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jeed off thee, of you: ver-ym er earroo dy leih dy heet jeed Bible

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cur jeed undress yourself: Cur jeed dty vraagyn jeh dty chassyn Bible

off thee jeed, jeeds

undress yourself (v.) cur jeed

bwooiagh (=Ir. buíoch) willing: bee eshyn bwooiagh jeed, ny soiaghey jeh dty phersoon? Bible

Jeeagh (intj) Lo, Look: Jeeagh, ta ny sideyn er cheu shoh jeed Bible

cap (n.) baare, cap, capeen, farkyl; edd: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; bayrn: He won his cap - Hooar eh e vayrn. DF idiom; (v.) crooiney, cur bayrn er, keim er stowal er

of you jeed; jiu, j'iu: Which of you did this? - Quoi jiu ren eh shoh? JJK idiom; (emph.) jeuish, jiuish, j'iuish

possibly (adv.) foddee: Possibly he has heard of you - Foddee dy vel eh er chlashtyn jeed. DF idiom

take1 (v.) goaill: I would not like to trouble you - Cha b'laik lhiam boirey shiu JJK idiom; troggal; gow: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; trog-jee

take off3 (v.) (clothes) gow eaddagh jeh: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom

bisheeym I will increase: Cur-my-ner, neem's uss messoil, as bisheeym oo, as ver-ym er earroo dy leih dy heet jeed, as ver-yms y cheer shoh, da dty luight dty yeï, son eiraght dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible; I will multiply

feer veg miniscule, minute, pigmy, teeny-weeny, tiny, very little: ta feer veg er ny hoiaghey jeed. Bible

fys ec know: son nagh vel fys ec y seihll er aggair erbee jeed CS

goaill boggey jubilate, rejoice, rejoicing: gowee oo rish e aigney mie, tra t'eh smaghtagh chammah as tra t'eh goaill boggey jeed. CS

goll gys y leigh litigate: My tou toilçhin drogh haggloo ve jeed, cha jean goll gys y leigh agh beill sleih y osley. CS; litigation

hirrey 1 (dy); (to) seek; 2 require a: As nish Israel, cre tan Chiarn dty Yee dy hirrey jeed Bible

laa mairagh (yn) tomorrow day: Ny jean boggyssagh jeed hene mychione y laa mairagh; son cha vel fys ayd, cre ver y laa lesh mygeayrt. Bible

nagh bee (interrog.) won't be: My tou jannoo dy mie, nagh bee soiagh jeant jeed? Bible

ny-yeih 1 howbeit, nevertheless, notwithstanding, yet: ny-yeih, cha vel ny chiarnyn booiagh jeed Bible; 2 albeit a: Tan Chiarn er ghra eh, ny-yeih cha vel mish er loayrt? Bible

ashamed (adj.) naaragh, nearagh; naarit; nearey er: You make me feel ashamed - T'ou cur nearey orrym. DF idiom; nearildagh: He is unable to work and ashamed to beg - Cha nod eh gobbragh as t'eh nearildagh jeirk y hirrey. DF idiom; neareydagh: You ought to be ashamed of yourself - By chair dhyt ve neareydagh jeed hene. DF idiom

birds (npl.) eeanlee: and the birds shall eat thy flesh from off thee - as nee ny eeanlee gee dty eill jeed Bible; ein, êin; (ny); (the) heïn; ushagyn: the time of the singing of birds is come - ta imbagh kiaulleeaght ny ushagyn er jeet Bible

goaill baght comprehend; consider: nagh vel eshyn ta ronsagh y chree? goaill baght jeed? Bible; searching: As hyndaa ad veih goaill baght jehn cheer Bible; observing: As haink eh gy-kione, myr va Joab goaill baght jehn ard-valley Bible; perceive: teh myrgeddin goll shaghym, as cha voddym goaill baght jeh Bible


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