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jeeig (f.) pl. jeeigyn conduit, cut, ditch, drain, fosse, gully, pit, trench, waterway: hyrmee eh seose yn ushtey va 'sy jeeig. Bible; sewer

Inexact matches:

jeeig choadee (f.) entrenchment

ass y jeeig jumped-up

ceaut 'sy jeeig ditched

cleiy jeeig mygeayrt entrench

conduit (n.) jeeig, piob ushtey

ditched ceaut ersooyl; ceaut 'sy jeeig: He ditched the car - Hug eh y gleashtan 'sy jeeig. DF idiom; currit 'sy cheayn: He ditched the 'plane - Hug eh yn etlan 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; faagit; jeeigagh; jeeigit; treigit

entrench (v.) cleiy jeeig mygeayrt

entrenchment (n.) jeeig choadee

fosse (n.) jeeig

gully (n.) altan; gullad; jeeig

jumped-up (adj.) ass y jeeig

sewer1 (n.) sornaig; jeeig; clash

trench (v.) clashal; (n.) clash; jeeg, jeeig: and he made a trench about the altar - as ren eh jeeig mysh yn altar Bible; lhen; trensh

ditch (v.) cur 'sy cheayn, faagail, jeeigey; (n.) jeeg, jeeig

drain (v.) chirmaghey, folmaghey, jeeiganey, jeeigey, sheeley, teaumey; (n.) jeeig, piob-heelee, sornaig

waterway (n.) bollagh ushtey, coorse ushtey, jeeig, raad ushtey, strooan

hyrmee dried: hyrmee eh seose yn ushtey va 'sy jeeig Bible

pit1 (n.) lag, jeeig; niurin; oaie; guag; ooig; slogh: Inspection pit - Slogh ronsee. DF idiom

myr t'eh enmyssit so-called: T'eh goll sheese voish Balesalach liorish y voalley as y jeeig gys Awin Rushen, myr t'eh enmyssit liorish ny Manninee Chron

oainjyr (f.) pl. oainjyryn mistress, prostitute, whore: ta streebagh myr jeeig dowin, as yn oainjyr myr ribbey chion Bible

Oxwath Ox Ford: Eisht t'eh goll sheese liorish y voalley cheddin as y jeeig cheddin gys yn awin faggys da Oxwath. Chron

cut baarey; beam; beamey; buinn; collag; giarreen; giarey, giarrey; grainney; injillaghey; jeeig; oght; slish-woalley; slissey; giareit; vuinn; (to); (dy) ghiarrey; giarit: I must get my hair cut - Shegin dou geddyn m'olt giarit. JJK idiom; giar: Please cut my hair, too - Giar m'olt neesht, my sailliu. JJK idiom


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