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jeean (=Ir. dian) 1 ardent, businesslike, diligent, eager, earnest, fervent, intense, intensive, keen, vehement, zealous a: ren eh aghin jeean huggey Bible; 2 sudden

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aigney jeean resolution; great desire: Agh nish nagh vel arragh aym dy yannoo ayns ny ardjyn shoh, as myr te er ve my aigney jeean ny ymmodee bleeantyn shoh dy heet nyn raad Bible

chiass jeean zeal: ta obraghyn ny fyaly er fyss, shen ta aydsho: brishie pusi, mardrys, niauglenid, roauynys, ammys dy iallynyn, pishagyn, myskid, noidjys, chass ieen, korri, striif, irri magh, kyghla smunaghtyn. PB1610

dy jeean earnestly, hastily, suddenly, vehemently, zealously: ta mee dy jeean cooinaghtyn er dy kinjagh Bible; purpose

fer jeean zealot

graih jeean zeal: hug eh mysh graih jeean myr cloagey Bible

jeean-geearree er implore

lhaihder jeean voracious reader

obbree jeean grafter

Jeean er Ynsagh Passionate about Learning

jeean noi bleaystanyn shellproof

obbraghey dy jeean graft, toil: Va boodeeys Yernish ayn va arryltagh dy obbraghey dy jeean son y chengey. Carn

teiy dy jeean hand-pick

zealously (adv.) dy jeean; jeean: They zealously affect you - Tad goaill orroo dy vel kenjallys jeean oc diu Bible

ardent (adj.) jeean: Ardent lover - Graihder jeean. DF idiom

eager (n.) aggindagh; jeean: He is ready, yes, eager to come - T'eh aarloo, she, jeean dy heet. DF idiom

businesslike (adj.) abyl, jeean

fervent (adj.) jeean; cheh

keen1 foyragh; foyral; geayr; geyragh; jeean: He is a keen fisherman - T'eh ny eeasteyr jeean. DF idiom; shleeuit, shleeut; geyre: He has a keen sense of hearing - Ta cleayshyn geyre echey. DF idiom

shellproof (adj.) jeean noi bleaystanyn

vehement1 (adj.) chennoil, jeean

voracious reader (n.) lhaihder jeean

zeal (n.) chiass jeean, eadolys, eadolid, graih jeean, graih vaanrit ayns craueeaght; jeeanid: Let us reward his zeal - Lhig dooin cur leagh da e yeeanid. JJK idiom

zealous (adj.) caarjagh, çheh, eadolagh, geadee, graysoil; jeean: because he was zealous for his God - er-yn-oyr dy row eh jeean son ooashley e Yee Bible

agitation1 (n.) boiranys; glistyr; jeean-ghleashaght

concentration2 (n.) (of mind) geill; jeean-tastey

disease2 (n.) (fast developing) jeean-ghorley

earnest request (n.) jeean-aghin

enthusiastic (adj.) ard-jeean

grafter (n.) cooyl-chliaghtey, noadagher, obbree jeean

hand-pick (v.) teiy dy jeean, femblal

hyperlink (n.) jeean-chiangley

importuning jeean-aghin; sheer-geearree

intense (adj.) chiu, jeean, mooar, trome

precociousness (n.) jeean-appeeys; mogh-appeeys; shenn-chreenaght

violent motion jeean-ghleashaght

ard-jeean enthusiastic

jeean-aghin (f.) earnest request, importuning

jeean-appee sexually precocious

jeean-appeeys precociousness

jeean-chiangley hyperlink

jeean-ghleashaght (f.) agitation, violent motion

jeean-ghorley (fast developing) disease

jeean-loayrt assert

jeean-loayrtys assertion

jeean-tastey (of mind) concentration

assert (v.) jeean-loayrt; shassoo seose er son

assertion (n.) jeean-loayrtys; shassoo seose er son

earnestly (adv.) dy jeean; dy jarroo; ry yeru

implore (v.) jannoo aghin hug, jeean-geearree er

Passionate about Learning Jeean er Ynsagh

sexually precocious (adj.) cheh; er cannoo; jeean-appee

toil (n.) laboraght; (v.) obbraghey dy jeean, tooilleil

vehemently (adv.) dy helgysagh, dy hennoil, dy jeean

graft banglane noadit; cooyl-chliaghtey; graftal, noadaghey, obbraghey dy jeean

hastily (adv.) beeal freayn; dy gribbeydey; dy jeean; dy joltee; dy siyragh; dy leah

intensive (adj.) jeean: Intensive care unit - Boayl kiarail yeean. DF idiom; trean

reader (n.) lhaihder: Voracious reader - Lhaihder jeean. DF idiom

resolution (n.) aigney jeean, daanys, jeeskeaylley, kiarail, rheynn, skeaylley; cruinnys

