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imraa pl. imraaghyn annotation, commemorate, mention, mentioning, noise, rehearse, remember the dead, repeat, repetition, report, speak of: Bee imraa er ny yannoo jeh ymmodee dty chenjallys Bible; (as opinion) voice

Inexact matches:

gyn imraa unquoted, unspoken

imraa cooinaghtane memorial

imraa shaghadys background report

slane imraa (=Ir. slan-iomradh) blessings, good luck, good tidings, peace

imraa ny hemshyr meteorological report

background report (n.) imraa shaghadys

remember the dead imraa

voice2 (v.) (as opinion) imraa

annotation (n.) cur screeuyn rish, imraa

bad report (n.) abghoo, drogh-imraa

cross-reference (n.) crosh-imraa

infamy (n.) anghoo, drogh-imraa

mention enmys; imraa: and make mention of me unto Pharaoh - as jean imraa jeem rish Pharaoh Bible; gimraa: make mention that his name is exalted - jean-jee gimraa er e ennym lesh ard-voylley Bible; loayrys: neither make mention of the name of their gods - chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc Bible

meteorological report (n.) imraa ny hemshyr

rehearse (v.) cliaghtey, gra harrish, imraa

report cur coontey jeh; (to); (dy) gholl kionefenish; feeam; fou: This report is false - Ta'n fou shoh foalsey. JJK idiom; frap; imraa: Meteorological report - Imraa ny hemshyr. DF idiom; insh; insh skeeal er; polt; raah; rooit; sheean; skeeal; tharmane; tuarastyl: Annual report - Tuarastyl vleinoil. DF idiom

speak of (v.) imraa; loayrt er

unquoted gyn aaraa; gyn imraa

unspeakable (adj.) do-imraa, erskyn insh

crosh-imraa cross-reference

do-imraa unspeakable

drogh-imraa bad report, infamy: Yiow ish, ta ammyssagh da e sheshey, slane goo yn ven chreeney: agh hig faghid as drogh-imraa yn theihll urreeish ta craa e moyrn er. Apoc

shaghadys background: Imraa shaghadys. DF

commemorate (v.) cooinaghtyn; comoyrey; cur ayns cooinaghtyn; imraa

memorial (n.) carn; carnane; clagh cooinaght; cooinaght; imraa cooinaghtane

unspoken (adj.) gyn imraa, neuimraait, neuloayrit, neuraait

repetition (n.) aa-obbyr, arrish, aaloayrtys, aaraa, aayannoo, cheet harrish, imraa

coral coral: Cha bee imraa jeant jeh coral, ny pearlyn Bible

besides cheumooie jeh; erskyn ooilley; foast; fy-yeih; gyn eie, gyn eie er; gyn oai; maghey shen; marish shen; neesht: Besides, it is my fault for being so late - Ta mee guee erriu ny imraa eh. JJK idiom

blessings (npl.) bannaghtyn: Restore to us the blessings of the sea - Cur er ash dooin bannaghtyn ny marrey. DF idiom; slane imraa

good luck (n.) aigh mie: Good luck have thou with thine honour - Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley; aigh vie; raah; rah; sonnys; slane imraa

good tidings (npl.) naightyn mie: thinking to have brought good tidings - smooinaghtyn dy row eh cheet lesh naightyn mie Bible; slane imraa; naightyn bannee; naightyn eunyssagh; coontey mie

mentioning (v.) imraa: It's not worth mentioning - Cha nel eh feeu gimraa. DF idiom

noise feiyr: Please don't make so much noise - Ny jean wheesh feiyr, my sailt. JJK idiom; sheean; sheeaney; imraa; kiaull; feiyral, sheeanal; durd

peace (n.) shee: These agreements make for peace - Ta ny coardailyssyn shoh cooney lesh shee. DF idiom; slane imraa

repeat aacheau; aachreeley; aaloayrt; brooightooil; cheet harrish: They told me not to repeat it - Dooyrt ad rhym dyn cheet harrish. DF idiom; gra harrish; imraa; jannoo ass y noa, jannoo reesht; reesht

Bretnagh (=Ir. Breatnach) Cymric, Welsh, Welsh person: Cha row lught BBC Bretnagh lowit dy imraa y mushtaa mysh Trawsfynydd. Carn

Choonseil Slattyssagh (Yn); (The) Legislative Council: ta shen dy ghra, cur yn imraa da Coonseil ny Shirveishee, as eh y resooney marish olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed as jeh'n Choonseil Slattyssagh. BS

doonaght Sabbath: Ayns v chiaghtoo vee, er y chied laa jeh'n vee, bee doonaght eu, sheidey trumpetyn son imraa; bee shoh meeiteil casherick. Bible

feer voiragh harrowing, nerve-racking: Dooyrt ad dy vel briwnys yn imraa soilshaghey 'stayd feer voiragh' bentyn rish yn aght va rheynnyn-reiltys, politickeyryn as fir-oik dellal rish y lhiasaghey. BS

leeideyr guide: Llywelyn yn Leeideyr Jerrinagh ta er nyn imraa ayns laue screeunyn Peniarth 129 as 131, as ayns buill elley neeshtagh she ben er-ennym Rhanullt inneen elley da Rennell GB

mianagh appetible, inclination, solicitous, wishful, wistful, yearning: dooyrt eshyn nagh dod yn Ard-Shirveishagh as e cho-obbreeyn cur ersooyl yn imraa as ny va feddynit magh liorish shenn raaghyn follym as smooinaghtyn mianagh. BS

moyllaghyn compliments, laud, praises: Hug Tinvaal moyllaghyn yn imraa da Coonseil ny Shirveishee cour tooilley sursmooinaghtyn. BS

neu-chionysagh non-dominant: Ta'n imraa gra nagh vel y fockle 'mynlught' arganagh - 't'eh bentyn da possan ta sloo as neu-chionysagh. Carn

neuchroghagh independent: dooyrt yn Ard-Shirveishagh, Donald Gelling, rish Peddyr Karran, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Kione Droghad, dy vel imraa neuchroghagh fondagh er ve jeant hannah BS

pearlyn pearls: Cha bee imraa jeant jeh coral, ny pearlyn: son ta price creenaght foddey erskyn rubieyn Bible

piobeyryn pipers: Ta skeealyn myrgeddin voish beeal arrish ta imraa piobeyryn va chyndaait dys claghyn er-yn-oyr dy row ad cloie er y Ghoonaght. Carn

scrutit censored: Chammah as ny coontyssyn scrutit, ta coontey jeh polasee as obbyr yn Undinys ry gheddyn syn imraa. BS

smeyr2 (f.) bramble berry: dooyrt mee nagh row enney aym er Kernowagh ennmyssit Paal, agh eisht dooyrt ee dy vrie eh urree dy imraa feeyn smeyr ghoo rhym, as eisht va cooinaght aym. Carn


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