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jean airhey corn marigold

jean (n.) breechyn jeeney

jean1 (impv) do, make, shall do, will: Jean cummal marym's Bible; (interrog.) shalt

jean2 (interrog.) do, make; shall do, will: jean eh yn raad y lhiggey da? Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Jean Baljean

cha jean shall not do; shall not: Cha jean shiu feeyn y iu, shiuish ny nyn mec son dy bragh Bible

Cha jean-ym I will not

jean aachassid (impv) recriminate

jean brabbag warm the legs

jean caghlaaghyn (impv) (make) amendments

jean corragh (impv) unsettle

jean cronnane (impv) buzz

jean femblal (impv) edit

jean freeghey (impv) fry

jean gurneil (impv) control

jean leighoil (impv) legalize

jean lhimmey (impv) make an exception

Jean siyr (intj) Hurry up, Look alive, Quick: Jean siyr mannagh veesmayd anmagh. DF

jean ynnyd-vaghee settle

nagh jean (interrog.) won't: Cren choyrle ver shiu dou, nagh jeanym shen? CS

nagh jean-yms shall I not: Nagh jean-yms ad y smaghtaghey son ny peccaghyn shoh? Bible

ny jean don't: Ny jean giu feeyn ny jough lajer, uss, ny dty vec mayrt, tra ta shiu goll stiagh ayns y chabbane-agglish, Bible; do not

cha jean-ym clashtyn I will not hear

cha jean-yms goll I will not go: My hed uss mârym, eisht neem's goll: agh mannagh jed uss mârym, eisht cha jean-yms goll. Bible

jean arrish er (impv) copy

jean ass y noa (impv) update

jean coardail rish reconcile: immee royd, jean coardail rish dty vraar hoshiaght, as eisht tar, as cheb dty oural Bible

jean cosoylley eddyr (impv) parallel

jean leshtal er son (impv) excuse

jean maihnys er (impv) amnesty

jean ny smessey (impv) exacerbate

Jean siyr myr te (intj) Hurry up then

jean unnaneys jeh amalgamate

Ny jean boirey (impv) Don't worry: Dooyrt eshyn, kiart, agh ny jean boirey. Cha bee red erbee taghyrt diu. Dhoor

Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral The Speaker demands order

dys y chooid sodjey to the uttermost: JEAN us arrey ayns dygh ully red: fulli syaghyn, jean gys y jere obeyr ferr uiskell, jean t'oik gys y ghuidd soje, bii koourit. PB1610

abominable (adj.) dwoaiagh: How much more abominable and filthy is man - Cre-woad sloo dwoaiagh as neu-ghlen ta dooinney Bible; dwoaieagh; dwooiagh: or any unclean beast, or any abominable unclean thing - ny baagh, ny rish neu-ghlennid dwooiagh erbee elley Bible; dwoaioil; eajee: that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs - nagh jean shiu cur-rish veg jeh ny cliaghtaghyn eajee; feohoil; feohdoil: And if it be eaten at all on the third day, it is abominable - As my vees eh er ny ee eddyr er y trass laa, te feohdoil Bible; feohdagh: ye shall not make your souls abominable by beast, or by fowl - cha jean shiu shiu-hene feohdagh liorish baagh ny eean Bible; neu-ghlen: Ye shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing - Cha jean shiu neu-ghlen jiu hene lesh red snauee erbee Bible; oaiagh

don't (impv) ny jean: Don't do such silly things - Ny jean lheid ny reddyn ommijagh. JJK idiom

Hurry up (impv) Jean siyr: Hurry up lest we be late - Jean siyr mannagh veesmayd anmagh. DF idiom

make5 (impv) jean: Make hay while the sun shines - Jean traagh choud as ta'n ghrian soilshean. JJK idiom

will2 (interrog.) jean: Will you buy any gloves? - Jean shiu kionnagh lauenyn erbee? JJK idiom

won't (interrog.) nagh jean: Won't he take it from me? - Nagh jean eh goaill voym eh? JJK idiom

