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inneenyn (f.) daughters: As va echey mec as inneenyn Bible

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daughters (npl.) inneenyn

poose (=Ir. pós) marry: Poose-jee mraane, as jean-jee mec as inneenyn y gheddyn Bible

shall slay marree: He shall slay with the sword thy daughters in the field - As marree eshyn dty inneenyn lesh y chliwe ayns y vagher Bible

chaghlaaghyn daah (dy) multicoloured: As va coamrey dy chaghlaaghyn daah urree: son lesh lheid ny coamraghyn va inneenyn y ree va nyn moidynyn er nyn goamrey. Bible

cheet magh appearance, budding, come out, emerge, issuing: ta inneenyn cummaltee yn ard-valley cheet magh dy hayrn ushtey Bible

craidit mocked: Choud as va Finn as Oshin shelg va Orry craidit ec inneenyn yn thie. Coraa

dooinney cheddin (the) very man: As va kiare inneenyn ec y dooinney cheddin, moidynyn, va jannoo phadeyrys. Bible

ec gerrym y chellee at cock crow: nee'n dooinney girree ec gerrym y chellee, as dy bee ooilley inneenyn y chiaulleeaght nyn-dhost Bible

fuinneyderyn bakers: As ny inneenyn euish nee eh goaill dy ve miljeyderyn, as dy ve coagyryn, as fuinneyderyn Bible

gimmanagh debauched, salacious, smutty, unchaste, wanton: va eshyn as e heshaght goaill soylley jeh roosteyrys as jollyssid, spooilley glennid mraane-poost as inneenyn, as jannoo dy chooilley red gimmanagh as rouanagh. Chron

guillyn boys: As v'eh baghtal ry akin as ry chlashtyn dy row ny inneenyn ny share na ny guillyn sy vrastyl shoh. Carn

inneen (=Ir. iníon) (f.) pl. inneenyn damsel, daughter, girl, lass, wench: As haink inneen Pharaoh sheese dy aarkey ee hene 'syn awin Bible [O.Ir. ingen]

jeih as feed thirty: va Mahalaleel hoght cheead bleïn as jeih as feed, as va echey mec as inneenyn: Bible

jishag See jishig daddy, pa, papa: ta'n vummig as y jishag jeant bwooiagh lesh y scoill tra t'ad cosoylaghey ee rish ny scoillyn ayns Lunnin ren nyn inneenyn goll huggey. Carn; dad

jollyssid (f.) greed, insatiability: Agh ec y traa shen va eshyn as e heshaght goaill soylley jeh roosteyrys as jollyssid, spooilley glennid mraane-poost as inneenyn, as jannoo dy chooilley red gimmanagh as rouanagh. Chron

litcheraght lhome extreme idleness, laziness: Cur-my-ner, shoh va loght dty huyr Sodom, moyrn, sonnys arran, as litcheraght lhome va aynjee, as ayns ny inneenyn eck, chamoo ren ee laueyn yn voght as yn ymmyrchagh y niartaghey. Bible

miljeyderyn confectioners: As ny inneenyn euish nee eh goaill dy ve miljeyderyn, as dy ve coagyryn, as fuinneyderyn. Bible

mraane (=Ir. mná) (f.) fair sex, ladies, womanhood, womankind, women, womenfolk: haink ad chammah deiney as mraane Bible; wives: As ghow ad ny inneenyn oc dy ve son mraane daue Bible

nee mayd shall we: As dooyrt Moses, Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn; lesh nyn mee as nyn inneenyn Bible

neuharroogh careless, idling, inactive, slothful, unindustrious, unthrifty: clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh; cur-jee tastey da my ghlare Bible

poosey (=Ir. pósadh) (v.) marry, wed; (adj.) bridal, wedding; (n.) marriage, matrimony, union, wedlock, espousal: cur-jee ny inneenyn eu ayns poosey Bible; espouse

seaghney (bereavement) trouble: Ta my hooill seaghney my chree, son ooilley inneenyn my ard-valley Bible; vex

sooillyn rouanagh wanton eyes: Er-y-fa dy vel inneenyn Zion mooaral agh, as shooyl dy ard-wannallagh, as lesh sooillyn rouanagh, shooyl as keimyragh myr t'ad goll Bible

toyrtyssyn delights: Shiuish inneenyn Israel, keayn-jee son Saul, ren nyn goamrey dy aalin lesh scarleod, marish toyrtyssyn elley Bible; presents; bounties

careless (adj.) meerioosagh: Many days and years shall ye be troubled, ye careless women - Ymmodee laghyn as bleeantyn vees shiu seaghnit, shiuish vraane mee-rioosagh Bible; neuchiarailagh; neuchurrymagh; neuharroogh: hear my voice, ye careless daughters - clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh Bible; almoragh: to make the careless Ethiopians afraid - dy chur ny Ethiopianee almoragh ayns aggle Bible

aalin (=Ir. álainn) beautiful, fair, handsome, splendid: Dy vaik mec Yee inneenyn gheiney dy row ad aalin. Bible; pretty; lovely; comely: Va enn eu er Paquette, inney-veyl waagh y ven- çhiarn onneragh ain: ayns ny roihaghyn ecksh vlasht mee er eunyssyn pargys, ren cur orrym yn torçhagh iurinagh ta shiu fakin mee goll er gee CnyO; goodly; well favoured [OIr. álaind]

rouanagh immoral, wanton: uss ven rouanagh as almoragh Bible; lewd: gys inneenyn ny Philistinee, ta goaill nearey jeh dty aghtyn rouanagh Bible; profligate, uproarious; riotous: ayns shen hug eh jummal er e chooid liorish baghey rouanagh Bible; incontinent: Fegooish graih dooghyssagh, brishey conaantyn, casseyderyn foalsey, rouanagh, dewil, dwoaiagh er deiney mie Bible; frolicsome; play: as dirree ad seose dy ve rouanagh Bible; rioter


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