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replenish (v.) aalhieeney, aa-lheeiney: Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth - jean-jee bishaghey, as jean-jee yn seihll y aa-lheeiney Bible; lhiasaghey; (impv) aa-lhieen

accuse (v.) cassid; jannoo cassid er: Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely - Ny jean-jee tranlaase er dooinney erbee, ny jean-jee cassid vreagagh er dooinney erbee Bible; cur ny lieh: touching those things whereof ye accuse him - mychione ny reddyn ta shiuish cur ny lieh Bible; cur stiagh plaiynt: go down with me, and accuse this man - goll sheese mâryms, as plaiynt y chur stiagh noi yn dooinney shoh Bible

howl (n.) (v.) gull: Howl, O gate; cry, O city - Gull, O yiat; yllee, O ard-valley Bible; (v.) gullal: lament and howl - jean-jee gullal as gluggernee; Bible; gullarnee, gullyrnee: Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand - Jean-jee gullyrnee; son ta laa yn Chiarn ec laue Bible; dobberan: Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa nee Moab dobberan son Moab Bible; yllee: Howl, ye ships of Tarshish - Yllee-jee, shiuish lhongyn Tarshish Bible; gluggernee: and all the inhabitants of the land shall howl - as nee ooilley fir-vaghee yn cheer gluggernee Bible; yllaghey: Therefore will I howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa trog-yms yllaghey son Moab Bible; geam: Cry and howl - Jean gyllagh as geam Bible

aa-lheeiney replenish: jean-jee yn seihll y aa-lheeiney. Bible

gluggernee sob: jean-jee gullal as gluggernee Bible; howl

censeryn cencers: Shoh jean-jee; Gow-jee censeryn, Korah, as ooilley e heshaght Bible

dhieyn See thieyn houses: jean-jee er mullagh ny dhieyn Bible

glaraghyn (f.) tongues, languages: ny jean-jee lhiettal dy loayrt ayns glaraghyn. Bible

'naght accordingly: 'naght myr t'ee er n'yannoo, jean-jee r'ee. Bible

nah (=Ir. ath) next, second: Jean-jee eh yn nah cheayrt Bible

poose (=Ir. pós) marry: Poose-jee mraane, as jean-jee mec as inneenyn y gheddyn Bible

shass-jee stand still: Shass-jee ayns aggle, as ny jean-jee peccah Bible

hedges (npl.) cleighyn, cleiyn; cleighee; cleiyee: lament, and run to and fro by the hedges - jean-jee dobberan, as roie-jee noon as noal rish ny cleiyee Bible

multiply (v.) bishaghey: Be fruitful, and multiply - Bee-jee messoil as jean-jee bishaghey Bible; mooadaghey; sheelaghey; yl-raghey; ymmodaghey; (to); (dy) vishaghey; thooilliu

aasmooinaght (f.) afterthought, reflection: Aasmooinaght - Ny jean-jee jarrood y thurrys dys Lhag ny Keilley. GB

cassid accuse, impeach, reprimand, revile; (with crime) charge: ny jean-jee cassid vreagagh er dooinney erbee Bible; crookedness

chaggle-jee gather: Chaggle-jee yn pobble: jean-jee yn co-chruinnaght y casherickey; chaggle-jee yn chenndeeaght; chymsee-jee cooidjagh yn chloan, as adsyn ta jiole er y cheeagh Bible

chummey 1 (y) hew out a: Jean daa voayrd chloaie y chummey dhyt hene goll rish ny chied vuird Bible; 2 fashion, form; 3 conform: As ny jean-jee shiu hene y chummey gys y theihll shoh Bible

dwooiagh abominable: Ny jean-jee shiu hene neu-ghlen lesh veg jeh ny peccaghyn dwooiagh shoh Bible

dy arrymagh solemnly, soberly: Nagh jean-jee ainjys rish ny ashoonyn shoh, ta er-mayrn ny mast' eu ; chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc, ny loo lioroo, ny shirveish ad, ny croymmey shiu-hene sheese huc Bible

dy eddrym lightly: Ny jean-jee eh y lhiettal: son cha vel dooinney erbee nee mirril y yannoo ayns m'ennym's, oddys dy eddrym loayrt olk jee'm. Bible

dy tastagh circumspectly; diligently: Eaisht-jee dy tastagh rish my ghoan, as jean-jee myr shoh m'y gherjaghey. Bible; wisely; wittingly

ellanyn yn aarkey isles of the sea: jean-jee yn Chiarn y ghloyraghey ayns ny coanyn, dy jarroo ennym y Chiarn, Jee Israel, ayns ellanyn yn aarkey Bible

fer shoh (yn) this one: Cur-jee yn fer shoh ayns pryssoon, as jean-jee eh y veaghey lesh arran dy heaghyn, as lesh ushtey dy heaghyn, derrey hig-yms reesht ayns shee. Bible

giarrey jeh amputate, amputation, apocope, chop off, cut off, deduct, snip off, strike off: As loayr y Chiarn rish Moses, as rish Aaron, gra, Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn. Bible

gullyrnee howl: Jean-jee gullyrnee; son ta laa yn Chiarn ec laue; hig eh myr toyrt-mow veih'n Ooilley-niartal. Bible

hrooidsyn through him: jean-jee ooilley ayns ennym y Chiarn Yeesey, coyrt booise da Jee dy jarroo yn Ayr ny hrooidsyn. Bible

jesh da applicable: Jean-jee hene briwnys; vel eh jesh da ben dy yannoo padjer gys Jee as y kione eck gyn coodagh? Bible

keoi mad, rabid: Dooyrt mee rish ny ommydanyn, Ny jean-jee cha keoi Bible; savage

