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jeh'n cheel of the family

jeh'n Chreesteeaght eucharistic

jeh'n 'eer-uill full-bred

jeh'n ennym yclept, named: Cha vel veg jeh dty chynney jeh'n ennym shen. Bible

jeh'n joushan unhinged

jeh'n theay colloquial; of the common people: As my ta fer erbee jeh'n theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

jeh'n traa scratch; of the time: Jannoo ymmyd mie jehn traa, er-yn-oyr dy vel laghyn seaghnagh ayn Bible

jeh'n uill (of animal) well-bred; of the blood: As ghow Moses yn derrey lieh jeh'n uill, as hug eh eh ayns siyn; as spreih eh lieh jeh'n uill er yn altar. Bible

jeh'n vullagh top-notch

cheu hoal jeh'n theihll (The) Beyond

cheu-mooie jeh'n churriglym extra-curricular

chied laa jeh'n Arree (yn) February

chied vee jeh'n Arragh (Yn) February

chied vee jeh'n Gheurey (f.) (Yn) November

chied vee jeh'n Ouyr (Yn) August

chied vee jeh'n Tourey (Yn) May

cur jeh'n railley derail

daa heu jeh'n skeeal pros and cons

fer jeh'n chynney ghaait coloured person

fer jeh'n shenn chroo antediluvian

fer jeh'n theay peasant, plebeian

fys jeh'n ockle prompt

gleashtan jeh'n teih quality car

goaill jeh'n jeushan unhinge

irree jeh'n lhiabbee uprising

irree jeh'n thalloo take off

jeh'n cheid chummey crack

jeh'n chenn heihll old-world

jeh'n chenn yannoo obsolete

jeh'n chied rang first class

jeh'n chied rheynn first class, first rate, high-class

jeh'n chredjue Raueagh of the Romish faith

jeh'n nah ghraid second class

jeh'n nah rheynn second division

jeh'n traa t'ayn nish present-day

jeh'n treeoo brastyl third class, third rate

jeh'n un chlein consanguine

jeh'n un daah unicoloured: Ta'n eaddagh eck jeh'n un daah. DF

jeh'n un' stabyl stable companion

jeh'n un 'uill consanguine

jeh'n un vooinjerys consanguine

jeh'n vee shoh chaie ultimo: Tra va mee ayns Derrybeg (Doon ny Ghoal) ec jerrey jeh'n vee shoh chaie, vrie Alan Heusaff jeem dy screeu red ennagh mychione lioar screeuit ec Polig Monjarret (Toniou Breiz-Izel) jeh kiaull Britaanagh. Carn

jeh'n vee shoh cheet prox, proximo

laa jeh'n chiaghtin weekday: Tra van doonaght harrish, as y vadran cheet rish er y chied laa jehn chiaghtin Bible

lhiggey jeh'n yeeal unleash

lhig jeh'n yeeal unleash

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed Member of the House of Keys: Va'n fys shoh ayns freggyrt screeut veih'n Shirveish Turrysid gys Edgar Quine, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skylley Chreest ny h-Ayrey. BS

Oltey jeh'n Choonceil Slattyssagh Member of the Legislative Council: Eddie Lowey, oltey jeh'n Choonceil Slattyssagh, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeant booiagh dy chlashtyn dy bee ad jeeaghyn mysh droghad ny maynee ny share. BS

queig jeh'n un' chennar quintuplet

scuirr jeh'n obbyr unyoke

sheear jeh'n chroan aft of the mast

sheshaght-ghellal veih cheu-mooie jeh'n Ellan (f.) non-resident company

sidoor jeh'n ghardey corp lifeguardsman

skee jeh'n theihll world-weary

troggal jeh'n thalloo take up; (as bull) toss

tuittym jeh'n chredjue apostatise

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Yiass South Douglas MHK

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skylley Maayl Member of the House of Keys for Michael


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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