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instrument (n.) greie, greïe; jeshaght; wappin; ynstriument

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musical instrument (n.) greie chiaull; greie kiaullee; greie-kiaull; greïe dy vingys

releasing instrument (n.) greie feayslee

wind instrument (n.) geay-ghreie

voice as instrument (v.) cur gooaght da

geay-ghreie (f.) wind instrument

greie chiaull musical instrument

greie feayslee releasing instrument

greie-kiaull musical instrument

ynstriument instrument

cur gooaght da voice as instrument

greie (=Ir. gréithe) pl. greienyn, greieyn engine, gear, implement, instrument, tool, utensil: cha drog oo seose greie erbee yiarn orroo Bible

greïe instrument: neem oo y yannoo myr greïe noa gyere-feeacklagh, ry-hoi tasteraght Bible; tool: lesh claghyn cummit; son my hroggys oo greïe erbee er, tou er nyannoo eh anchasherick Bible

greïe dy vingys musical instrument: O Yee, cloie er greïe dy vingys: hoods goym arrane er y chlaasagh, O uss er-casherick dy Israel. PB1765

greie kiaullee musical instrument: Honnick shin yn dooinney shoh as v'eh cloie er greie kiaullee nagh vaik mee rieau roie. Dhoor

jeshaght (=Ir. deasacht) (f.) contraption, engine, instrument, locomotive, machine, utensil: Hug eh towse corrym dy airh, son dy chooilley nhee dy ve jeant lesh airh, son dagh jeshaght cour dy chooilley hirveish Bible

wappin pl. wappinyn instrument, weapon: Ny my nee eh bwoalley eh lesh wappin-maidjey Bible


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