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industry1 (n.) chynskyl: mining industry - chynskyl meaineraght. DF idiom; grease, jeidjys, tarrooghid, tarrooghys

industry2 (speed) jeid; laueys

Inexact matches:

building industry (n.) jeadys-troggal

fishing industry (n.) jeadys-eeastee

gas industry (n.) chynskyl yn ghas

heavy industry (n.) chynskyl trome

Industry Land (n.) Thalloo ny Greas

light industry chynskyl eddrym

local industry (n.) jeidjys ynnydagh

mining industry (n.) chynskyl meaineraght

niche industry (n.) jeidjys-cooill

sheltered industry (n.) chynskyl coadit

textile industry (n.) chynskyl ny feederaght

tourism industry (n.) jeidjys-turrysid

Department of Industry (n.) Rheynn Jeadys

Department of Trade and Industry (n.) Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys

Isle of Man film industry (n.) jeadys-fillym Vannin

Place of Industry (n.) Thalloo ny Grease

chynskyl coadit sheltered industry

chynskyl eddrym light industry

chynskyl meaineraght mining industry

chynskyl trome heavy industry

jeadys-eeastee fishing industry

jeadys-troggal building industry

jeidjys-cooill niche industry

jeidjys-turrysid tourism industry

jeidjys ynnydagh local industry

tarrooghid busyness, industry; frugality

tarrooghys industry

chynskyl ny feederaght textile industry

chynskyl yn ghas gas industry

Thalloo ny Greas Industry Land

chynskyl industries, industry: Ta'n chynskyl shen imlagh. Dhoor

jeadys-fillym Vannin Isle of Man film industry

jeidjys industry: soilshaghey slane jeidjys firrinagh Bible

Thalloo ny Grease Place of Industry

jeid enthusiasm, keenness, sharpness: ta feeacklyn y chloan er-jeid Bible; (speed) industry

grease (f.) pl. greasyn design, embroidery; industry: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

jeadys application, assiduity, diligence, perseverance, sincerity, tidiness; industry: Ren Mainshtyr Karran briaght row eh feeu dy yannoo filmyn ayns Mannin, as cuin veagh y jeadys shassoo er ny cassyn echey hene. BS

laueys alacrity, elbow grease, skilfulness: Foddee sleih smooinaght dy heet er nyn doshiaght liorish y laueys oc hene, liorish cooney deiney-mooinjer, liorish ny daag nyn ayraghyn daue, agh cha jean ad shoh ooilley mie fegooish bannaght Yee CS; (speed) industry

Rheynn Jeadys Department of Industry: Ta Mainshtyr Downie gra dy vod Mainshtyr Karran shirrey er y Rheynn Jeadys dy yeeaghyn nyn goontyssyn da'n theay, my t'eh laccal shen y yannoo. BS

Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys Department of Trade and Industry: Ta sleih ayns Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys gra nagh vel firrinys erbee sy faaue nagh vel ad er chur traenal ny culleeyn da sleih ta doal, ny dauesyn nagh vod fakin dy mie. BS


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