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ingagh (f.) criss-cross, grid on map, network, tracery; net: Cuirr ingagh 'syn awin. DF; (of nets) train

Inexact matches:

cuirreyder ingagh net layer

cuirr ingagh netting

dreeym ingagh balk

ingagh chianglaghan (f.) parcel net

ingagh chorveeyl (f.) mosquito net

ingagh fuilt (f.) hair net

ingagh lectragh (yn); (the) grid

ingagh veein (f.) shrimp net

ingagh yiarn (f.) wire netting

'syn ingagh netted

cloie ec yn ingagh net play

cur corcyn er ingagh cork

cur mollagyn er ingagh cork

cur 'syn ingagh net

jannoo ingagh jeh reticulate

tayrn eeast ayns ingagh netting

net (v.) ceau lieen er, cur 'syn ingagh, jannoo jeebin; (n.) ingagh: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom; jeebin; lieen: We fished up a dead body in the net - Hrog shin corp marroo 'sy lhieen. DF idiom; (adj.) moggyllagh

cork corc; corcaghey; cur corcyn er ingagh; cur eairkey ayn; cur mollagyn er ingagh; eairkey: Draw the cork of a bottle - Yn eairkey y hayrn ass boteil. DF idiom; slaa corc lostit er

grid2 (n.) (the); (yn) ingagh lectragh

grid on map (n.) ingagh

mosquito net (n.) ingagh chorveeyl

net layer (n.) cuirreyder ingagh

netting cuirr ingagh, jannoo jeebin, tayrn eeast ayns ingagh; lieen; mogglys; snaie: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

parcel net (n.) ingagh chianglaghan

tracery (n.) ingagh

train5 (n.) (of nets) ingagh

reticle (n.) myn-ingagh

myn-ingagh reticle

criss-cross cleeah; ingagh; innagh; tessen er y cheilley

hair net (n.) ingagh fuilt, lhieenag fuilt

net play cloie ec yn ingagh

netted 'sy lieen; 'syn ingagh; tayrit

network greasane; ingagh; jeebinys; moggyl; roddag; obbyr-lieeney

shrimp net (n.) ingagh veein, lhieen burdoge

wire netting (n.) ingagh yiarn, moggyl yiarn

balk1 (n.) bac, dreeym ingagh, immyr vane, ymmyr vane; (v.) jannoo lhiettrimys er

reticulate (v.) jannoo ingagh jeh; jannoo lhieen jeh; rheynn ayns moggylyn

shoot2 (v.) (as nets) cuirr: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom


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