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immanagh carriads cabby

Immanagh (Yn) Bootes

immanagh (=Ir. iománaí) chauffeur, driver, drover: chamoo t'eh cur geill da coraa yn immanagh. Bible; (driver) motorman; driving iron; driving, impelling

Inexact matches:

brod immanagh goad

cryss immanagh (f.) driving belt

cullee immanagh (f.) driving gear

essyl immanagh driving axle

geuley immanagh driving chain

immanagh assyl donkey-driver

immanagh barroose coach driver

immanagh camyl camel-driver

immanagh couch coach-driver; coach driver

immanagh drug drayman

immanagh fainee coach-driver; coach driver

immanagh gleashtan chauffeur

immanagh jeshaght engine-driver

immanagh keoie road-hog

immanagh shesheree team driver

immanagh taksee taxi-driver

immanagh tram tram-driver

immanagh van vanman

kied immanagh driving licence

kiedoonys immanagh driving licence

lorg immanagh goad

queeyl immanagh (f.) driving wheel

soieag immanagh (f.) box seat

ullag immanagh (f.) driving pulley

yiarn immanagh driving iron

immanagh carr laadee wagoner

coach driver (n.) immanagh barroose, immanagh couch, immanagh fainee

chauffeur (n.) immanagh, immanagh gleashtan

coach-driver immanagh couch, immanagh fainee

driving iron (n.) immanagh, yiarn immanagh

driving licence1 (n.) kied immanagh, kiedoonys immanagh

driver (n.) immanagh: The champion driver - Yn reih immanagh. DF idiom

goad (n.) brod, brod immanagh, lorg immanagh, sleean, sleeanag; (v.) broddey, greinnaghey, sleeaney

Bootes (n.) (Yn) Immanagh

box seat (n.) soieag immanagh

cabby (n.) immanagh carriads

camel-driver (n.) immanagh camyl

donkey-driver (n.) immanagh assyl

drayman (n.) immanagh drug

driving deiyragh; immanagh: Driving licence - Kiedoonys immanagh. DF idiom; sheebane; greddey: It's driving rain - Ta'n fliaghey greddey roish. DF idiom

driving axle (n.) essyl immanagh

driving belt (n.) cryss immanagh

driving chain (n.) geuley immanagh

driving gear (n.) cullee immanagh

driving pulley (n.) ullag immanagh

driving wheel (n.) queeyl immanagh

engine-driver (n.) immanagh jeshaght

impelling immanagh

motorman (n.) (driver) immanagh

road-hog immanagh keoie

taxi-driver (n.) immanagh taksee

team driver (n.) immanagh shesheree

tram-driver (n.) immanagh tram

vanman (n.) immanagh van

racing driver (n.) ratch-immanagh

wagoner (n.) faineyder, immanagh carr laadee

ratch-immanagh racing driver

drover (n.) eiyreyder, griaghter, guilley n'ollee, immanagh

broddyn goads: as dy virraghey ny broddyn-immanagh Bible

roaragh cyclist: by vie lhieu clashtyn veih'n immanagh jeh gleashtan jiarg as veih daa roaragh va syn ard ec traa yn drogh-haghyrt. BS

champion1 champion: And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines - As hie champion magh ass camp ny Philistinee Bible; feniagh; feniaght; gastagh; reih: The champion driver - Yn reih immanagh. DF idiom; roortagh; (v.) shassoo er son

brod pl. broddyn goad, jab, nudge, prick, spur, stimulus: dy virraghey ny broddyn-immanagh Bible; poker: Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy leah lostey. JJK [O.Ir. brot]

eiyrit shickyr fastened: Ta goan deiney creeney myr lorg-immanagh, as myr treinaghyn eiyrit shickyr liorish mainshtyryn y cho-chruinnaght Bible

gollageyn forks: Agh va file oc son ny kiebbaghyn, as son ny coulteryn, as son ny gollageyn, as son ny teighyn, as dy virraghey ny broddyn-immanagh. Bible

scrodeyr screwdriver: Ayns ny bleeantyn kiare feed, cheau eh traa cosoylagh ayns pryssoon son saih immanagh-taksee bwoirrin lesh scrodeyr. BS


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