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imman (=Ir. iomáin) develop, development; (n.) (in road names) drive; drove, impinge, flitting; drive: Dy bee oo er dty imman veih deiney Bible

Inexact matches:

Imman Alexander Alexander Drive

imman carriads carriage drive

Imman Clifton Clifton Drive

imman creoi hard drive

Imman Cushag Cushag Drive

imman ergooyl (vehicle) back; repel, repellent; reverse: Liorish prowal d'imman ergooyl arraghey-chengey, t'ou croo reddyn noa nagh row ayn roïe. Carn

imman ersooyl dispel, drive away: Tar nish, gwee mollaght orroo er my hon ; foddee dy voddym barriaght y gheddyn orroo, as ad y imman ersooyl. Bible

imman eulyssagh furious driving

imman harrish drive over

imman magh drive out: Cha jean-yms ad y imman magh kiongoyrt riu Bible

Imman Mannor Manor Drive

Imman Mona Mona Drive

imman neose ride down

imman noal drive over

imman noon drive over

Imman Norwood Norwood Drive

Imman Pherwick Perwick Drive

imman rour overdrive

Imman Selborne Selborne Drive

imman stiagh drive in, knock in

Imman Stronnag Guillemot Drive

prowal imman driving test

scoill imman (f.) driving school

skioot imman jet propulsion

Imman Balley Brooie Ballabrooie Drive

Imman Balley Kermeen Ballakermeen Drive

Imman Cashtal yn Aarkey Ocean Castle Drive

Imman Croan Craaee Aspen Drive

imman er ash drive back, force back

imman ergooyl arraghey-chengey reversing language shift

Imman Hiar y Ven-Rein Queen's Drive East

Imman Lheeannee Auldyn Auldyn Meadow Drive

imman magh ass drive out

Imman Magher Freoaie Heathfield Drive

Imman Noo Catreeney St Catherine's Drive

imman ny hrooid drive through

Imman ny Marrey Marine Drive

Imman Strooan Heear Westbourne Drive

Imman Thie yn Taggyrt Vicarage Drive

Imman y Chashtal Castle Drive

Imman yn Ard-venrein Empress Drive

Imman y Thie Oast Manor Hotel Drive

Imman y Veayll Meayll Drive

Imman y Venrein Queen's Drive

Ynnyd Prowal Imman as Scrutaghey Carbid Driving Test and Vehicle Examination Centre

drive over (v.) imman harrish, imman noal, imman noon

drive out (v.) eebyrt magh, imman magh, imman magh ass, ruightey

Alexander Drive (n.) Imman Alexander

back5 (v.) (vehicle) imman ergooyl

Clifton Drive (n.) Imman Clifton

Cushag Drive (n.) Imman Cushag

dispel (v.) imman ersooyl, skeaylley

drive2 (n.) (in road names) imman

drive in imman stiagh

driving school (n.) scoill imman

driving test (n.) prowal imman

flitting faagail, imman

furious driving imman eulyssagh

Guillemot Drive (n.) Imman Stronnag

hard drive (n.) imman creoi

jet propulsion (n.) skioot imman

knock in imman stiagh

Manor Drive (n.) Imman Mannor

Mona Drive (n.) Imman Mona

Norwood Drive (n.) Imman Norwood

Perwick Drive (n.) Imman Pherwick

ride down (v.) imman neose

Selborne Drive (n.) Imman Selborne

Aspen Drive (n.) Imman Croan Craaee

Ballabrooie Drive (n.) Imman Balley Brooie

Ballakermeen Drive (n.) Imman Balley Kermeen

Castle Drive (n.) Imman y Chashtal

drive back (v.) imman er ash

drive through imman ny hrooid

driving licence2 (n.) kied-imman

drove bochillaght; griaght; imman: And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by themselves - As livrey eh ad gys laue e harvaantyn, dy chooilley imman orroo hene Bible; deiyr: he drove them all out of the temple - deiyr eh ad ooilley ass y chiamble Bible