Baljean Balley Jean

do1 (n.) giense, yannoo; (v.) jannoo: That's the best thing you can do - Shen y red share oddys shiu jannoo. JJK idiom; nee; cur rish; (impv) jean: Do good with all thy might - Jean mie lesh ooilley dty niart. JJK idiom

do2 (interrog.) jean

exacerbate (v.) jean ny smessey

Look alive (intj) Jean siyr

make4 (interrog.) jean

Quick (impv) Jean siyr

shall do2 (interrog.) jean

shall not cha negin: Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden - Cha negin diu gee jeh dy-chooilley villeysy gharey Bible; cha jean: he shall not escape - cha jean eh scapail Bible

shall not do cha jean: ye shall not do any work therein - cha jean shiu monney erbee dy obbyr Bible

shalt nee: upon thy belly shalt thou go - er dty volg nee oo snaue Bible; jean: Shalt thou indeed reign over us? - Jean uss dy jarroo reill harrin? Bible

breechyn jeeney jean

farkaght (f.) pause, stay, wait: Jean shiu laboraght as farkaght; ta traa creenagh yn arroo, agh cha jean eh traaue ny magheryn EF

jalloo airh golden image: Agh mannagh jean, lhig fys y ve ayd's, O ree, nagh jean mayd ny jeeghyn ayd's y hirveish, ny ooashley y choyrt da'n jalloo airh shen, t'ou uss er hoiaghey seose. Bible

paarteil decease; leave: Ny jean shiu dy bragh paarteil roosyn ta shiu graihagh orroo fegooish fockleyn graihagh; foddee nagh jean shiu meeiteil roo arragh. Coraa

sur-virleeyn super-yachts: T'eh jerkit dy jean turrys ny Shirveishee gys Monaco, dy jean eh greinnaghey tooilley shellooderyn jeh 'sur-virleeyn as obbreyderyn dy ghoaill ymmyd jeh recortys- lhuingys Vannin. BS

amendments2 (v.) (make) jannoo caghlaaghyn, jean caghlaaghyn

edit (v.) femblal, jean femblal, reaghey

falsely (adv.) dy breagagh: Thou speakest falsely - T'ou loayrt dy breagagh Bible; dy foalsey: And ye shall not swear by my name falsely - As cha jean shiu loo liorish mennyms dy foalsey Bible; dy molteyraght: Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely - Cha jean shiu geid, ny dellal dy molteyraght Bible; dy oaiagh: Or all that about which he hath sworn falsely - Ny ooilley shen, my-e-chione teh er loo dy oaiagh Bible; oaiagh: and hath testified falsely against his brother - as dy vel eh er goaill loo oaiagh noi e vraar

I will not Cha jeanym; Cha jean-ym: I will not with ink and pen write unto thee - cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible

make an exception (v.) jean lhimmey

replenish (v.) aalhieeney, aa-lheeiney: Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth - jean-jee bishaghey, as jean-jee yn seihll y aa-lheeiney Bible; lhiasaghey; (impv) aa-lhieen

stumble (v.) snapperal: and thy foot shall not stumble - as dty chass cha jean snapperal Bible; skyrraghtyn: when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble - tra tou roie, cha jean oo skyrraghtyn Bible; leaystey: they err in vision, they stumble in judgment - tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible

wickedly (adv.) dy drogh; dy holk; dy aggairagh: Will ye speak wickedly for God? - Jean shiuish loayrt dy aggairagh ayns lieh Yee? Bible; dy mee-chrauee: I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God - ta mee er vreayll raaidyn y Chiarn, as cha vel mee dy mee-chrauee er hreigeil my Yee. Bible; mee-chairys: God will not do wickedly - cha jean Jee meechairys Bible; dy neuchairagh: thou hast done right, but we have done wickedly - tou uss er nyannoo dy cairagh, agh shinyn dy neuchairagh Bible; dy olk: for his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly - son er drogh choyrle e voir ren eh dy olk Bible; dy olkyssagh: thou thoughtest wickedly - heill oo dy olkyssagh Bible; dy peccoil: and have done wickedly - as er nyannoo dy peccoil Bible

