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into (prep.) stiagh; stiagh ayns

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dig into (v.) seiy stiagh

fall into (v.) tuittym fo

go into (v.) goll stiagh: Let us go into the fields - Lhig dooin goll stiagh ayns ny magheryn. JJK idiom

look into (v.) ronsaghey

pitch into (v.) soiaghey er, tuittym stiagh ayn

stick into (v.) seiy stiagh ayn

tuck into lhiggey stiagh er

walk into (v.) shooyl stiagh ayns

carry into effect (v.) cur ayns bree

coming into blade oashyragh

fall into iniquity tuittym ayns peccah: and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity - as dy dug ad er thie Israel dy huittym ayns peccah Bible

fall into temptation (v.) tuittym ayns miolagh: But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare - Agh tadsyn ta soit er ve berchagh tuittym ayns miolagh, as ribbey Bible

go into the country (v.) goll er y cheer

press into service (v.) cur stiagh er egin

put it into practice eiyrt er

take into confidence folliaght y lhiggey da

review into the scope and structure of Government (n.) scrutaght jeh roshtynys as strughtoor y Reiltys

garage (v.) cur stiagh 'sy gharreish; (n.) garreish; gareish: The car backed into the garage - Hie yn gleashtan ergooyl stiagh 'sy ghareish. DF idiom; garaashtey: Run the car into the garage - Cur y gleashtan 'sy gharaashtey. DF idiom

divided rheynnit: Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it - Ny lhig da ve edyr lhiams ny lhiats, agh lhig da ve rheynnit Bible; rheynn: He divided his goods between them - Rheynn eh e chooid orroo. DF idiom; reynn: and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads - as veih shen ve er ny reynn ayns kiare banglaneyn Bible; scarr: And God made the firmament, and divided the waters - As chroo Jee yn aer; as scarr eh ny ushtaghyn fo yn aer Bible; scart: And the great city was divided into three parts - As van ard-valley mooar scart ayns three ayrnyn Bible; yiare: And he took unto him all these, and divided them in the midst - As ghow eh ad shoh ooilley, as yiare eh dagh unnane oc ayns daa ayrn Bible

goit stiagh annexed; taken into: Son v'ad ayns three loutyn, agh cha row pillaryn foue, myr pillaryn ny cooyrtyn: shen-y-fa va'n buildal goit stiagh ny smoo na va'n ayrn s'inshley as y mean, veih'n thalloo. Bible; enter into: Cha bee fer oainjyragh goit stiagh mastey pobble y Chiarn Bible

seiy stiagh ayn stick into

shooyl stiagh ayns walk into

tuittym stiagh ayn pitch into

folliaght y lhiggey da take into confidence

disrepute (n.) drogh-ghoo: Fall into disrepute - Drogh ghoo y heet er DF idiom

holes (npl.) tuill: It wore into holes - Ren ceau tuill jeh. DF idiom

hysterics (n.) breinnaghtys; gorley-breinney: She went into hysterics - Haink gorley-breinney urree DF idiom

cur ayns bree apply, carry into effect, enforce, enforcement, implement

cur stiagh er egin conscript, conscription, press into service

lhiggey stiagh er tuck into: Lhiggey stiagh er berreen. DF

oashyragh 1 bladed, coming into blade a: Ayns trie oashyragh. DF; 2 (as corn) boll; 3 hosier

bargain (n.) bargane: He drives a hard bargain - T'eh jannoo bargane creoi. DF idiom; conaant: They entered into a bargain - Ren ad conaant eddyr oc hene. DF idiom; (v.) conaantey

bone1 (n.) craue: Throw a bone into the mouth of a bad dog - Ceau craue ayns beeal drogh voddey. DF idiom

bottomless pit (n.) charvaal; diunid gyngrunt: And cast him into the bottomless pit - As hilg eh eh ayns y diunid gyn-grunt Bible

bowl1 boull; boulleragh; bowl; juist; meilley: Shape clay into a bowl - Meilley y yannoo jeh cray. DF idiom; meiley, meïley; skaaley; saagh

bundle1 bart: Big bundle of firewood - Bart mooar connee. DF idiom; (n.) bundeil, kionnan, minjeig, skeiy, sporran; dhossan; (v.) bundeiley, jannoo bundeil, kiangley; carnaneaghey: Bundle something into a corner - Red ennagh y charnanaghey seose ayns corneil. DF idiom