Empress Drive (n.) Imman yn Ard-venrein

force back (v.) imman er ash

Heathfield Drive (n.) Imman Magher Freoaie

licence2 (n.) (driving) kied-imman

Meayll Drive (n.) Imman y Veayll

Queen's Drive (n.) Imman y Venrein

rear drive (n.) cooyl-imman

repellent graynag; graynoil; imman ergooyl

rocket propulsion (n.) roggad-imman

Westbourne Drive (n.) Imman Strooan Heear

ard-imman overdrive

cooyl-imman rear drive

kied-imman driving licence

roggad-imman rocket propulsion

Auldyn Meadow Drive (n.) Imman Lheeannee Auldyn

carriage drive (n.) imman carriads, raad carriads

impinge (v.) bwoailley, bwoalley noi, goll stiagh er, imman

Manor Hotel Drive (n.) Imman y Thie Oast

Marine Drive (n.) Imman ny Marrey, Raad Marrey

Ocean Castle Drive (n.) Imman Cashtal yn Aarkey

overdrive ard-imman; imman rour; eiyrit ro-hiyragh

Queen's Drive East (n.) Imman Hiar y Ven-Rein

repel (v.) cur grayn er, imman ergooyl

reversing language shift (v.) imman ergooyl arraghey-chengey

St Catherine's Drive (n.) Imman Noo Catreeney

Vicarage Drive (n.) Imman Thie yn Taggyrt

development (n.) anchoodaghey, bishaghey, cheet gy kione, crouwghey, imman, lhiasaghey, lhiasaghey seyrey, troggal

Driving Test and Vehicle Examination Centre (n.) Ynnyd Prowal Imman as Scrutaghey Carbid

reverse contraartaght; cooyl; cooylloo; hoal; (v.) goll ergooyl, imman ergooyl

couch coach, stagecoach: Couch kiare chabbil y imman DF

lurg y cheilley tandem: Dy imman cabbil lurg y cheilley. DF

royd'syn before you: Cha jean-ym ad y imman royd'syn un vlein Bible

'syn in the: Cha jean-ym ad y imman royd 'syn un vlein Bible

clouds (npl.) bodjallyn: Flying over the clouds - Getlagh erskyn ny bodjallyn. DF idiom; bodjalyn: Clouds driven before the wind - Bodjalyn er nyn imman liorish y gheay. DF idiom

develop (v.) bishaghey, aase, fosley, gaase, giennaghtyn, imman, lhiasaghey, mooadaghey; anchoodaghey: Let's watch it develop in the darkroom - Lhig dooin jeeaghyn er yn anchoodaghey echey 'sy chamyr ghorraghey DF idiom

drive away (v.) imman ersooyl, immee roish; eebyrt; geiyrt ersooyl: They drive away the ass of the fatherless - Tad geiyrt ersooyl assyl y chloan gyn-ayr Bible

floagyn rolling things: bee ad er nyn imman myr coau ny sleityn roish y gheay, as myr floagyn roish y gheaychassee Bible; flakes; particles

kiedoonys chitty, licence, marriage licence: Va'n kiedoonys-imman echey goit ersooyl. DF

my whail towards me: Cre tou kiarail, liorish ooilley yn imman shoh, haink my whail? Bible

shliawin (=Ir. sleamhuioghadh) insidious, lubricated, skiddy, sleek, slippery, sly, smooth, smooth-faced, soapy: Bee'n raad oc dorraghey as shliawin as nee ainle y Chiarn ad y imman Bible; greasy

'sy traa t'ayn nowadays: tad er my imman maghsy traa tayn veih cummal ayns eiraght y Chiarn Bible

wooishal desire: lhig daue v'er nyn imman gour nyn drommey dy scammyltagh, ta wooishal olk dou. Bible

ynsaghyn doctrines: Ny bee-jee er nyn imman noon as noal lesh ymmodee ynsaghyn joarree Bible


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