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jees (=Ir. dís) (f.) both, brace, couple, pair, twain, two: Hie stiagh gys Noah ayns yn arg, jees as jees Bible [OIr. dias]

Inexact matches:

jees as jees in pairs, two by two: hie ad stiagh gys Noah ayns yn arg, jees as jees Bible

da jees two-seater: Gleashtan da jees. DF

jees irryn (f.) male pair

baatey da jees double scull

daawheeyl da jees tandem bicycle

jees as feed (=Ir. dis agus fichitt) twenty two

jees er y chlag two o'clock

rheynn ayns jees halve

rheynnit ayns jees halved

in pairs cubbyl; jees as jees

two by two jees as jees

two daa: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; ghaa: He doubled up his two fists - Ghooin eh e ghaa ghoarn. DF idiom; jees: To walk in two's - Dy hooyl jees as jees. DF idiom

fyrrynagh pl. fyrrynee, fyrrynnee male: jees as jees, fyrrynagh as bwoirrynagh Bible

bwoirrynagh she: Hie stiagh gys Noah ayns yn arg, jees as jees, fyrrynagh as bwoirrynagh Bible; womanish

scrabit scraped: Ass yn earroo shoh va jees dy bollagh brisht, jees elley va scrabit ass myghin MB

couple (v.) coupley, cubbley, cuppley, lannoonaghey, piyral; (n.) coraid; piyr; jees: Couple of horses - Jees dy chabbil. DF idiom; cubbyl: Wed a couple - Cubbyl y phoosey. DF idiom

male pair jees irryn

twain (n.) ghaa, jees

two o'clock jees er y chlag: It's only just two o'clock - Cha nel eh agh jees er y chlag. JJK idiom

two-seater (n.) da jees

cheu-jiass southward: Er y cheu har, va shey Leviteyn, er y cheu-twoaie kiaresy laa, er y cheu-jiass kiaresy laa, as gys Asuppim jees as jees. Bible

double scull (n.) baatey da jees

tandem bicycle (n.) daawheeyl da jees

twenty two (n.) jees as feed

curragh (=Ir. corrach) (f.) pl. curreeyn bog, fen, marsh, quagmire, swamp: Yn nah laa haink jees jeh ny kirree oc dy ve çhionn ayns curragh as v'ad sluggit sheese marish nyn laadyn CnyO; canoe, coracle: Ren Severin as fer keirdey ny jees troggal curragh ayns Nerin. Dhoor; wickerwork pannier

moojey plus: Feed moojey jees. DF

halve (v.) co-rheynnit, liehaghey, rheynn ayns jees, rheynn lieh my lieh

halved co-rheynnit: Halved hole - Towl co-rheynnit. DF idiom; rheynnit; rheynnit ayns jees

chummys continue: my chummys eh bio son laa ny jees Bible

co-hirrey competition: Cosn shin argid ayns co-hirrey ny jees Carn

cosn gained: Cosn shin argid ayns co-hirrey ny jees Carn

meechoardail 1 (n.) disagreement, dissent, dissention a: Vod jees shooyl cooidjagh ayns mee-choardail? Bible; 2 (v.) disagree

point lace; leather-lace; thong; point: point jees sy cheead BS

ynseydee disciples: hug eh jees jeh e ynseydee hene er chaghteraght huggey Bible

about (prep.) mygeayrt, mooish; mysh: It's about ten minutes to two - Te mysh jeih minnidyn dys jees. JJK idiom; (to) er chee; mychione: I shall speak to him about the matter - Loayrym rish mychione yn chooish shen. JJK idiom

add1 (v.) cur hug; cur: Add two to three - Cur jees dys tree. DF idiom

bird (n.) ushag: A bird in the hand is as good as two in he bush - Ta ushag 'sy laue chammah as jees 'sy tammag. JJK idiom

for a penny er ping: Two for a penny - Jees er ping. DF idiom

minutes (npl.) giare-hennaghys, imraaghyn-giarey, mynimmeeaghtyn; minnidyn: It's about ten minutes to two - Te mysh jeih minnidyn dys jees. JJK idiom