carry back (v.) cur lesh er ash, ymmyrk er ash; cur lesh back: Carry back the ark of God into the city - Cur lhiat back arg Yee stiaghsyn ard-valley Bible

city (n.) ardvalley, ard-valley: The enemy went into the fated city - Hie y noid stiagh 'syn ard valley va briwnys vaaish er. DF idiom; caayr

clay cray: Shape clay into a bowl - Meilley y yannoo jeh cray. DF idiom; crayghey; (yn) chray

club3 (n.) (of persons) club, coheshaght: I got into the club - Haink eh lhiam dy ve m'oltey jeh'n chlub. DF idiom

commend (v.) chymney: into thy hands I commend my spirit - gys dty laueyn ta mish chymney my spyrryd Bible; cur fo currym; moylley: I commend unto you Phebe our sister - Ta mee moylley hiu Phebe nyn shuyr Bible

committee (n.) bing: They formed themselves into a committee - Ren ad bing jeu hene. DF idiom

complaining accanagh, trughanagh; gaccan: no leading into captivity, and no complaining in our streets - ny veg y chappeeys ny oyr gaccan ayns nyn straidyn Bible; trughanys; plaiynt

crowding jingey: The people were crowding into the hall - Va'n sleih jingey stiagh 'sy halley. DF idiom

crown1 (n.) attan, attey; crooin: After having resigned the crown, he retired into a monastery - Erreish cur seose yn chrooin, hie eh stiagh ayns manishter. JJK idiom; crown; rimmey; (v.) crooinaghey, cur crooin er; karraghey; pen

crushed1 creujit; jingit; smoashit; ying: He crushed them into the house - Ying eh stiagh ad 'sy thie. DF idiom

desolation1 (n.) toyrt-mow; traartys: who therefore gave them up to desolation - ren er-yn-oyr shen ad y livrey seose gys traartys Bible; follym-faase: And I will bring the land into desolation - As neems y cheer eu follym-faase bible

drawing room (n.) ardchamyr: Will you, please, come into the drawing-room, where they are at present? - Jig shiu stiagh ayns yn ardchamyr, my sailliu, raad t'ad ec y traa t'ayn. JJK idiom; cuillee; shamyr soie

eater1 (n.) eeder: they shall even fall into the mouth of the eater - tuittee ad eer ayns beeal yn eeder Bible; eedyr

emptied folmit, teaumit; dolmee: And she hasted, and emptied her pitcher into the trough - As hie ee dy tappee, as dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

enemies (npl.) noidjyn; noidyn: He immediately rushed into the midst of the enemies - Roie eh dy-chelleeragh ayns mean ny noidyn. JJK idiom

estate1 (n.) keim 'sy theihll; stayd: I came into possession of the estate - Haink yn stayd dy ve aym. DF idiom

evangelist (n.) sushtallagh: we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist - hie shin stiagh ayns thie Philip yn sushtallagh Bible

faintness (n.) annooinid: And upon them that are left alive of you I will send a faintness into their hearts - As orroosyn vees faagit bio jiuish, ver-yms annooinid cree Bible

fall (n.) bout, lhargagh; (v.) ceau; lhieggal; lhieggey: Pride will have a fall - Yiow moyrn lhieggey. JJK idiom; tuittym: To fall into a snare - Tuittym ayns ribbey. JJK idiom; tuitt; (to); (dy) huittym

fit brash; builley; coamrey; fhyt: She fell into a fit - Haink fhyt urree. DF idiom; teaym: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; yn-

foreigners (npl.) deiney quaagh: and foreigners entered into his gates - as hie deiney quaagh stiagh er e yiattyn Bible; joarreeyn; fir-shaghryn

frog1 (n.) frog, frug, lheimaghan; rannag: He turned her into a frog - Hyndaa eh gys rannag ee. DF idiom

frying pan (n.) freeghtane, frynepan; panney: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

gallop garrey; lhigey; ratchal: The horse burst into a gallop - Ren y cabbyl ratchal roish. DF idiom

gaps (npl.) doarlishyn: Ye have not gone up into the gaps - Cha vel shiu er ngholl seose gys ny doarlishyn Bible

garner (v.) stoyral; (n.) thie tashtee: and will gather the wheat into his garner - as gowee eh yn churnaght stiagh ayns e hie tashtee Bible

go in (v.) entreil; goll stiagh: To go into the army - Dy gholl stiagh 'syn armee. DF idiom

herd of swine (n.) griaght muickey; griagh dy vuckyn: they went into the herd of swine - hie ad stiagh ayns y ghriagh dy vuckyn Bible; shioltane muck

