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inactive (adj.) gyn lheihll, lhiastagh, lhiastey, neughastey, neuharroogh, neuvioyr, neuvioyral; litçheragh, meerioosagh

Inexact matches:

inactive spiritless creature (n.) drollane

neughastey inactive, inexpert

neuvioyral inactive

drollane drone, drudge, indolent person, inactive spiritless creature, oaf; coward

neuvioyr (mood) flat; inactive, listless, moribund, run-down, spiritless, tame, unlively

gyn lheihll impotent, inactive, stock-still: Son ghow eh kiarail er y hon, nagh duittagh eh; toiggal dy row eh red gyn lheihll (son cha vel eh agh jalloo, as eh hene feme cooney). Apoc

lhiastagh idle, inactive, indolent, languid, lethargic, lethargical, loath, moribund, remiss, slothful, sluggish: V'eh ceau yn laa dy-lhiastagh. DF; (n.) latecomer; haggler

lhiastey diffident, dilatory, idle, inactive, indolent, languid, languorous, lazy, lethargic, lethargical, reluctant, remiss, slothful, workshy: t'eh ny ghooinney creeney: agh eh ta lhiastey 'syn ouyr Bible; loath

litcheragh dronish, idle, idling, lazy, sluggish, workshy: As marish shoh t'ad gynsaghey dy ve litcheragh Bible; inactive

neuharroogh careless, idling, inactive, slothful, unindustrious, unthrifty: clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh; cur-jee tastey da my ghlare Bible

meerioosagh careless, forgetful, inattentive, regardless, remiss, unmindful; inactive; negligent: Shen-y-fa cha beem's meerioosagh dy chur shiu ayns cooinaghtyn kinjagh jeh ny reddyn shoh, ga dy vel fys eu orroo, as dy vel shiu er ve er ny hickyraghey 'syn irriney ta shin loayrt Bible; thoughtless person


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