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imnea (=Ir. imní) anxiety, care, concern, diligence, disquiet, doubt, nervousness, unease, worry, upset: ny bee fo aggle ny imnea Bible

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follaghey imnea dissemble

gyn imnea unshaken; no doubt: erson gy beagh lyei erna hoyrt 'odagh ve er doyrt bee, eish gyn ymnee erbi veagh kayrys er jit liorish y lyei. PB1610

jannoo imnea care: lig dasyn ta reel, y ianu e rish imnee. PB1610

ceaut lesh imnea careworn

cur imnea er disquieten, worry: Va'n noid cha faggys dy row ad cur imnea er. DF

imnea y ve er feel uncomfortable about

Ny bee imnea ort (impv) Don't worry

worry1 boirey: Worry kills people quicker than work - Ta boirey marroo sleih ny s'tappee na obbyr. DF idiom; (n.) imnea: Don't worry! - Ny bee imnea ort! DF idiom; (v.) cur imnea er; (to); (dy) voirey

anxiety (n.) anaash; imnea: He is in mortal anxiety - Ta imnea yn theihll er. DF idiom; sou-aigney; imneays

care arrey: Take care not to cut me - Gow arrey nagh giar shiu mee. JJK idiom; boirey; currym; imnea; kiarail: He'll take care of me - Gowee eh kiarail jeem. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo imnea

carefulness (gen.) kiarailys; imnea: and drink thy water with trembling and with carefulness - as iu dty ushtey lesh creau as imnea Bible

careworn (adj.) ceaut lesh imnea

diligence (n.) ard-chiarail: Keep thy heart with all diligence - Freill arrey er dty chree lesh ard-chiarail Bible; imnea: he that ruleth, with diligence - eshyn ta reill, lesh imnea Bible; jeadid, jeadys

disquieten (v.) cur imnea er

nervousness (n.) faitchys, imnea

no doubt gyn imnea

unease (n.) anvea, imnea, neuaash

upset anvea: I am upset - Ta anvea orrym. DF idiom; ceau bun ry-skyn; ceau harrish; cled; cleddal; lhieg; lhieggal; lhieggey: It upset - Ren eh lhieggey. DF idiom; imnea: Don't be so upset - Ny bee lhied yn imnea ort. DF idiom; pundaig

feel uncomfortable about (v.) imnea y ve er

Don't worry (impv) Ny bee imnea ort, Ny jean boirey

unshaken (adj.) gyn imnea; neuchrieit, neucraait, neuskahit, neuvoirit, neuchorragh; shickyr

about them moo; mygeayrt-y-moo; (emph.) mygeayrt-y-moosyn; mymboo; my nyn gione: There is deep concern about them - Ta imnea vooar ayn my nyn gione. DF idiom

concern bentyn; bentyn rish: Don't concern yourself with what doesn't concern you - Yn red nagh benn rhyt ny benn rish. DF idiom; imnea; nhee

disquiet anaashagh; anvea: that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon - son fea y choyrt dan cheer, agh anvea da Bible; imnea; neuaash

dissemble (v.) brynneraght; follaghey imnea; jannoo molteyrys: and dissemble in their double heart - as jannoo molteyrys ayns nyn gree dooble Bible; molteyraght

gassyn gases: Ta sleih yn phossan fockley nyn imnea as Ynnyd y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit cour Faaishnys-Emshyr cur faaue dy nod sleih leodaghey ny gassyn thieyn-gless ta goll er livrey syn aer. BS

gortys brackishness; sourness: Ta fer ayn ta gaase berchagh liorish imnea as gortys; as shoh leagh e cronney Apoc

doubt (n.) dooyt: He has no doubt but that he'll be invited - Cha nel dooyt erbee echey agh dy bee eh cuirrit. JJK idiom; ourys; imnea; (v.) dooyteil: I don't doubt but that you been the most honoured - Cha nel mee dooyteil agh dy vel shiuish as ny smoo dy onnor er ve currit diu. JJK idiom

shen myr t'eh it is so, that's how it is: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea, as gee yn arran dy imnea: son shen myr t'eh coyrt cadley dauesyn shinney lesh. Bible


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