I shall put derym, derrym; yioym, yioyms, yioym's; ver-yms: when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon - tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible

I will deliver livrey-yms: I will deliver him into thine hand - livrey-yms eh gys dty laue Bible

James (n.) Jamys: they entered into the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John - hie ad stiagh ayns thie Simon as Andreays, marish Jamys as Ean Bible

midst (n.) fud, mastey; mean: He immediately rushed into the midst of the enemy - Roie eh dy-chelleeragh ayns mean ny noidyn. JJK idiom

monastery (n.) mannishter: After having resigned the crown, he retired into a monastery - Erreish cur seose yn chrooin, hie eh stiagh ayns manishter. JJK idiom

mourning (v.) keayney; dobberan; (adj.) dobbranagh: She went into mourning - Hug ee eaddagh dobbranagh moee. DF idiom

mouth1 (n.) beeal: Throwing a bone into a bad dog's mouth - Ceau craue ayns beeal drogh voddey. JJK idiom; gob; (v.) coraaghey, fockley

nails (npl.) treinaghyn; ingnyn: He dug his nails into the flesh - Heiy eh e hingnyn stiagh 'syn 'eill. DF idiom

oft times (dy) mennick: And ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire - As dy mennick teh er hilgey eh ayns yn aile Bible

out of ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

presence (n.) faare: Coming into my presence - Cheet my aare. DF idiom; fenish: In your presence - Ayns dt'enish. DF idiom

rage1 (n.) eulys: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; jymmoose; keoieid; keoiys; ouyl; finu; keoie; (v.) er finnue, er rouyl; freaney; jiarg chorree: He broke forth into rage - Haink jiarg chorree er. DF idiom

returned er-ash; hyndaa: she returned unto him into the ark - hyndaa ee huggey reesht gys yn arg Bible; (as time) oikoil; haink back

rushed (v.) roie: He immediately rushed into the midst of the enemies - Roie eh dy-chelleeragh ayns mean ny noidyn. JJK idiom

Santan (n.) Skeerey Stondane: The river falls into the sea in the parish of Santan - Ta'n awin roie stiagh 'sy cheayn ayns Skeerey Stondane. DF idiom; Skylley Stondane; Stondane

scene (n.) ardane, boayl, shilley; reayrt: What a scene met my eyes! - Lheid y reayrt va roym! DF idiom; reayrtys: Fade one scene into another - Daa reayrtys y vestey ry-cheilley. DF idiom

shall return couree: he shall return to the days of his youth - couree eh reesht gys laghyn e aegid Bible; chyndaa-ee: and my prayer shall turn into mine own bosom - as chyndaa-ee my phadjer gys moghrish hene Bible

shape caslys; craishtey; croo; crooaghey; cummey: Lick him into shape - Cur cummey as kiartaghey da. DF idiom; kiaddey; tuarystal

sight1 feddyn reayrt er, goaill reayrt sooilley er; reayrt: To come into sight - Dy heet ayns reayrt. DF idiom; shilley: Out of sight out of mind - Ass shilley, ass smooinaghtyn. DF idiom; troirey

skirt (v.) goll mygeayrt; lent, skyrt; rumbyl, rhumbyl: Let a piece into a skirt - Peesh y chur ayns rhumbyl. DF idiom

slab (n.) leac: Let a slab into the wall - Leac y yingey stiagh ayns boalley. DF idiom

snare (n.) lhoob: Set a snare - Lhoob y chuirrey. DF idiom; poaynt, ribbeh, sniem; ribbey: To fall into a snare - Tuittym ayns ribbey. JJK idiom; (v.) soiaghey ribbey er son, soie ribbey er son