more clever s'aghtalley: Which of the two is more clever, the Royalist or the Republican? - Quoi jeh'n jees s'aghtalley ta, yn Reeoilagh ny yn Poblaghtagh? JJK idiom

of them jeu, jeusyn: Each of them - Dagh fer jeu. DF idiom; oc, ocsyn: I got in between the two of them - Hie mee stiagh eddyr yn jees oc. DF idiom; rouesyn

only (adj., adv.) ynrican: You will be the only ones there - Bee shiu ny feallagh ynrican aynshen. JJK idiom; unrick, ynrycan, ynrickan; agh: I have only two - Cha nel agh jees aym. JJK idiom

pair (v.) cubblaghey, lannoonaghey, piyral, piyrey; (n.) jees; piyr: Lend me a pair of slippers - Cur er eeasaght dou piyr dy charraneyn. JJK idiom

quarter1 aird, kease, raiee, ynnyd; kerroo: It's about a quarter to two - Te mysh kerroo dys jees. JJK idiom; kierroo; (v.) cur ayns aaght, jannoo kerrooyn jeh

royalist (n.) reeoilagh: Which of the two is more clever, the Royalist or the Republican? - Quoi jeh'n jees s'aghtalley ta, yn Reeoilagh ny yn Poblaghtagh? JJK idiom; reeoiltagh

bowe submerged rock, tidal rock: Ta ymmodee thieyn sheelee ayns Eeley as hug shin shilley er jees jeu, ec Bowe Mooar as Laphroaig, raad va mooarane sambil nastee currit dooin! GK

cur eddin da cheek; withstand: As my ta fer goaill mainshtyraght er dooinney, nee jees cur eddin da ; as cha vel coyrd three-filley dy leah er ny vrishey. Bible

ec y chooid smoo at the very most: lhig da ve jeant liorish jees, ny ec y chooid smoo liorish three Bible

ennaghtagh emotional: Nee ayrn jees dellal rish shirveishyn ta ry gheddyn son paithyn lesh doilleeidyn aghtyssagh as ennaghtagh. BS; sentimental; sensitive, sentient

fieau er caa wait for an opportunity: va jees jeh shamyrderyn y ree, Bigthan as Teresh jeusyn va freayll yn dorrys, lhieent lesh farg, as fieau er caa dy stroie ree Ahasuerus Bible

fir vooinjerey men servants: deie eh er jees jeh ny fir vooinjerey echey as er sidoor crauee jeusyn va dy kinjagh mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

goll er y cheer go into the country: Ny lurg shen hoilshee eh eh-hene ayns cummey elley da jees jeu, myr v'ad shooyl er y raad, as goll er y cheer. Bible; landing

hea fled: varr jees jeh e vec eh, as hea ad gys sleityn Ararath Apoc

henelys self-interest: Ta bun jeh polaseeyn y Reiltys Vannin jollys as henelys agh, er-lhimmey jeh saggyrt ny jees, cha nel ad er ghra veg foast. Carn

jeebin (f.) fishing net, net: dy row yn voayl marroo, er-lhimmey jeh nane ny jees baatey-eeastee beg, as nagh row fer erbee gobbraghey ayns shen nish, troggal baatyn, jannoo jeebin as y lheid Coraa

Jerrey Arree April: Bee yn nah Chruinnaght 7oo Jerrey Arree (Mee Averil) ec jees er y chlag. Dhoor

kiaulley (=Ir. ceol) sing, sing out, sing up: Ta wheesh ny feaillaghyn ayn ny laghyn t'ayn jiu veagh caa ec kiare ny queig possanyn kiaulley as rincey goll dys jees jeu dagh vlein. Carn; singing

meehaiagh unsatisfactory, unsatisfying: Foddee dy vel eh ny smoo onnoroil dy ve croghey er y turrysid na er yn argidys, agh  cha noddym jannoo fegooish smooinaghtyn dy vel y jees jeu meehaiagh. Carn

