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jeeraghey direct, erect, level, point, rectification, rectifier, straighten, straightening, unbend; (as gun) aim, focus, train: Treealtys, va currit roish ec John Houghton, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Twoaie, myr cooish jeh scansh theayagh, ren eh jeeraghey er daa red. BS; straightens

Inexact matches:

straightens (v.) jeeraghey: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom

rectification (n.) jeeraghey, kiartaghey

rectifier (n.) jeeraghey, kiarteyder

straighten (v.) chionney, jeeraghey; jeeree

straightening (v.) jeeraghey

train3 (v.) (as gun) jeeraghey

unbend (v.) jeeraghey

focus (v.) cruinnaghey, jeeraghey; (n.) focus; moir

aim ceau; jeeraghey; reayrtys: He took aim - Ghow eh reayrtys. DF idiom

bonnag (f.) bannock, bonnag, bun, Manx cake: Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF

bonnag (n.) bonnag: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom; soddag verrin

crooked1 (adj.) cam, camm: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom; camlaagagh; camstram; neuyeeragh

direct enmys; gurneil; jeeragh: I am a direct descendant of that man - Ta mee jeh'n sluight jeeragh jeh'n dooinney shen. DF idiom; leeideil, stiurey, jeeraghey

erect1 (ny) hassoo jeeragh; (v.) jeeraghey; (adj.) jeeragh: To stand erect - Dy hassoo jeeraght. DF idiom

level co-ard rish; cormaghey, cur er corrym rish, jannoo rea, jeeraghey, lhieggal, lhiggey; corrym: The level of the water - Corrym yn ushtey. DF idiom; gob er gob rish; kiart; laare; leval; rea: Speed on the level - Bieauid er yn rea. DF idiom; keim: I wouldn't descend to his level - Cha jinnin cur mee hene er yn un keim as eshyn. DF idiom

point2 (n.) baare: The point of the sword - Baare y chliwe. DF idiom; birr, byr; bod; gob: Seal Point - Gob ny Rauney. DF idiom; kione: The Point of Ayre light - Thie Soilshey Kione ny Hayrey. DF idiom; point: Fourteen degrees below freezing point - Kiare keimyn jeig fo point rio. JJK idiom; poynt: You can give her a point or two to leeward John - Foddee oo poynt ny ghaa y lhiggey lhee Yuan. DF idiom; (v.) jeeraghey


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