soak (v.) cur er boggyr; fanney; fliughey; fliughey trooid as trooid; soo: Water soaking into my shoes - Ushtey soo stiagh ayns my vraagyn. DF idiom; thummey

splash (n.) skeoll: He fell into the water with a splash - Huitt eh 'syn ushtey lesh skeoll. DF idiom; (v.) skeolley; spreih

spoilers (npl.) cragheyderyn; roosteyryn; spooilleyderyn: he delivered them into the hands of spoilers - ren eh ad y livrey gys laueyn ny spooilleyderyn Bible

staring blakeagh; blakys; thoaganagh; thoaganey; thoaganys; blakey: Why are you staring into space? - Cre'n fa t'ou blakey voyd? DF idiom

strip cur yn eaddagh jeh; list; lommey; roostey; speeiney; (n.) scheim: Strip of land projecting into the sea - Scheim thallooin roie magh 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; scob; skilleig; straih

thickets (npl.) keylljyn: then the people did hide themselves in caves, and in thickets - eisht dollee yn pobble ad-hene ayns ooigyn, as ayns keylljyn Bible; thammagyn: they shall go into thickets - hed ad stiagh ayns ny thammagyn Bible

tree billagh; billey: The car crashed into a tree - Ren y gleashtan smoashal noi billey. DF idiom; saayl

whereinto (adv.) ayns shen; raad: him will I bring into the land whereinto he went - eshyn ver-ym lhiam gys y cheer, raad hie eh Bible

eiyrt er attend on, chase, emulate, ensue, follow through, pursue, put it into practice, result, shadow, stalk, tail: dy eiyrt er ny cliaghtaghyn oc Bible

goll er y cheer go into the country: Ny lurg shen hoilshee eh eh-hene ayns cummey elley da jees jeu, myr v'ad shooyl er y raad, as goll er y cheer. Bible; landing

goll stiagh entrance, entry, in-going, ingress, ingression: cha lhiggagh yn ayr eck da goll stiagh Bible; go into, move in; go in

ronsaghey beat for game, consult, debate, examine, explore, forage, frisk, investigate, look into, ransack, research, rifle, rummage, scrutinise, scrutinize, scrutinizing, search, searching: jean-jee ronsaghey as jeeaghyn Bible; consultation

scrutaght jeh roshtynys as strughtoor y Reiltys (f.) review into the scope and structure of Government

seiy stiagh dig into, push in: Prow-jee yn laue eu hene dy yannoo anloaghtagh as seiy stiagh freenaghyn aynjee Dhoor; (of person) work in

soiaghey er assault, attack, pitch into, raid, set upon, storm: Agh tra ta fer stroshey na eh soiaghey er, as geddyn yn varriaght, teh goaill veih ooilley e eilley Bible

stiagh (=Ir. asteach, Sc. steach) indoors, inside, into, inwards: hie Moses as Aaron stiagh 'sy chabbane-agglish Bible; entrance

stiagh ayns into: Agh rhyts neem my chonaant shickyr y yannoo, as hig oo stiagh ayns yn arg: uss as dty vec, as dty ven Bible

tuittym ayns peccah fall into iniquity: Cha bee ny smoo dy hrimshey oc, cha bee miolaghyn, cha bee gaue tuittym ayns peccah, cha bee jerrey er nyn maynrys. CS

tuittym fo (as disease) contract; fall into, fall under: Ny lhiggey daue tuittym fo kerraghey loght, tra t'ad gee ny reddyn casherick Bible

binding (n.) boandey; (adj.) boandagh; kianglagh; tartagh; (v.) kiangley: we were binding sheaves in the field - va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; kianley: binding and delivering into prisons both men and women - kianley as livrey gys pryssoonyn chammah deiney as mraane Bible

comeliness (n.) aalid: for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption - son va my aalid shymlit ersooyl, as cha row bree faagit aynym Bible; bwoyid; stoamid: he hath no form nor comeliness - cha vel stayd ny stoamid ry-akin ayn Bible; ennoilid; grayse

contract1 (n.) bargane; conaant: The contract will stand - Shassee yn conaant. DF idiom; coonrey: Enter into a contract - Coonrey y yannoo. DF idiom; (v.) barganey, troggal, tuittym fo; cheet dy ve ny s'girrey, craplaghey; conaantey; crapley; cribbey; girraghey, glooaghey, jannoo coonrey, shirgaghey

