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influence (v.) cleayney, kiangley; obbraghey: Under the influence of drink - As yn jough gobbraghey er. DF idiom; (n.) obbragh, pooar; cummaght: Under the influence of republicanism - Fo cummaght poblaghteyrys. DF idiom

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backstair influence (n.) fockle 'sy chooyrt

Viking influence bree ny Loghlynee

influence of the pulpit coyrle ny hagglish

man of influence (n.) dooinney kionyssagh

under the influence of drink fo greim jough

bree ny Loghlynee Viking influence

dooinney kionyssagh man of influence

fockle 'sy chooyrt backstair influence

coyrle ny hagglish (f.) influence of the pulpit

fo greim jough under the influence of drink

cleayney attract, bank, circumvent, decoy, deviate, dispose, distort, divert, draw off, incline, induce, influence, inveigle, list, recede, seduce, stoop, veer: t'ad cleayney trooid sayntyn ny foalley Bible; (as garden) tend; distortion, diversion, penchant, mental twist, persuasion, perversion; allure; deviation

cummaght (f.) influence, might, potency, power, province, puissance: T'ad shirrey er goair scapit, goaill toghiaght er mooadaghey nyn coloinyn, as jannoo cummaght sidooragh. Carn

obbragh 1 functional, functioning, influence, movement, operative, production; 2 working a: v'er ny choyrt dooys liorish obbragh breeoil e phooar. Bible

obbraghey (=Ir. oirbriú) 1 act, action, application, cultivate, elaboration, employment, exercise, forge, function, handle, handling, influence, labour, motion, operate, operation, performance, ply, process, pursuance, start, wangle, work, work up, wreak a: As ghow Noah toshiaght dy obbraghey yn thalloo Bible; 2 (legal) application; 3 (of machines) behaviour

kiangley (=Ir. ceangal) 1 pl. kianglaghyn band, bandage, bond; 2 attach, bandaging, belay, bend, bind, bind down, binding, bundle, compress, conclude, connect, constrain, dressing, fasten down, fastening, juncture, link, lock, lock in, locking, make fast, pin, retain, retention, secure, shackle, tether, tie, tie down, tie on, tie up, tying, vinculum a: va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; 3 (building) anchoring; 4 (terms) condition, stipulation; 5 (of poem) envoy; 6 (to trade) article; 7 influence; 8 relationship, involvement; 9 fetter [O.Ir. cenglaid]


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