Kiare as Feed (Yn); (The) House of Keys: Jean-jee obbyr politickagh, cur screeuyn da ny pabyryn naight, as cur shilley er ny Olteynyn jeh'n Kiare as Feed. Carn

lajerys cogency, force, headiness, might, prowess, richness, strength: cur-jee veue tranlaase as spooilley, as jean-jee briwnys as cairys, trog-jee nyn laue-lajerys veih my phobble, ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra. Bible

lane airh auriferous: Fow-jee ynsagh lesh sym mooar dy argid, as jean-jee lane airh y chosney lioree. Apoc; plenty of gold

laue-lajerys force majeure, oppression, physical force: cur-jee veue tranlaase as spooilley, as jean-jee briwnys as cairys, trog-jee nyn laue-lajerys veih my phobble, ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra. Bible; exactions

oanluckey See goanluckey burial, bury, burying, committal, entomb, hush up, inter, interment: Jean-jee mee y oanluckey marish m'ayraghyn Bible

raad y Chiarn way of the Lord: Jean-jee aarloo raad y Chiarn, kiartee-jee ayns yn eaynagh raad-mooar da'n Jee ain. Bible

ronsaghey beat for game, consult, debate, examine, explore, forage, frisk, investigate, look into, ransack, research, rifle, rummage, scrutinise, scrutinize, scrutinizing, search, searching: jean-jee ronsaghey as jeeaghyn Bible; consultation

sailliu you like, you please, you will, you wish: jean-jee roo myr sailliu Bible

thie ynsee academy: Tayrn-jee er-gerrey dou, shiuish neu-ynsit, as jean-jee cummalsy thie ynsee. Apoc

trosht fast: trosht-jee er my hon's, as ny jean-jee gee ny giu son three laa Bible

ushtey dy heaghyn water of affliction: jean-jee eh y veaghey lesh arran dy heaghyn, as lesh ushtey dy heaghyn, derrey hig-yms reesht ayns shee. Bible

at hand fo laue; er-gerrey: The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand - Tan chiaghtoo vleïn, bleïn yn eaysley ergerrey Bible; ec laue: Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand - Jean-jee gullyrnee; son ta laa yn Chiarn ec laue Bible

husbands fir-hie; sheshaghyn: thou art the sister of thy sisters, which lothed their husbands - tou uss shuyr dty hayraghyn, oc va dwoaie er nyn sheshaghyn Bible; deiney-poost: submit yourselves unto your own husbands - jean-jee shiu hene y injillaghey gys ny deiney-poost eu Bible

mention enmys; imraa: and make mention of me unto Pharaoh - as jean imraa jeem rish Pharaoh Bible; gimraa: make mention that his name is exalted - jean-jee gimraa er e ennym lesh ard-voylley Bible; loayrys: neither make mention of the name of their gods - chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc Bible

subdue (v.) cur fo chosh: I will subdue all thine enemies - neems myrgeddin ooilley dty noidyn y choyrt fo-chosh Bible; cur sheese: He shall subdue the peoples under us - Ver eh sheese y pobble foin Bible; goaill yn varriaght: and subdue with sling stones - as yiow ad yn varriaght lesh claghyn-sling Bible; injillaghey: to subdue nations before him - dy injillaghey ashoonyn kiongoyrt rish Bible; reill: replenish the earth, and subdue it - jean-jee yn seihll magh lesh cummaltee, as reill-jee harrish Bible

vile1 (adj.) drogh: and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment - as dy jig stiagh myrgeddin dooinney boght ayns drogh choamrey; Bible; dwoaieagh; dwoaiagh: then thy brother should seem vile unto - dy bee dty vraar eisht dwoaiagh ayns dty hilley Bible; fardailagh; melley; neu-chooie: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections - Er-yn-oyr shoh livrey Jee ad seose gys yeearreeyn neu-chooie Bible; feohdagh: but unto this man do not so vile a thing - agh rish yn dooinney shoh, ny jean-jee lheid y peccah feohdagh Bible; mollaghtagh: er-yn-oyr dy ren e vec ad-hene mollaghtagh - because his sons made themselves vile Bible; marvaanagh: Who shall change our vile body - Nee caghlaa yn corp marvaanagh ain; (n.) moodjeen: The vile person shall be no more called liberal - Cha bee yn mooidjeen ny smoo enmyssit feoilt Bible

giarrey1 (=Ir. gearradh) abbreviate, abridge, axe, beat out, carve, castrate, circumcise, cleave, clip, condense, cut, cut away, cut back, cut short, cut up, disconnect, dissect, erupt, flux, gash, hack, hew, incise, intersect, lance, levy, lop, mark out, prune, sever, shear, sink, slash, slicing, slit, snip; cut off: Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn Bible; (as words) clip: Nagh vaik oo dy vel dy chooilley hushtey ymmyrçhagh soit sheese ayns focklyn giarrey? CS; (as tail) crop; curtailment; diarrhoea; abridging, condensing, nicking, pruning, reaping; section [O.Ir. gerraid]

ny (=Ir. na) 1 (npl.) the a: As chroo Jee yn aer; as scarr eh ny ushtaghyn fo yn aer Bible; 2 (gen.) of, of the: Shoh fer jeh cloan ny Hebrewnee. Bible; 3 what, whether, who: nee dty Ayr ta fakin ny ta jeant dy follit Bible; 4 or, nor: Ben-treoghe, ny ben scarrit, ny dy ghrogh ghoo, ny streebagh Bible; 5 do not, not: ny jean-jee yn ommijys shoh. Bible


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