cloie (=Ir. cluich, cluiche) pl. cloiaghyn 1 act, charade, event, game, match, pastime, performance, play; 2 (v.) boil, bubble: a: Ta'n coirrey beg cloie DF; 3 enact, extemporise, perform, represent a: hig eh gy-kione, tra vees y spyrryd olk shoh ort veih Jee, dy jean eh cloie lesh e laue, as yiow couyr Bible; b: cheayll mee kiaull claaseyderyn cloie er nyn glaasaghyn Bible; 4 monkey, skylark, sport, playing: Jean oo cloie rish myr rish ushag? Bible; 5 dally

accuse (v.) cassid; jannoo cassid er: Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely - Ny jean-jee tranlaase er dooinney erbee, ny jean-jee cassid vreagagh er dooinney erbee Bible; cur ny lieh: touching those things whereof ye accuse him - mychione ny reddyn ta shiuish cur ny lieh Bible; cur stiagh plaiynt: go down with me, and accuse this man - goll sheese mâryms, as plaiynt y chur stiagh noi yn dooinney shoh Bible

corn marigold (n.) bastag wuigh; blaashagh buigh; jean airhey

howl (n.) (v.) gull: Howl, O gate; cry, O city - Gull, O yiat; yllee, O ard-valley Bible; (v.) gullal: lament and howl - jean-jee gullal as gluggernee; Bible; gullarnee, gullyrnee: Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand - Jean-jee gullyrnee; son ta laa yn Chiarn ec laue Bible; dobberan: Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa nee Moab dobberan son Moab Bible; yllee: Howl, ye ships of Tarshish - Yllee-jee, shiuish lhongyn Tarshish Bible; gluggernee: and all the inhabitants of the land shall howl - as nee ooilley fir-vaghee yn cheer gluggernee Bible; yllaghey: Therefore will I howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa trog-yms yllaghey son Moab Bible; geam: Cry and howl - Jean gyllagh as geam Bible

Hurry up then (intj) Jean siyr myr te

I will not go cha jem: I will not go in with thee - cha jem stiagh mayrt Bible; (emph.) cha jems: I will not go up in the midst of thee - cha jems seose ny masteu Bible; cha jean-yms goll: then I will not go - eisht cha jean-yms goll Bible

I will not hear cha neaisht-ym: I will not hear the melody of thy viols - cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible; cha jean-ym clashtyn: when ye make many prayers, I will not hear - tra ta shiu goaill ymmodee padjeryn, cha jean-ym clashtyn Bible

legalize (v.) jannoo leigh jeh, jean leighoil

recriminate (v.) aachassid, jannoo cassid er; aacherraghey; (impv) jean aachassid

warm the legs (v.) (at fire) jean brabbag, jannoo brabbag

will1 (n.) chymney; (n.) aigney; toill; (v.) nee; (interrog.) jean

aascreeuyn copy, transcript: Jean aascreeuyn jeh. DF

buird-scrieuee writing tables: jean eh cronnal er buird-scrieuee

foaddan match: Cha jean yn foaddan lossey DF

foayral favour: Ny jean foayral ad. DF

poosaghyn marriages: Chamoo jean poosaghyn roo Bible

room room: jean room dou dy vaghey ayn

amalgamate jannoo unnaneys jeh; jean unnaneys jeh; cheet ry-cheilley; co-lheie; covestey

amnesty feaysley cadjin; jannoo maihnys er; jean maihnys er; pardooney

Don't worry (impv) Ny bee imnea ort, Ny jean boirey

exception (n.) (er) lhimmey: Make an exception - Jean lhimmey. DF idiom

freeze1 (v.) riojey: Freeze these herrings - Jean riojey ny skeddan shoh. DF idiom

