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jeeyl (f.) damage, harmfulness, havoc, injury, prejudice, vandalism: C'wooad jeeyl ta jeant? DF

Inexact matches:

gyn jeeyl without prejudice: Gyn jeeyl da my chiartyssyn. DF

jeeyl chimmeeagh criminal damage

jeeyl yoinagh vandalism, wilful damage

towse jeeyl assessment

jannoo jeeyl da prejudice

prejudice (v.) cleayney noi, jannoo jeeyl da; (n.) far-vriwnys, noiys; jeeyl: Without prejudice to my rights - Gyn jeeyl da my chiartyssyn. DF idiom

vandalism (n.) cragheydys, craght, jeeyl, jeeyl yoinagh, milley

criminal damage (n.) jeeyl chimmeeagh

damage foudaghey; foudid; jeeill; jeeilley; jeeyl: There was no great damage done - Cha row monney jeeyl jeant. DF idiom; jeeyllal; jeeylley; coayll

harmfulness (n.) jeeyl

havoc (n.) cragh; jeeyl; traartys

wilful damage (n.) jeeyl yoinagh

without prejudice gyn jeeyl

assessment1 (n.) keeshaght; meihaghey; sess; towse jeeyl; sessal

jeeill (f.) See jeeyl, jeeyll damage, waste: lhig dooin jeeill y yannoo ayn-jee Bible

troaryn (f.) crops: Ren yn rio jeeyl er ny troaryn DF; outcomes

extensive (adj.) feayn; lhean; mooar: There was extensive damage to his car - Va jeeyl mooar jeant er y ghleashtan echey. DF idiom; rheamyssagh

injury (n.) aggair, assee, gortey, jeeyl, lhott, olk, uail, anlyi; skielley: Insult added to injury - Faghid er skielley. JJK idiom

er e hon shen on that score: Er e hon shen t'eh shirrey er y Turneyr Theayagh y chooish shoh y hoilshaghey, as feddyn magh beagh jeeyl jeant da coarys ny kiedyn-obbyr. BS

Jeheiney Caisht Good Friday: V'eh smooinaghtyn dy row jeeyl jeant ec Coardail Jeheiney Caisht. Dhoor

my ta however: Nee yn boghtynid shoh jeeyl vooar da'n Cheshaght Obbree Hostnagh - hig yn laa, my ta. Carn


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