courses (npl.) coorseyn: Also for the courses of the priests and the Levites - Myrgeddin son coorseyn ny saggyrtyn as ny Leviteyn Bible; sheshaghtyn: And David divided them into courses among the sons of Levi - As rheynn David ad ayns sheshaghtyn mastey mec Levi Bible

desolate1 fadanagh; follym-faase: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath - son chouds vee ny lhie follym faase dreill ee doonaght Bible; follym feayn; traartyssey; faase; treigit: your high ways shall be desolate - bee nyn raaidyn mooarey treigit Bible; melley; faasagh: that the land be not desolate - nagh bee yn thalloo ny aasagh Bible; bane: As long as it lieth desolate - Choud as te ny lhie bane Bible; feayn: while she lieth desolate without them - choud as te ny lhie feayn nyn vegooish Bible fleeing into the wilderness in former time desolate and waste - chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; foddey feayn; fadane: let them seek it also out of desolate places - shirree ad eh ayns buill fadane Bible; currit mow: and they that dwell therein are desolate - as ta e chummaltee currit mow Bible; traartys: neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate - chamoo vees dty heer ny lurg shoh enmyssit Traartys Bible; naardey: And I will make the land desolate - As ver-ym naardey yn thalloo Bible

drove bochillaght; griaght; imman: And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by themselves - As livrey eh ad gys laue e harvaantyn, dy chooilley imman orroo hene Bible; deiyr: he drove them all out of the temple - deiyr eh ad ooilley ass y chiamble Bible

even so (adv.) myr shen hene; eer myr shen: Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place - Eer myr shen veagh eh er scughey uss: ass y chennid gys reamys Bible; eer myr shoh: and do even so to Mordecai the Jew - as jean eer myr shoh rish Mordecai yn Ew Bible; er yn aght cheddin: Even so it is not the will of your Father - Er yn aght cheddin, cha nee aigney nyn Ayr Bible

everlasting beayn: he hath made with me an everlasting covenant - teh er nyannoo rhym conaant beayn Bible; bragh beayn; bragh farraghtyn; dy bragh: thou art from everlasting - tou uss veih dy bragh Bible; dy bragh farraghtyn: that they may receive you into everlasting habitations - dy vod ad shiu y ghoaill stiagh gys ny ynnydyn vaghee dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; er-dy-rieau: thou art God from everlasting; and world without end - she uss Jee er-dy-rieau, as seihll gyn jerrey Bible; foddey beayn: for an everlasting possession - son cummal foddey beayn Bible; gyn scuirr; kinjagh: by an everlasting covenant - liorish conaant kinjagh Bible; son dy bragh: For the Lord is gracious, his mercy is everlasting - Son tan Chiarn graysoil, ta e vyghin son dy bragh Bible; vees gy bragh

existence (n.) ayn: It came into existence - Haink eh dy ve ayn. DF idiom; er mayrn: Is she still in existence? - Vel ee foast er mayrn? DF idiom; beays; bioys; (er) mayrn; seihll: In all my existence - Ayns ooilley yn seihll aym. DF idiom

faint1 gannooinee: lest they faint in the way - er aggle dy gannooinee ad er y raad Bible; annooiney; gannooinaghey: for my spirit waxeth faint son ta my spyrryd gannooinaghey Bible; gannoonaghey: Give, I pray you, loaves of bread unto the people that follow me; for they be faint - Cur-jee, ta mee guee erriu, bwilleenyn arran dan pobble ta geiyrt orrymorrym; son tad gannoonaghey Bible; goaill neeal; goll neeal: and they shall be as when a standardbearer - as bee ad myr tra ta fer-cullee goll neeal Bible; faiynt: Esau came from the field, and he was faint - haink Esau veihn vagher, as veh faiynt Bible; traishtit, traashtit: my heart is faint in me - ta my chree traashtit cheusthie jeem Bible; naardey; neeal: She went off into a faint - Hie ee neeal. DF idiom; eighid; eigid; tooillit: and the people were very faint. - as van pobble slane tooillit Bible