fry1 (v.) freeghey; jean freeghey; fryal; (n.) fiddyr, myneeast; sheel y chutt

parallel coheeynt: Parallel lines - Sheeynagyn coheeynt. DF idiom; colinney; jean cosoylley eddyr

reconcile (v.) aachaarjaghey, aachoardail, cur dy cheilley, cur ry-cheilley; jean coardail rish

unsettle (v.) boir er, boirey er, jannoo corragh seiy, jean corragh

update (v.) jean ass y noa; jannoo ass y noa

aa-lheeiney replenish: jean-jee yn seihll y aa-lheeiney. Bible

bouyr pl. beuyr deaf: Cha jean oo gweeaghyn da'n bouyr Bible

braarey (gen.) of a brother: cha jean eh cooilleeney currym braarey my heshey. Bible

brockey bungle, mess, muck, muddle; (as food) waste: Ny jean brockey dty vee. DF

caigney-cheeilley chewing the cud: cha jean shiu gee jeusyn ta caigney-cheeilley Bible

cainleagh candlelike; of a candle: cha jean soilshey cainleagh arragh soilshean aynyd Bible

chlere (f.) (yn); (the) cloth; (the) priesthood: Dy jean yn chlere nyn gurrym. DF

chroghey (dy); (to) hang: jean deiney jannoo pin jeh dy chroghey saagh erbee er? Bible

dewlys rigour: Cha jean oo reill harrish lesh dewlys Bible

eederyn eaters: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

farrarey (dy); (to) keep vigil; mourn: jean farrarey trimshagh myr son ynrycan mac Bible; waking

foshley open: Ny jean shiu foshley nyn meeal ayns folliaghtyn sleih elley. EF

gearrey laugh: dy jean ad gearrey as goaill arrane Bible

gentreil enter: jean eh gentreil ayns cooish briwnys rhyt? Bible

giu jough (v.) water, drink water: Jean oo giu jough? DF

gluggernee sob: jean-jee gullal as gluggernee Bible; howl

granit graven: Cha jean oo dhyt hene jalloo granit erbee Bible

huittys shall fall: Ny jean boggyssagh, tra huittys dty noid Bible

inshym I will tell: My inshym diu, cha jean shiu credjal. Bible

iuderyn bibbers, drinkers: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

iuderyn-feeyney wine drinkers: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

jeeass pl. jeeassyn bud: cha jean y jeeass gymmyrkey meinn Bible

jeigh seose confine: as cha jean eh jeigh seose eh (son trial sodjey:) Bible

Jemayrt (=Ir. Máirt) Tuesday: Ny jean jarrood cheet Jemayrt. DF [L. Dies-martis]

linsee-woolsee linsey-woolsey: cha jean oo ceau garmad dy linsee-woolsee. Bible

liorish (=Ir. le) beside, by, by him, per: Jean breearrey dou liorish Jee Bible

maarlys burglary, theft: Jean dooinney maarlys er Jee? Bible

meinn (f.) (pl -yn) meal: cha jean y jeeass gymmyrkey meinn Bible

nah (=Ir. ath) next, second: Jean-jee eh yn nah cheayrt Bible

neuchairys improperness: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys Bible

nish hene even now, instantly: Jean nish hene eh! DF; just now

nitre nitre: ga dy jean oo niee oo hene lesh y nitre Bible

noadyr either, neither: Cha jean eh gee ny giu noadyr. DF

obbyr cadjin (f.) servile work: cha jean shiu monney erbee dy obbyr cadjin. Bible

ooilaghey anoint: cha jean oo oo-hene y ooilaghey lesh ooil Bible

pardooney amnesty, condone, pardon, remit: Jean pardooney, ta mee geearree ort Bible; pardoning