sudden (adj.) doaltattym: All of a sudden - Dy doaltattym. DF idiom; jeean

zealot (n.) fer baanrit, fer jeean, fer-yeean, fer-vaanrit, fer-er-finnue ayns cooishyn chredjue

eeasteyr (=Ir. iascaire) pl. eeasteyryn angler, fisher, fisherman: T'eh ny eeasteyr jeean. DF

cloak brat; breidaghey; breidey; ceau cloagey er; cloagaghey; cloagey: Hooded cloak - Cloagey bayrnagh. DF idiom and was clad with zeal as a cloak. - as hug eh mysh graih jeean myr cloagey Bible; coodagh; coodaghey

diligent (adj.) imneagh, jeadagh, jeean, jeidjagh, kiaralagh; jeidagh: Work is the diligent man's motto - Ta obbyr kione-ghraue yn dooinney jeidagh. JJK idiom

earnest (adj.) dy kiart: It is raining in real earnest now - T'eh ceau fliaghey dy kiart nish. DF idiom; jeean, ynrick; jeeaney; (n.) eearlys, gioal; jeidagh: He is in dead earnest - T'eh slane jeidagh. DF idiom

fisherman (n.) eeasteyr: He is a keen fisherman - T'eh ny eeasteyr jeean. DF idiom

purpose (n.) aigney, finn, shalee, treeal, ymmyd; (v.) kiarail, soulaghey; dy jeean: I didn't do it on purpose - Cha ren mee eh dy-jeean. JJK idiom

suddenly (adv.) doaltattym, doaltattymagh; dy doaltattym: I awoke suddenly - Ghooisht mee dy-doaltattym. JJK idiom; dy jeean; dy siyragh

ardscoill (f.) high school: T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel Gordon Wilson, ren goll dys Ardscoill Ghoolish, ny mast-oc shid syn SNP ta dy jeean ayns foayr jeh seyrsnys kiart. Carn

beayntys (pl -syn) endurance, infinity, lastingness: Hee-oo nagh vod niurin lesh e yiattyn loor, ny beayntys ghor'ghey whaagh y diunid wooar eshyn y reayll, cho jeean t'eh er cooilleen, agh ooill' e roon hyndaays foast er hene PC

boodeeys pl. boodeeyssyn community, copartnership, partnership: Va boodeeys Yernish ayn va arryltagh dy obbraghey dy jeean son y chengey. Carn

cordail rish according to; endorse: Cordail rish my yerkal jeean, as my hreishteil nagh bee nearey orrym ayns nhee erbee Bible

gholl gys 1 (dy); (to) take to; 2 (dy); (to) go to a: As dreggyr Jonathan Saul, Ren David dy jeean kied y hirrey orrym dy gholl gys Bethlehem Bible

Greece Greece: tra veh er gholl harrish ny ardjyn shen, as dy jeean er choyrlaghey ad, haink eh gys Greece Bible

lhiu (=Ir. libh) with you: ta shiu dunverys, as dy jeean geearree dy gheddyn, as cha vel eh cheet lhiu Bible

meiyghys benignity, lenity, tenderness: cre cha jeean as ta mee goaill foddeeaght nyn yei eu ooilley ayns meiyghys Yeesey Creest. Bible; gentleness

mêriu with you: Lesh yeearree jeean ta mee er ve aignagh yn Eayn-caisht shoh y ee mêriu roish my jean-ym surranse. PB1765

obbaltagh abstainer: Ghiall mee shen dy jeean as ta mee er reayll y ghialdyn shen, ta mee er ve slane obbaltagh car my vioys! JG; refusing

plan pl. plannyn plan: hoilshee shen magh dy row sleih ennagh lostey ny thieyn er jeean, coardail rish plan. Carn

race race: lhig dooin dy jeean roie yn race ta soit kiongoyrt rooin Bible

slane obbaltagh bone-dry, teetotal: Ghiall mee shen dy jeean as ta mee er reayll y ghialdyn shen, ta mee er ve slane obbaltagh car my vioys! JG; teetotaller, total abstainer

spaarit afforded; saved, spared: S'mie fakin whilleen eddinyn dy chaarjyn ayns y chamyr, as te yn bwooishal as padjer jeean aym dy bee mayd ooilley spaarit dy akin ymmodee chaglymyn elley gollrish yn nane shoh. Dhoor

yllagh as eam hue and cry, outcry: Sy teihll argidoil lurg soiaghyn ny h-atçhimeyryn, ren yn yllagh as eam eddyrashoonagh cur er lught yn argid prowal obbraghey ny smoo jeean dy chur sthap er argid goll gys atçhimeyryn. BS


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