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jeen noi smarrey greaseproof

jeen dry, impermeable, proof, staunch, waterproof, watertight, weatherproof: Nish cha b'aillish Rob dy vaghey ayns shen as v'eh ro chercheenagh dy vaarail argid erbee dy reayll y thie jeen, as dy gerrid huitt yn mullagh-thooit stiagh. Dhoor

Inexact matches:

claare jeen weatherboard

felt jeen roofing felt

guilley jeen scurvy grass

jannoo jeen waterproof

jeen noi impervious, proof against

jeen shliawin sliding roof

lane jeen foolproof

jannoo jeen noi proofing

jeen noi aer air-tight

jeen noi aile fireproof

jeen noi bleaystanys bombproof

jeen noi broighid dirtproof

jeen noi bulladyn bulletproof

jeen noi burgleyrys burglar-proof

jeen noi chiass heat-proof

jeen noi cribbey shrinkproof

jeen noi doralyn puncture-proof

jeen noi fliaghey rainproof

jeen noi gas gas-proof

jeen noi joan dustproof

jeen noi loauys rot-proof; rotproof

jeen noi maarlee oie burglar-proof

jeen noi mergey rustproof

jeen noi'n earish weatherproof

jeen noi'n emshir (clothes) all-weather

jeen noi'n gheay windproof, windtight

jeen noi'n ghrian sun-proof

jeen noi sharroo acid-proof

jeen noi sterrym stormproof

jeen noi tashid damp-proof

jeen noi ushtey waterproof

jeen rish boalley lean to

waterproof jannoo jeen; jeen; jeen noi ushtey; jeenagh

burglar-proof jeen noi burgleyrys; jeen noi maarlee oie

weatherproof (n.) jeen; jeen noi'n earish

proof against jeen noi: Proof against water - Jeen noi ushtey. DF idiom

acid-proof jeen noi sharroo

air-tight (adj.) jeen noi aer

all-weather1 (adj.) (clothes) jeen noi'n emshir

bulletproof (adj.) jeen noi bulladyn

dirtproof jeen noi broighid

dustproof (adj.) jeen noi joan

foolproof (adj.) do-arraghey; lane jeen

gas-proof jeen noi gas

greaseproof (adj.) jeen noi smarrey

heat-proof jeen noi chiass

impermeable (adj.) jeen, jeenagh

impervious (adj.) anchassagh; jeen noi

puncture-proof jeen noi doralyn

rainproof (adj.) jeen noi fliaghey

roofing felt (n.) felt jeen

rotproof (adj.) jeen noi loauys

rot-proof jeen noi loauys

rustproof (adj.) jeen noi mergey

shrinkproof jeen noi cribbey

sliding roof (n.) jeen shliawin

stormproof (adj.) jeen noi sterrym

sun-proof jeen noi'n ghrian

watertight1 (adj.) jeen, neufaarnagh

windproof (adj.) jeen noi'n gheay

windtight (adj.) jeen noi'n gheay

bombproof (adj.) bleaystan-jeen; jeen noi bleaystanys

damp-proof jeen noi tashid; tashjeenaght

fireproof (adj.) do-lostey; (v.) jeen noi aile

lean to jeen rish boalley

proofing (v.) jannoo jeen noi; jeeney

weatherboard (n.) claare jeen; claare shellee

wellintons braagyn-jeen

bleaystan-jeen bombproof

braagyn-jeen (f.) wellintons

staunch castey; jeelys; jeen; jeenagh; neufaarnagh

scurvy grass (n.) burley traie, faiyr, feiyr, guilley bing, guilley jeen

proof jeen; jeeney noi; prowal; prowallys; proof: Spirit thirty percent below proof - Spyrryd jeih as feed 'sy cheead fo proof. DF idiom

goaill kiarail being wary: Dy vel Jee'n Spyrryd Noo goaill kiarail jeusyn ooilley ta credjal ayns Yeesey Creest CS

dry sponkit, reeastanagh; chirrym: The road is dry without being hard - Ta'n raad chirrym gyn ve creoi. DF idiom; creeney; creoi; cuckley; jeen; shiast: The cow is dry - Ta'n vooa shiast. DF idiom; shiastey: Dry wells - Chibbraghyn shiastey. DF idiom; sloateil; chyrmey; chyrmaghey; chirmaghey: Put out to dry - Cur magh dy chirmaghey. DF idiom

lioar (=Ir. leabhar) (f.) pl. lioaryn book, folio, tome, volume: Gow-jee'n lioar shoh jeh'n leigh Bible; indeed, yes: lioar, ta mee hannah er chur mollaght orroo, er-yn-oyr nagh vel shiu goaill eh gys nyn gree. Bible [L. liber]


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