poosey y vrishey commit adultery: Ny jean poosey y vrishey Bible; adultery

pye (f.) pie: Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish JJK

r'eeish to her: Jean ad nish maarderys r'eeish, as ish roosyn? Bible

roym's before me: cha jean dty atchim roym's aggle y chur aynyd Bible

scrieuee of writing: jean eh cronnal er buird-scrieuee Bible

shaghrynee wanderers: cha jean fer erbee goaill seose ny shaghrynee. Bible

shassoo fo (tolerate) bear: Cha jean eh shassoo fo! DF; endurance

shillish (f.) cherry: Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish JJK

siyr bustle, haste, hurry, hurrying: jean siyr dy chooney lhiam

steillyn steel: Jean yiarn yn yiarn twoaie as y steillyn y vrishey Bible

tannaghtyn foddey linger, lingering: cha jean dooinney tannaghtyn foddey ayns ooashley Bible

tappeeys quickness, rapidity, speed: O Yee, jean tappeeys dy hauail shin PB1765; nimbleness

thalloo rea plain: hamoo jean cumrail raad erbee 'sy thalloo rea Bible

vinegar vinegar: cha jean eh giu vinegar-feeyney, ny vinegar dy yough lajer Bible

ymmylt roll over, tumble, wallow: jean oo hene y ymmylt 'sy joan Bible

acquainted ainjyssagh rish: Make yourself acquainted with it - Jean oo hene ainjyssagh rish. DF idiom; oayllagh rish: They are acquainted with each other - T'ad oayllagh rish y cheilley. DF idiom; taaghit

acquit (v.) cooilleeney, lhiggey; lhiggey jeh; seyrey: and will not at all acquit the wicked - as cha jean eh er aght erbee seyrey ny meechrauee Bible

bless1 (v.) bannaghey, casherickee, casherickey; sheeaney: Bless me! - Sheean mie orrym! DF idiom; (to); (dy); (y) vannaghey: The Lord bless us - Dy jean yn Chiarn shin y vannaghey. DF idiom; bannee: Lord bless me - She bannee mee. DF idiom

buzz1 (n.) cronnane, sheean, skianys; (v.) jannoo cronnane, jean cronnane, thassaney; broo: Buzz the bell - Broo yn clag. DF idiom

by any means er aght-erbee: nothing shall by any means hurt you - cha jean nheesy theihll, er aght erbee, skielley diu Bible

By God (intj) Dar Jee; liorish Jee: Swear unto me by God - Jean breearrey dou liorish Jee Biblr

cherry (n.) shillish: Make a strawberry cake and a cherry tart - Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish. JJK idiom

clergy (n.) clere: That the clergy do their duty - Dy jean yn chlere nyn gurrym. DF idiom

control1 gurneil; cramman; smaght; niart-stiuree; (v.) jean gurneil, freayll fo, smaghtey, streeaney; stiurey: Under government control - Fo stiurey yn reiltys. DF idiom

copy aascreeu; aascreeuyn; coip; jannoo coip jeh; jannoo maclioar jeh; mac-screeu; maclioar; sambyl; copy; jannoo arrish er; (impv) jean arrish er

crop1 baair, baar: Give me a close crop - Jean baarey lhome orrym. DF idiom; pollal, troarey; (n.) scrobbag, sproghan; troar, troayr

cuttings (npl.) giaraghyn: Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh - Cha jean shiu giaraghyn y choyrt ayns yn eill eu Bible

decline failleil; goll sheese; jee-chleaney; obbal; parail; shymley; shymlid; tuittym; leaystey: thou shalt not decline from the sentence which they shall shew thee - cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc Bible

deter (v.) cumrail; cur jeh: Nothing will deter him - Cha jean veg cur eh jeh. DF idiom

displeasure (n.) jymmoose: nor cast thy servant away in displeasure - chamoo jean dty harvaant y hyndaa ersooyl ayns jymmoose Bible; meehaitnys, neuhaitnys

