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injillid abasement, commonness, condescension, flatness, humility, inferiority, lowness, lowliness, meekness, subjection; humiliation: Kyndagh rish e injillid va e vriwnys er ny chassey Bible; littleness

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lane injillid condescending

humility (n.) imleeid; imlid; injillid: before honour is humility - ta injillid goll roish ooashley Bible; injillid-aigney

abasement (n.) injillid

commonness (n.) cadjinys, injillid

condescension (n.) injillid

humiliation (n.) injillaghey; injilley; injillid

inferiority (n.) injillid; slooid

lowliness (n.) imleeid, imlid; injillid

lowness (n.) injillid; inshlid

condescending lane gooidsave; lane injillid

humbleness of mind (n.) injillid-aigney

nadir (n.) feer-injillid

feer-injillid nadir

injillid-aigney humbleness of mind; humility: Myr ta ny mooaralee as dwoaie oc er injillid-aigney; myr shen ta ny berchee as dwoaie oc er ny boghtyn. Apoc

littleness (n.) begganid, beggid, looid; slooid; injillid; pitteogys; kerçheenys

meekness (n.) imlaght; imleeid, imlid; kiunys; meeinid, meenid; injillid

flatness (n.) dreeys, folmid, glennid, injillid, kiunid, lhaggid, lheanid, meayllid, merruid, reaid; liabagid, carrooid, rea, laare, strah, çheer rea, shanglanid

bee shickyr rest assured: bee shickyr dy nymmyrk oo oo hene lesh injillid as craueeaght wooar CS

er gerrey 1 approaching, imminent a: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; 2 near, nigh: Smooinnee Isaiah dy gow er toshiaght tra va ashoon g'ennaghtyn injillid cosoylit rish ashoon er gerrey daue. Bible

goll roish betake, buzz off, clear out, go off, make away, move on, nip off, pass on, pop off, walk away; antecede, go ahead, go before, precede: ta injillid goll roish ooashley Bible

nymmyrk (dy); (to) bear: As bee shickyr dy nymmyrk oo oo hene lesh injillid as craueeaght wooar CS

subjection (n.) deyrsnys; injillaght; injilley; injillid; fo bondiaght: and brought them into subjection for servants - as dy gholl fo bondiaght son sharvaantyn Bible; biallys: Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection - Lhig dan ven gynsaghey dy feagh lesh slane biallys Bible; smaght: having his children in subjection with all gravity - as e chloan fo smaght lesh slane sheeltys Bible


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