fleeth chea: The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling - Ta fer-ny-failley chea, er-y-fa dy nee fer-failt eh Bible; chea-ys: He that fleeth from the fear shall fall into the pit - Eshyn chea-ys veih yn aggle, tuittee ehsyn oaie Bible

fortress (n.) carrick: The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim - Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim Bible; rhaa; doon: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; toor: And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down - As troshid toor ard dty voallaghyn ver eh lesh sheese, Bible; cashtal: O Lord, my strength, and my fortress - O Hiarn my niart, as my chashtal lajer Bible and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north - as hed eh stiagh ayns cashtal ree yn twoaie Bible

gladness (n.) eunys, gennalys, gerjagh, taitnys; gien: a day of feasting and gladness - son cuirraghyn as gien mie Bible; gennallys: with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart - lesh boggey, as lesh gennallys cree Bible; ard-voggey: into the city of David with gladness - gys ard-valley Ghavid, lesh ardvoggey Bible; boggey: they sang praises with gladness - ghow ad arraneyn-moyllee lesh boggey Bible

house (n.) chaagh, teagh; (n.) cabbane, lhiaght; thie: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house - as van ven goit stiagh gys thie Pharoah Bible; (v.) cur aaght da, cur stiagh; (n.) lught eishtagh; lught eaishtagh; lugh-thie: and now when shall I provide for mine own house also? - as nish, nagh vel eh traa dou kiarail y ghoaill son my lught-thie myrgeddin? Bible; (nyn) dhie

house of mourning (n.) thie baaish; thie ny trimshee: It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting - Te ny share dy gholl gys thie ny trimshee, na gys thie ny cuirraghyn Bible; thie ny farrarey: Enter not into the house of mourning - Ny gow stiagh ayns thie ny farrarey Bible

laid hands on ghreim: And they laid hands on her; and she went by the way by the which the horses came into the king's house - As ghreim ad ee, as hug ad lhieu ee er raad ny gabbyl gys thien ree Bible

out ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom; magh: I shall go out before he comes back - He'm magh my jig eh er-ash. JJK idiom; mooie: It's not quite out - Cha nel eh dy-slane mooie. JJK idiom

shaken craait: if they be shaken, they shall even fall into the mouth of the eater - my vees ad agh craait, tuittee ad eer ayns beeal yn eeder Bible; crieit; criht: even thus be he shaken out, and emptied - dy bee eh eer myr shoh criht magh as folmit Bible

subjection (n.) deyrsnys; injillaght; injilley; injillid; fo bondiaght: and brought them into subjection for servants - as dy gholl fo bondiaght son sharvaantyn Bible; biallys: Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection - Lhig dan ven gynsaghey dy feagh lesh slane biallys Bible; smaght: having his children in subjection with all gravity - as e chloan fo smaght lesh slane sheeltys Bible

treasure house (n.) thie-tashtee: he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his god - hug eh ny siyn ayns thie-tashtee e Yee Bible; thie recortyssyn: let there be search made in the king's treasure house - lhig da ronsagh ve jeant ayns thie recortyssyn y ree Bible

treasury (n.) kishtey yn staait; tashtaghan; kishtey yn stoyr: And Jesus sat over against the treasury - As myr va Yeesey ny hoie liorish kishtey yn stoyr Bible; thie tashtee: and went into the house of the king under the treasury - as hie eh stiagh gys thie yn ree fo yn thie-tashtee Bible; room tashtee: These words spake Jesus in the treasury - Ny goan shoh loayr Yeeseysy room tashtee Bible

understood ry hoiggal; toiggit: known and read of all men - toiggit as lhait liorish dy chooilley ghooinney Bible; hoig: And they understood that the ark of the Lord was come into the camp - As hoig ad dy row arg y Chiarn er jeet gys y champ Bible


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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The dictionary is edited using TLex, and placed online using TLex Online.

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&ANDdog & cat
|ORdog | cat
"..."Exact phrase"out of office"
%Multi-character wildcardgarey%
_Single-character wildcardno_
/(1-9)Within x words of one another, given order"coyrt fardalagh"/8
@(1-9)Within x words of one another, any order"coyrt fardalagh"@8
#XOR (find one or the other, but not both)dog # cat
^None of ...^dog