Messiah Messiah: lurg three-feed shiaghtinyn as jees bee Messiah er ny yiarey jeh, Bible

muinneel (f.) pl. muinneelyn sleeve, sleeving: Ghow jees jeh ny guillyn ain greim er as ren ad roish, faagail ayns laue Arne muinneel e chooat! GK

obbyr laa (f.) day labour: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie, chamoo ta shoh obbyr laa ny jees, son ta shin ymmodee t'er ny ve kyndagh 'sy chooish shoh. Bible

polaseeyn policies: Ta bun jeh polaseeyn y Reiltys Vannin jollys as henelys agh, er-lhimmey jeh saggyrt ny jees, cha nel ad er ghra veg foast. Carn

pynt pint: Ghow eh pynt ny jees ny keayrtyn, as cha jagh eh rieau dys y cheeill yn Doonaght ny laa elley erbee. CJ; pint pot

reeoilagh (=Ir. ríogaí) monarchist, royalist: Quoi jehn jees saghtalley ta, yn Reeoilagh ny yn Poblaghtagh? JJK

ry- to be: as cha row schlei ry-laccal er y jees cuin dy endeil as cuin dy ghoaill vondeish Bible

ry-laccal lacking: as cha row schlei ry-laccal er y jees cuin dy endeil as cuin dy ghoaill vondeish PC

Sarn Saturday: Bee ny plannyn as cummaghyn ry akin eddyr munlaa as jees er y chlag Jesarn shoh çheet, as y Sarn lurg shen. BS; Saturn

shamyr-aarlee kitchen: Hed y çhaglym jeh Sheshaght Phenshyneyryn Vannin er cummal ec Shamyr-aarlee Molly ec jees er y chlag fastyr jiu. BS

Shibber y Chiarn Holy Communion, Lord's Supper: Jees ny lomarcan, er son ooilley ymmyrchagh gys saualtys, ta shen dy ghra, Bashtey, as Shibber y Chiarn. PB1765

shirveish ny merriu (f.) funeral, funeral service: Hed shirveish ny merriu er cummal ec thie-lostee Ghoolish ec jees er y chlag, Jemayrt, y chied laa as feed Mean Fouyir. BS

speeideil2 sped: Nagh vel ad er speeideil? nagh vel ad er rheynn y pooilley, da dagh dooinney moidyn ny jees? Bible

tayrn ersooyl drag away, draw away: Dooyrt fer-ynsee dooin, 'Ec yn eash shoh, bee paart jeh ny paitchyn va troggit myr Gaelgeyryn tayrn ersooyl voish y Ghaelg oc rish blein ny jees ansherbee;shen yn aght lesh jeigeyryn. Dhoor

traenal (=Ir. traenáil) train: Ta bunnys nane as jees jeh ny ynseyderyn ayns feme jeh traenal. Carn; training

both chammah; jees; (ny) neesht; nyn neesht; nyn yees; chammagh; dagh: To burn the candle at both ends - Lostey yn chainle ec dagh chione. JJK idiom; daa: As soon as war was declared, both armies began to move - Cha leah's va caggey er ny hoilshaghey magh, ghow yn daa armee toshiaght dy ghleashagh. JJK idiom

brace bann: Brace a drum - Dollan y hionnaghey. DF idiom; beemyl; brash; brashlagh; brashlagh drommey; chionneyder; cubbyl, jees, piyr; maidjey coonee; quing; tead king; (v.) chionnaghey, cur bann er, cur maidjey coonee rish, cur quing er, cur tead king er, niartaghey

more honourable (comp./sup.) s'ooasley; (ny) s'ooasle: and he was more honourable than all the house of his father - as veh ny sooasle na ooilley thie e ayrey Bible; (ny) sonnoroil: he was more honourable than the two - Veh ny sonnoroil nan jees Bible

carr pl. carryn lilt, melody, strain, tune: Rish y vlein shoh va dy kinjagh carr ny jees goit stiagh voish Nerin as eer Sostyn Carn; (of voice) cadence; cab, car, van: Bwooise da Jee nagh vod oo goll noon as noal harrish y cheayn cho aashagh as oddys oo gimman carr eddyr Bretin as Sostyn. Carn; kink, vicissitude


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