (ny) jei shoh; veih shoh magh: May no fruit grow on thee from henceforth ever - Nar aase mess erbee orts veih shoh magh er son dy bragh. DF idiom

imbecile (adj.) anlheiltagh, jei-hushtagh, meecheeayllagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidjagh; (n.) ommidan: You imbecile! - Uss ommidan! DF idiom

prime ard-: He is the prime mover - Eshyn yn ard-ghleasheyder. DF idiom; ard-vlaa: She is past her prime - Ta'n ard vlaa ny jei. DF idiom; bun, preeu-, teiy; (v.) cur bunvrat er, primal

crea (f.) tenet, creed: as erson ully nii shiu tilge na ghour, gy vod ayd y ghree y ynsaghy, paidjer y chiarn, as ny jei anaghyn ayns y chiange gellgah PB1610

kinjah perpetual: Bee shoh slattys kinjah da nyn sheelogheyn trooid ooilley nyn gummallyn Bible as surrayns fodey iih, nar jei e oriusyn gy kinjah gys arys. PB1610

louranyn lepers: as myr ghe schiagh ayns balley dy rou hugg quayltys da jei dene va nan louranyn, ren shassu faddey vei. PB1610

meeghraysoil graceless, ungracious: eish jei y hiarn ersyn, as duyrt e rish, oy yrmuinjery migrasuoil, lyei mish uittch ully ny fiaghyn, shen nar hyrr us orym. PB1610


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