do not nar; ny: Do not interrupt me - Ny cur stiagh orrym. DF idiom; nagh: Do not speak - Ny loayr. DF idiom; ny jean: Do not let him - Ny lhig da. DF idiom

esteem (v.) soiaghey jeh: Will he esteem thy riches? - Jean eshyn soiaghey jeh dty verchys? Bible

excuse (v.) jean leshtal er son, maihaghey; (n.) leih; leshtal: Death never came without an excuse - Cha daink rieau yn baase gyn leshtal. DF idiom

fall backward (v.) tuittym gour e ghrommey: so that his rider shall fall backward - dy jean y markiagh echey tuittym gour e ghrommey Bible

favour (v.) cur foayr da, foayraghey, foayrail; foayral: Don't favour them - Ny jean foayral ad. DF idiom; (n.) foayr: He is restored to favour - Ta foayr echey reesht. DF idiom

from me voym: Won't he take it from me? - Nagh jean eh goaill voym eh? JJK idiom; voym's

get1 (v.) feddyn; geddyn: Excuse me, while I get my stick - Jean my leshtal, choud as ta mee geddyn my vaidjey. JJK idiom; fow: Get it away from him - Fow eh ersooyl voish. DF idiom

happen (v.) taghyr; taghyrt: It won't happen again, I'll warrant! - Cha jean eh taghyrt reesht, var a mish! DF idiom; haghyr

hurry (n.) driss, glistyr, quishan; (v.) jannoo siyr: Quick, make haste: Hurry up! - Jean siyr! JJK idiom; siyr: You're in a great hurry - Ta shiu ayns siyr mooar. JJK idiom; siyraghey

it may be foddee eh ve: It may be the Lord thy God will hear all the words of Rab-shakeh - Foddee eh ve, dy jean y Chiarn dty Yee clashtyn ooilley goan Rab-shakeh Bible

I will say loayrym: for I will say the truth - loayrym yn irriney Bible; jir-ym: I will say unto God, Do not condemn me - Jir-ym rish Jee, Ny jean my gheyrey Bible

judgement (n.) briwnys: Listen with each ear, then render judgement - Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh eisht jean briwnys. JJK idiom; reaylt; tushtey

library (n.) lioarlan: Lending library - Lioarlan eeassee. DF idiom; lioarlann; lioar-hasht: Will you allow me to go to the library? - Jean oo lhiggey dou goll gys y lioar-hasht? JJK idiom; shamyr lioaragh; thie lioaragh

marvellous acts (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: So that men shall speak of the might of thy marvellous acts - Myr shen dy jean sleih loayrt jeh niart dtobbraghyn yindyssagh Bible

master (n.) fer ynsee, fer-ynsee, mainshtyr, mainstyr; mainshter: Make haste, the master will be here presently - Jean siyr, bee yn mainstyr aynshoh ny sheyn. JJK idiom; (voc.) Vainshter; mainshtyragh; (v.) smaghtaghey, smaghtey, ynsaghey

meal (n.) meinn: I got a stone of meal - Hooar mee clagh meinney. DF idiom; lhongey: Don't make a meal of it ! - Ny jean lhongey jeh! DF idiom; longey

mock breagagh, craidey mysh, grinderagh, grindyragh; floutagh; floutey; jannoo craid er: Make a mock of him - Jean craid er. DF idiom; floutyraght; craid; (adj.) far-

neither chamoo: Neither do I take any notice of you - Chamoo ta mish cur geill dhyt. DF idiom; nagh moo; noadyr: He will neither eat nor drink - Cha jean eh gee ny giu noadyr. DF idiom

noise feiyr: Please don't make so much noise - Ny jean wheesh feiyr, my sailt. JJK idiom; sheean; sheeaney; imraa; kiaull; feiyral, sheeanal; durd

