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immeeaght (=Ir. imeacht) (f.) pl. immeeaghtyn act, action, decampment, departure, drift, exit, exodus, going away, procedure, proceeding, procession, progress, progression, start, walk, way; (of events) current; depart, go, going: as scoan va Jacob er n'immeeaght veih fenish Isaac e ayr, dy daink Esau e vraar stiagh veih e heilg. Bible; flight of time, fullness; paces of a horse; mien

Inexact matches:

drogh immeeaght (f.) misbehaviour

grooish immeeaght progressive aspect

immeeaght er-oi advance

immeeaght roish creep away, cut off, proceed, vamoose

immeeaght veih'n coorse yaw

immeeaght yn traa fullness of time

departure (n.) goll, paartail, treigeil; immeeaght: Previous to my departure - Roish yn immeeaght aym. DF idiom

exodus (n.) immeeaght: There was an exodus from the room - Va immeeaght ayn voish y chamyr. DF idiom

fullness (n.) laneid; immeeaght: In the fullness of time - Lesh immeeaght yn traa. DF idiom

creep away (v.) immeeaght roish

current2 (of events) immeeaght

decampment (n.) immeeaght

flight of time immeeaght

mien (n.) immeeaght

procedure (n.) aght, immeeaght, trior

progressive aspect (n.) grooish immeeaght

vamoose (v.) immeeaght roish

yaw (v.) immeeaght veih'n coorse

accompaniment (n.) co-immeeaght

boating event (n.) immeeaght-vaateyrys

progression (n.) goll er oai, immeeaght

co-immeeaght accompaniment

immeeaght-vaateyrys boating event

roie-immeeaght (f.) predecessor, prelude

depart (v.) faagail; immeeaght; lheie ersooyl; cur cooyl; (impv) cosne

fullness of time (n.) immeeaght yn traa

misbehaviour (n.) drogh-aghtys, drogh immeeaght, drogh-ymmyrkey, drogh aghtalys

paces of a horse (n.) immeeaght; shooyl cabbil

prelude cheet roish; roie-chloie; roie-immeeaght

condaagagh froward: t'ad condaagagh ayns nyn immeeaght Bible

exit (n.) dorrys egin, dorrys magh, magh; (v.) goll magh; immeeaght; (intj) magh lesh

previous (adj.) roish: Previous to my departure - Roish yn immeeaght aym. DF idiom

proceed1 (v.) gow roish, immeeaght roish, goll er y hoshiagh; goll er y hoshiaght

progress (v.) goll er oai, jannoo keayrt, immeeaght; (n.) keayrt, turrys

shliawney slippery: bee'n immeeaght oc myr raaidyn shliawney 'sy dorraghys Bible

act1 aghtey, lhiggey; cloie; immeeaght; jannoo; obbraghey: To act for a person - Dy obbraghey er son peiagh. DF idiom

action1 (n.) immeeaght; jantys: I want action now! - Ta mee laccal jantys nish! DF idiom; lheihll; (v.) obbraghey

advance1 (v.) bieaughey; cheet my laue; gleashaghey; gleashaght er-oi; immeeaght er-oi; keim er-oi; trooid; (n.) eeasaght

current1 (n.) stroo, immeeaght; stroo lectragh; troa: The current is against us - Ta'n troa nyn oi. DF idiom

go1 doll, goll; gow; immee: Go and awake your brother - Immee as dooisht nyn mraar. JJK idiom; immeeaght

going (v.) goll: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom; immeeaght

going away immeeaght; goll ersooyl: When she came in I said, when are you going away? - Tra haink ee stiagh dooyrt mee, Cuin t'ou goll ersooyl? DF idiom

predecessor (n.) fer roish: My predecessor in the job - Yn fer roym 'sy staartey. DF idiom; roie-immeeaght

proceeding immeeaght: I am proceeding on my way - Ta mee gimmeeaght roym. DF idiom; gell

procession (n.) cosheeaght, immeeaght; ard-hooyl: To join the procession - Dy gholl 'syn ard-hooyl. DF idiom; mooar-hooyl: Torchlight procession - Mooar-hooyl fo doaganyn. DF idiom

walk1 (n.) cosheeaght, immeeaght, walk; (v.) shooyl, shooyll: We can walk there - Fodmayd shooyl dys shen. JJK idiom; walkal: It's only half-an-hour's walk - Cha nel eh agh walkal lieh-oor. JJK idiom; (impv) immee, shooill, shooyl-jee

way1 coorse; fannane; immeeaght; raad: to keep the way of the tree of life - dy lhiettal y raad gys billey yn vea Bible; reamys; ash, aght

chyndaa (=Ir. tiontaigh, tiontú) 1 (eyes) avert; 2 convert, deflect, invert, quirk, return, revolve, translate, turn, twirl a: cha ren ad chyndaa ayns nyn immeeaght. Bible; 3 conversion; 4 alter

corrym rish adequate, equivalent, tantamount: As ayns y traa, ta ec y dooinney s'neu-ynsit raad dy immeeaght ayn, corrym rish e hushtey. CS; abreast

skeeal giare short story: ta screeudeyr ny banglane Manninagh er vriaght jeem dy insh skeeal giare mychione immeeaght ny Ghaelgey rish yn laa t'ayn jiu as er-lheh yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh. Carn

skyrr slide: Nee oo raad lhean dy liooar foym dy immeeaght: nagh skyrr my chesmadyn Bible

cut off (v.) giarrey jeh; immeeaght roish; castey: They cut off the water - Ren ad castey yn ushtey. DF idiom; giarrey: Cut off the electricity - Yn lectraghys y yiarrey. DF idiom; giarit ersooyl: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth - tan ynrickys er jerraghtyn, as giarit ersooyl veihn veeal oc. Bible

drift1 aah; beoyn; bree; cleay-heebey; gleashaght; goll lesh y gheay; goll lesh y tidey; goll lesh y troa; immeeaght; obbyr rea; raagh; sheeb; sheebey; sheid; skeabey lesh; troa: He is letting himself drift - T'eh lhiggey eh hene lesh y troa. DF idiom

start clishtey; clistal; cur er bun; cur toshiaght er; doostey; goaill toshiaght; immeeaght: We start tomorrow - Beemayd gimmeeaght mairagh. DF idiom; lheim; moostey; obbraghey; scarrey; spret; toshiaghey; toshiaght: From start to finish - Voish toshiaght gys jerrey. DF idiom; cur er obbraghey: Start a clock - Clag y chur er obbraghey. DF idiom


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