nonsense boghtynid: He won't suffer that nonsense at all - Cha jean eh fuillaghtyn lhied y boghtynid er chor erbee. DF idiom; boiraneys; meecheeayl; meecheeayll; neuhappey; ommidys; ommidjys; sou-cheeayll

of a candle (gen.) cainley; cainleagh: And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee - As cha jean soilshey cainleagh arragh soilshean aynyd Bible

of paper pabyrey; (dy) phabyr: Will you give me a sheet of paper? - Jean shiu cur dou brelleein dy phabyr? JJK idiom

oppress (v.) jannoo tranlaase er: Ye shall not therefore oppress one another - Shen-y-fa, cha jean shiu tranlaase er y cheilley Bible; tranlaasagh, tranlaasey; (y) chraghey

over us harrin: Shalt thou indeed reign over us? - Jean uss dy jarroo reill harrin? Bible; harryn: Who made thee a prince and a judge over us? - Quoi ren uss dty phrince as dty vriw harryn? Bible; er-nyn-skyn

poem (n.) daan: Polish the poem up a bit - Jean yn daan red beg share. DF idiom; daane: It gave birth to a poem - Haink daane magh er coontey jeh. DF idiom; drane

pole ard; croan: Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole - Jean ard-nieu ailagh, as soie seose eh er croan Bible; lhoo; lorg; luir; maidjey; poull; sthouyr; sthowyr; queig dy lieh stundayrtyn

presently (adv.) (ny) sheyn: Make haste, the master will be here presently - Jean siyr, bee yn mainstyr aynshoh ny sheyn. JJK idiom

presses (npl.) pressyn: the treaders shall tread out no wine in their presses - ch a jean ny fir-traashtee veg y feeyn y hraastey ayns nyn bressyn Bible

presumptuously (adv.) mee-viallagh: and do no more presumptuously - as cha jean ad arragh dy meeviallagh Bible

prevent (v.) cumrail; lhiettal: The evil shall not overtake nor prevent us - Cha jean yn olk berraghtyn orrin, ny lhiettal shin Bible; shaghney

promise gialdin; gialdyn: Will he promise it to me? - Jean eh gialdyn dou eh? JJK idiom; gialdynys; giall

reap (v.) buinn: You are sowing that which you will not reap - T'ou cuirr shen nagh jean oo buinn. DF idiom

relate (v.) bentyn rish; aaloayrt; bentyn da; cur ry-cheilley; insh: Won't he relate it to him? - Nagh n'insh eh da eh / Nagh jean eh insh da eh? JJK idiom

room (v.) cur aaght da; (n.) reamys: Make a little room for me - Jean reamys beg dou. DF idiom; room; rooym; shamyr: Air a room - Aer ghlen y lhiggey stiagh ayns shamyr. DF idiom

scold (v.) cur da, sheebey; troiddey: I'm afraid the teacher will scold me - Ta aggle orrym dy jean y fer-ynsee troiddey mee. JJK idiom; (n.) postyr; beealeyrey

shall do1 nee: He shall do it if I order it - My oardrym eh nee eh jannoo eh. DF idiom; jean

shall I do (interrog.) jeanym: Shall I overtake them? - Jean-ym berraghtyn orroo? Bible; jeanyms

sheet brat, duillag, leac; lhean; scoid, scoidan; brilleen; brelleein: Will you give me a sheet of paper? - Jean shiu cur dou brelleein dy phabyr? JJK idiom; (v.) cur brat er

strawberry (n.) soo thallooin: Make a strawberry cake and a cherry tart - Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish. JJK idiom

such (adj.) lheid: Don't do such silly things - Ny jean lheid ny reddyn ommijagh. JJK idiom; myr

summer (v.) ceau yn sourey: I shall spend the summer in Port Erin - Ceauym yn sourey ayns Purt Chiarn. JJK idiom; (n.) sourey: One swallow does not make a summer - Cha jean un gollan-geayee sourey. JJK idiom


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